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Cost of Studying MBA in New Zealand: New Zealand MBA Fees 2024

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In New Zealand, education is directly regulated by the government and operates under strict quality assurance systems. Cities such as Wellington, serve as opportunities for international students to experience high-quality life and manageable work-life balance. Hence, New Zealand is one of the best places to study MBA. Moreover, the country is home to some of the leading MBA universities globally, earning a reputation for quality and excellence around the world.

Having an MBA is a prime qualification for ambitious and intellectually rigorous professionals. Besides, an MBA isn't just about improving your professional skills; it's a transformative experience. This blog will discuss the overall cost of MBA in New Zealand, and a detailed demonstration of the very essential New Zealand MBA fees!

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What is the Average Cost of Studying MBA in New Zealand?

The MBA cost NZ is a sum of the tuition fees along with the cost of living in New Zealand. The MBA fees in New Zealand for international students ranges from 20,000 NZD to 40,000 NZD per annum. The cost of living, on the other hand, ranges from 5,000 NZD to 10,000 NZD. Therefore, the entire cost of studying MBA in New Zealand can be approximated as 40,000 NZD to 60,000 NZD, or 20,00,000 INR to 45,00,000 INR per annum.

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Factors Influencing Cost of Studying MBA in New Zealand

When considering the study in New Zealand MBA cost, one should include expenses such as medical insurance, living costs, and MBA admissions fees. Besides, a valid student visa permit is required in order to pursue an education in New Zealand, and it incurs some costs. All expenses to consider when setting the cost of studying MBA in New Zealand are as follows:

  • New Zealand MBA college fees
  • Cost of living in New Zealand
  • Pre-arrival cost to study MBA in New Zealand
  • Post arrival study MBA in New Zealand cost

The total cost of doing MBA in New Zealand would be around 15,00,000 INR-45,00,000 INR per year, depending on the institute, the course specialization, and the lifestyle chosen by the student.

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Cost of Studying MBA in New Zealand

Over the last decade, New Zealand has attained the status of one of the world's leading destinations for higher education. Below are some of the best colleges in New Zealand to pursue an MBA, along with information on duration and MBA in New Zealand for Indian students fees:


Mode of Program & Duration

Total Program Fees (in USD)

Auckland University of Technology

1.5 years

36,395 (2,776,723 INR)

University of Otago

1.3 years

41,274 (3,148,962 INR)

Massey University

1 year

21,561 (1,644,977 INR)

University of Canterbury

1.4 years

49,772 (3,796,787 INR)

Auckland Institute of Studies

1.5 years

24,914 (1,900,529 INR)

University of Waikato

1.5 years

38,111 (2,907,244 INR)

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Cost of Living in New Zealand

The island nation of New Zealand has become renowned for its pristine waters, clean air, breathtaking landscapes, and a high standard of living. Moreover, the cost of living will differ from what you are accustomed to at home. After enrolling at the university, students are required to pay for travel and accommodation expenses in New Zealand.

The following table summarises the average living cost of studying MBA in New Zealand:

Types of Expenses

Monthly Costs (in USD)


1,017-1,356 (77,592 - 103,456 INR)


678-1,017 (51,728 - 77,592 INR)


325-372 (24,796 - 28,381 INR)


67.81 (5,173 INR)

The cost of MBA in New Zealand for Indian students will entirely depend on their lifestyle and where they reside in the country. However, the top three largest cities in New Zealand to live in are Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. In terms of house rental prices, eating out, and entertainment, Auckland and Wellington are the most expensive cities. While the cost of living in these three cities is around 50% higher than in rural towns, they provide the most employment options.

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Pre-Arrival Costs to Study MBA in New Zealand

The pre-arrival MBA in New Zealand for Indian student fees cover the application for admission to the university, examination fees to study in New Zealand, visa fees, etc. The study in New Zealand MBA cost is summarised below:


Fees (in USD)

New Zealand Student Visa

234 (17,855 INR)


277 (21,136 INR)


284 (21,670 INR)


258 (19,686 INR)

Flight Tickets

1,000-1,500 (75,000 INR-1,00,000 INR)

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Post-Arrival Costs to Study MBA in New Zealand

The following MBA fees in New Zealand for international students will need to be considered once you arrive in New Zealand:

Tuition Fees

While MBA tuition fees in New Zealand are fairly uniform across most business schools, some programs can be completed in one year rather than two years, which is the typical course duration. The average New Zealand MBA college fees ranges between 19,926 USD and 32,132 USD (1,524,517 INR and 2,458,385 INR).

Cost of Living

The living cost of MBA in New Zealand for Indian students in some cities is higher than others. Based on where students live, they should budget between 9,646 USD - 12,862 USD (738,387 INR - 984,568 INR) for living expenses in the South Island and 11,576 USD - 16,078 USD (886,126 INR - 1,230,748 INR) in the North Island.

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Other Essential Costs to Study MBA in New Zealand

In addition to the above expenses, here are some extra New Zealand fees associated with studying MBA in New Zealand:

New Zealand Student Visa

There are an estimated 90,000 students who migrate to New Zealand to pursue higher education each year. International students have increased by approximately 9.8% over the past five years. Recent studies have revealed around a 10% increase in the refusal rate of study visas for Indian students wishing to study in New Zealand. Students can pay their student visa fee of 234 USD (17,855 INR) by cheque or draft.

Student Medical Insurance Cost

An international student medical insurance policy provides coverage of 447 USD (34,199 INR) per year. Moreover, Orbit Protect offers the best rate for international students seeking medical insurance. The cost is just 291 USD (22,263 INR) per year.

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As a developed country with a welcoming environment, New Zealand offers its students a wide range of career opportunities and generous remuneration packages while providing internationally recognised degree options. The MBA in New Zealand for Indian students fees comes with a great ROI, and humongous employment opportunities. For further details about MBA course fees in New Zealand, you can also connect with our Yocket Counsellors!


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