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MIM in Canada Without GMAT: Best Colleges for MIM Without GMAT in Canada

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If you are an Indian student planning to take up a managerial role in Canada, acknowledge that prioritisation beats everything. Your decisions from the present will help you succeed in your future endeavours. Likewise, a master's degree will surely help you hone your managerial/business knowledge. But if you do not have sufficient work experience to get enrolled in MBA, prioritise practising MIM in Canada without GMAT.

MIM in Canada is a post-graduate program that will help you gain advanced general management knowledge and graduate with a business bachelor's. Whether or not you have studied business before, MIM will be an opportunity to gain insights from business leaders worldwide.

This blog will cover insights about MIM without GMAT in Canada, universities/colleges offering MIM without GMAT, the application process, and more. Let’s begin without further ado!

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What is the Role of GMAT in MIM Admissions?

GMAT is a standardised computer adaptive test intended to assess a student’s analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills for a graduate management program. Because the MIM candidates usually have less or no work experience, this test can be a significant parameter to judge a student’s aptitude.

But is GMAT necessary to pursue MIM in Canada? No. Preparing for GMAT can be challenging for students. Some of them don’t get excellent scores in one go and others don’t have time to give a second attempt. This is why many universities and colleges abroad offer MIM without GMAT in Canada.

All about MIM Without GMAT

How to Pursue MIM in Canada without GMAT?

If you don’t have a GMAT score and wish to get selected by a Canadian university for the MIM course, keep the following documents handy:

  • Official Transcripts: It is a detailed breakdown of your previous academic transcripts, work experience (if any), and Internships certificates (if any). It will help the admission committee determine your calibre and academic performance.
  • Scanned Copy of Passport: A copy of your passport will help the universities know about your stay period in Canada.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR): Canadian universities expect two LORs from the candidates to depict their academic and professional performance. It is usually written by the previous employer or a professor who knows all about a student’s experience, strengths, intellect, and more.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): SOP is an alluring document that illustrates your interest and commitment to the applied university, country, and course. Therefore, this professional essay must comprise your interests, academic highlights, plans, financial condition, etc.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): This is a one-page document that briefly details your personal information and work history. Besides, it’s recommended to get it tailored to a particular university/college requirement.
  • English Language Score (ELS): Many Canadian universities might ask for your English language proficiency by evaluating the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or CELPIP score. These tests will ensure that you have the necessary English skills to understand the course syllabus, produce scholarly write-ups, and communicate effectively with your fellow students/professors.

Furthermore, to improve your chances of getting selected for MIM without GMAT in Canada, it is recommended to pay extra attention while preparing an SOP, LOR, and CV. Check the word limit for each, the critical pointers to be included, keep it conversational, and submit before the last date. If written with excellence, these documents will surely boost your chances of admission.

But when and how can one submit the admission documents? To know the last date and the formal method of documentation, you have to select an acclaimed university from this list of best colleges for MIM in Canada without GMAT.

Is MIM worth it?

Best B-schools Offering MIM in Canada without GMAT

Masters in Management students often choose to study in Canada's fantastic cities like Toronto (the financial capital), Vancouver (with burgeoning technology industry), or Montreal. Fortunately, the Canadian cities offer renowned universities to study MIM. The list includes the following five universities:

  1. Queen’s University
  2. York University, Schulich School of Business
  3. Ivey Business School
  4. New York Institute of Technology
  5. Lakehead University

Let’s explore them one by one!

Queen’s University, Ontario

Queen’s University offers a 12-month research-focused MIM program that provides an advanced level of conceptual knowledge. You can enter a high-quality PhD program or take up consulting and research-based careers with this degree in hand. So select this course without any doubts.

Type of University

Publicly Funded

QS World University Ranking 2022


Annual Fees

CAD 15,000

Program Offered

Master of Science in Management

York University, Schulich School of Business, Toronto

York University offers a 12-month full-time Master in Management course without GMAT. It pairs general management education with a particular non-technical focus on developing leadership, business problem-solving, and communication skills. So pick this course and begin your MIM in Canada without a GMAT journey!

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2022


Annual Fees

CAD 59,500

Program Offered

Master of Management

MIS vs MEM vs MIM vs MBA - Which is Best?

Ivey Business School, Ontario

This university offers a 16-month MIM course, including a powerful combination of theoretical knowledge and experiential learning. Joining this course will provide you with an opportunity to acquire experience through qualified and comprehensive leadership programs across the globe. Therefore, choose it and study MIM in Canada without GMAT.

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2022


Annual Fees

CAD 75,350

Program Offered


Difference Between MIM and MBA

New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver

This university provides a 2-year MIM course helping students learn about wind energy, advanced batteries, and smart grid systems, thereby transforming the way to generate and deliver electricity. You can pick this course to learn a unique aspect of technology management.

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2022


Annual Fees

CAD 24,224

Program Offered

MS in Energy Management

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Lakehead University, Ontario

Lakehad University offers the Master of Science in Management program designed for students with an undergraduate degree in business and related fields. The course duration is 1 year for full-time and 3 years for part-time students. You can enrol on this program to gain advanced knowledge of theoretical and conceptual components of the critical management disciplines, thereby developing your abilities to undertake original research independently. Besides, their faculty is supportive and qualified. Choose this MIM in Canada without GMAT program now!

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2022


Annual Fees

CAD 24,150

Program Offered

Master of Science in Management

Top MIM Colleges in Canada

How to Apply for MIM without GMAT in Canada?

The application process for MIM in Canada without GMAT begins months before the first semester. You can look at the given steps to begin your study abroad process.

  • Firstly, select a university/college/b-school for pursuing MIM in Canada without GMAT.
  • Complete your IELTS/CELPIP/TOEFL/PTE English proficiency test.
  • Compile your documents like SOP, LOR, transcripts, resume, or other requirements.
  • Fill out your MIM applications online and submit them on time. After receiving the selection letter, prepare a financial plan, and pay your course fee.
  • Lastly, apply for a visa, get it approved, and begin your MIM in Canada without the GMAT journey!

Best Jobs after MIM for International Students

Now you know the important pointers to fill a MIM course in Canada without GMAT. Nonetheless, if you still need guidance, book a 15-minutes free appointment with Yocket counsellors.

Frequently Asked Questions about MIM in Canada Without GMAT

Ques. What types of jobs are available after MIM without GMAT in Canada? 

Ans. After graduating with a MIM degree, you will find opportunities to work as a Project Manager, Management Consultant, Social Media Manager, Risk Manager, Entrepreneur, and more.

Ques. What is the salary after MIM in Canada?

Ans. Once you complete MIM in Canada, your starting salary will range from CAD 42,936 to 62,750 annually.

Ques. What is the difference between MIM and MBA curriculum? 

Ans. MBA curriculum is highly practical and involves case studies; however, MIM focuses on the theoretical side of management skills.

Ques. Is Canada good for MIM education?

Ans. Canada is a great place for international students as its visa policies are liberal, the acceptance rate of universities is reasonable, and opportunities after the course completion are in abundance.

Ques. Other than Canada, which country is great to pursue a MIM degree?

Ans. The US, UK, Australia, and Europe are among the top countries for MIM education.

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