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Masters abroad: preps and steps

MIM In Europe: Find Out Best MIM Colleges in Europe for International Students in 2022

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Europe is home to a vast range of countries and environments, as well as a diverse range of master's degree programs offered by the best MIM colleges in Europe. From MBA to MIM courses, international students can pursue all types of courses in various colleges and universities in Europe. The MIM programs primarily include broad management courses; that allow students to specialise in a specific industry. 

Students planning to study in Europe can also enrol in a specialised business master's program, such as an MSc in Finance, a Master of Accounting (MAcc), an MS in Supply Chain Management, or a Master's degree in Sustainability, among others.

In this article, we have covered all the major aspects of the MIM course in Europe. You will get complete insight about the top MIM colleges in Europe, admission process, eligibility, job prospects, and others.

  Table of Contents

  1. Best MIM Universities In Europe
  2. Documents Required For MIM In Europe
  3. Admission Process For MIM In Europe
  4. Eligibility Criteria And Admission Process For MIM In Europe
  5. Cost Of Studying MIM In Europe
  6. Top Scholarships For MIM In Europe
  7. Job Prospects After MIM In Europe
  8. Frequently Asked Questions about MIM in Europe

Best MIM Universities In Europe

If you search for universities offering the best Master in Management Europe, you will find that there are some top universities/business schools in different parts of Europe offering MIM courses. Each university offers a broad course including marketing, finance, counselling, etc. Some of the best MIM Colleges in Europe are:

  • CEMS
  • IE Business School

So, these are some of the best colleges for MIM in Europe offering MIM programs to international students. Let’s discuss it in detail:

  • HEC Paris

HEC Paris is a prestigious business school in Europe with over 13,000 students. It specialises in management research and is routinely regarded as one of the best colleges for MIM in Europe. The MIM includes courses in corporate finance, finance, cost analysis, marketing, business performance, and more.



QS Subject Ranking 2022


Program Offered


Course Duration

2 years

Program Fees

USD 31,667/(2,464,281 INR) for two years

  • ESSEC Business Institution

The Economic Institute, originally known as the Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales, was founded in 1907. Students are admitted via an entrance exam with a 6-7% acceptance rate. International students choose their study and career path by creating their own academic, professional, and international curriculum through a network of academic and corporate partners, which is at the heart of the MIM Program.



Program Offered

MIM course in different subjects

Course Duration

2 years

Program Fees

USD 12,139/(944,639 INR) yearly

  • CEMS

The CEMS Master in International Management is one of the best colleges for those pursuing a global career. It is only available to students enrolled in an MSc Program at one of the CEMS Academic Member Schools. The CEMS MIM is a potent blend of academic knowledge and experiential learning that is jointly given by premier universities, business schools, and non-profit organisations. By enrolling in this master's degree in international management, you will have the opportunity to gain experience through qualified and comprehensive leadership courses valuable globally.



Program Offered


Program Duration

2 years

Program Fees

No Tuition Fees Except Application Fees of USD 106.56/ (INR 8,267.33)

  • ESADE Spain

International students pursuing MIM courses are given several obstacles faced by businesses while enrolled in this program. They must analyse the issues and propose a solution. The training equips you to work in a worldwide context and to read crucial management information. While studying this course, MIM graduates gain real-world experience and are well-prepared for the leadership challenges further.



Program Offered


Program Duration

2 years

Program Fees

USD 36,417.68/(INR 2,833,972.92) Yearly

  • ESCP Europe Business School

ESCP Business School, which was founded in 1819, has produced generations of leaders and entrepreneurs. ESCP Business School's MIM course offers a distinctive multicultural education approach in the field of business and a global perspective on International Management concerns through its six urban campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, and Warsaw.



Program Offered


Course Duration

7 months

Program Fees

USD 21,111/(INR 1,642,828) yearly

  • IE Business School

IE Business School is a reputed business school in Madrid, Spain, and is the best in Europe. The Master in Management is composed of 2 periods of central business modules and a third period of concentration. In the main courses during the first 2 periods, students will cover the keystones of business management and expand the viewpoint to see the business organisation entirely. The institute helps students to build their credibility in leadership and management quality.



Program Offered


Course Duration

1 Year

Program Fees

USD 40,838.28/ (INR 3,168,720.52) yearly

Eligibility Criteria And Admission Requirements For MIM In Europe

MIM is a program for recent graduates who have 1 or 2 years of work experience and want to improve their abilities. The MIM programs in Europe is an alternative to an MBA over the last decade. Some of the following eligibility criteria are:

  1. Academic Qualifications
  2. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  3. Work Experience
  4. Standardised Tests
  5. Europe Passport and Visa
  6. Additional Requirements 

So, these are some of the MIM in Europe requirements that international students need to fulfil to get admission in top universities. 

  1. Academic Qualifications

International students must hold a bachelor's degree in business administration or a comparable field. This helps in pursuing a MIM course easily.

  1. English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Having a good score in English Proficiency test for the best MIM programs in Europe is essential. However, you need to check which universities in Europe accept below mentioned test scores:

  1. Work Experience

Not many universities in Europe ask for work experience, there are some who require at least 2 to 3 years of professional experience for MIM program. 

  1. Standardised Tests

While most European business schools demand a GMAT score to apply for the MIM program, a few notable foundations accept GRE scores. It's a good idea to double-check whether MIM without GMAT in Europe is an option by the college you're applying to.

  1. Passport and Visa

All international students willing to study MIM in Europe need to have a valid passport and study visa issues 3 months before.

Documents Required For MIM In Europe

To secure admission in master in management in Europe, there are some MIM in europe requirements that need to be submitted for the admission process. The following documents are:

  • A photocopy of your official identification documents
  • Your curriculum vitae.
  • Letter of motivation
  • SOP
  • Academic Transcripts
  • GMAT/GRE score report (if applicable).
  • Documentation proving financial support.
  • A TOEFL or IELTS scorecard.
  • Proof of proficiency in any other foreign language required for the CEMS MIM program

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Admission Process For MIM In Europe

A step-by-step process to get admission in top MIM colleges in Europe is provided below:

  • Choose the college you'll attend in Europe to apply for MIM programs. Visit the website for the date of admission and application submission.
  • Get all qualification and affirmation cycle information on the official college website. Check with the college to check if your bachelor's degree is accepted.
  • Upload copies of the many required documents that have been reviewed (mark sheet, CVs, IELTS/TOEFL, GMAT/GRE scorecards).
  • Complete the application process and pay the required money.
  • You will be asked to complete a University Interview after completing and presenting your web-based application format.
  • If you pass the interview, you will be given an acceptance letter. Following receipt of the letter, you can book a place at the college of your choice.

Cost Of Studying MIM In Europe

The cost of studying MIM in Europe depends on the university you are choosing to seek admission to. It is further divided into tuition cost and cost of living.

Tuition Cost

The MIM fees in Europe depend on the university you are pursuing a Master in Management. On average, the MIM fees in Europe is around USD 34,834.31/ (2,710,757.29 INR) yearly.


Cost in USD

Cost in INR

Public Universities

2,131.46 USD

INR 165,392.77 per year

Private Schools

34,834.31 USD

INR 2,710,757.29 per year

Cost of Living

Many students think that the cost of living in Europe is cheaper because of the lower college costs, but this is not the reality. It completely depends on the country and your living conditions. On average, the cost of living is around USD 5,700.16/ (443,578.48 INR)


Cost ( Per Month)


USD 340.95/(INR 26,532.25) 


USD 81/(INR 6,653) 


USD 73.63/(INR 5,716) 

Book Supplies

USD 31.55/(INR 2,449) 

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Top Scholarships For MIM In Europe

If you're an international student interested in pursuing the best MIM programs in Europe, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Some of these are mentioned below:


Grant Offered

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

The European Commission is leading an initiative to give money for students from all around the world to study at designated European institutions. The fund may vary

Surf Shark Privacy and Security Scholarship

A USD 2,000/INR 155,637.20 award is given to a student currently enrolled as a high school, undergraduate, or graduate student in the United Kingdom or any European Union (EU) country.

Austrian Government Scholarships

Monthly scholarships of around USD 1,108/ INR 86,251.03 are offered for overseas students at all levels of study for up to four months.

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Quality

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program 2022 is available for undergraduate and master's students interested in studying in France and receiving fully funded master's and PhD scholarships.

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Job Opportunities After MIM In Europe

The MIM courses in Europe focus on improving management fundamentals. Since MIM is such a new field as a result there are many jobs after MIM in Europe. Students who complete this degree typically obtain entry-level positions such as Management Trainee. They also have the opportunity to work as analysts. The average annual salary after MIM in Europe is around USD 34,690/(INR 270,000).

Job Prospect

Annual Package

HR Manager

USD 51,844 (INR 41 lacs) P.A.

PR Manager

USD 34,146 (INR. 27 lacs) P.A.

Business Development Manager

USD 53,468 (INR. 42 lacs) P.A.

Sales Manager

USD 48,959 (INR. 38 lacs) P.A.

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MIM in Europe offers a promising career for international students. We have covered all the major aspects of the Master in Management in Europe. Students need to be accurate in terms of choosing the university. To learn more about MIM Colleges in Europe and other related information sign up on Yocket and have your questions answered quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about MIM in Europe

Ques. Which country in Europe is the best to study MIM?

Ans. The MIM program is popular across Europe, with Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and few others being among the most popular locations for students.

Ques. What are the best universities to study MIM abroad?

Ans. Some of the well-known colleges that offer MIM in Europe are:

  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
  • HEC Paris School of Management
  • London Business School etc.

Ques. How long will the course last?

Ans. MIM in Europe takes one to two years to complete. However, depending on the college you choose, it may differ in some cases.

Ques. Is it possible to acquire a scholarship in Europe for MIM?

Ans. There are some scholarships for MIM in Europe that will cover the majority of the expenses. 

Ques. Is it necessary to get health insurance to study in Europe?

Ans. It is a requirement of your student visa to get health insurance while studying in Europe.

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