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MBBS in India vs Abroad: Which One is Better MBBS in India Or Abroad?

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MBBS India vs MBBS abroad, which is better? Pursuing MBBS should only be done in an educational institution that offers valuable education and caters to your other needs (affordable fees, etc.). While India is home to the best MBBS institutes, there is a reason why students exhibit an international study preference for MBBS. TOI revealed that there are 70,978 seats in 529 MBBS colleges in India, but did you know that only half of them are accepted?

On the other hand, studying MBBS abroad offers multiple perks such as well-equipped medical facilities, affordable fees, no separate entrance exams etc. Thus keeping both countries in mind, numerous students still find it challenging to choose between studying MBBS in India vs MBBS in abroad. If you too are one of them, refer this blog to find the answer for which one is better MBBS in India or abroad?

Table Of Contents:

  1. Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In India Vs Abroad
  2. Entrance Exam Required For MBBS India Vs Abroad
  3. Cost Of Studying MBBS In India Vs MBBS In Abroad
  4. Admission Process For MBBS Abroad Vs India
  5. List Of Top MBBS Colleges For MBBS India Vs Abroad

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In India Vs Abroad

MBBS abroad vs India, what are the eligbility criteria to apply for MBBS study in each. The eligibility criteria for MBBS abroad differ based on the country chosen. However, there are a few standard processes that are followed by all. For MBBS in India, most MBBS universities here have the same criteria. 

Here is an overview:

MBBS Abroad

MBBS India

  • Completed High school
  • Cleared ELP (English language proficiency test)
  • Passed NEET exams or other accepted exams such as MCAT, Entrance examination, etc.
  • Scored 50% or 80% aggregate marks in Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • 17 years and should not be more than 25 years of age
  • Has relevant work experience, LOR, CV, etc.
  • 17 years of age
  • Indian citizen
  • Passed high school with 50%- 60% aggregate score in core subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English
  • Passed a medical examination, and NEET exam

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Note: Please visit MBBS University's official website to view th exact eligbility criteria before applying. 


Entrance Exam Required For MBBS India Vs Abroad

The entrance exam differs based on the MBBS in India vs abroad choice. Your acceptance into the top MBBS universities will be determined based on these entrance exam scores. So what entrance exams are required based on MBBS India vs abroad?

MBBS Abroad

MBBS India

The entrance exam changes based on the country you choose to study such as

  • Switzerland, Sweden and France accept the NEET exam, 
  • Denmark accepts GMAT/GRE Test
  • UK accepts Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT) and Uk Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT)
  • Canada accepts MCAT score, etc.

All Indian MBBS universities accept NEET as their core entrance exam

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Cost Of Studying MBBS In India Vs MBBS In Abroad

How else can you decide which is better MBBS in India or abroad? The cost factor can help you. The cost of studying MBBS is calculated based on your MBBS university and location choice. Here is an overview of the same. 

MBBS Abroad

MBBS India

Denmark- 50,000 - 60,000 DKK/year

Sweden- 85,000- 95,000 SEK/year

France- 450 EUR/year

Canada- 18,472- 96,000 CAD/year

UK- 27,000- 54,000 £/year

Deemed Medical Universities: 2,11,000 to 22,50,000 INR/ annually

Government Medical College: 15,000 to 89,500 INR /annually

Note: Fees in some of the government medical colleges in India are as low as 240 INR (Maulana Azad Medical College) under all India quota.

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Admission Process For MBBS Abroad Vs India

When it comes to the admission process which country is simpler, MBBS abroad vs India? The admission process is very straightforward and is determined based on the scores required for admission. 

Here is an overview of the same:

MBBS Abroad

MBBS India

  • Clear the entrance exam, 
  • Choose which MBBS university you wish to apply for
  • Choose any specialisation if offered to
  • Submit all required documents such as proof of application fee payment, SOP, CV, ELP scores, etc.
  • Attend any interview if scheduled
  • Apply for a scholarship 
  • Once your seat is confirmed, book the same by paying a deposit,
  • Apply for a visa/residence permit, etc.
  • Apply for the entrance exam
  • Send the scores along with your MBBS university application
  • If confirmed, selection letters will be shared
  • Undergo a medical examination
  • If fit, pay the fees immediately


List Of Top MBBS Colleges For MBBS India Vs Abroad

The next factor which answers your question about, is it better to study MBBS in India or abroad is with the list of top MBBS colleges. These colleges are ranked based on education's value and recognition over the years in this field. 

Here is an overview of the popular MBBS colleges in MBBS India vs abroad:

MBBS Abroad

MBBS India

  • Christian Medica College, Vellore
  • All India Insitute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
  • King George’s Medical University, Lucknow
  • Kasturba Medica College, Manipal
  • Madras Medical College, Chennai
  • St.John’s Medical College, Bangalore
  • Medical College, Kolkata
  • Insitute of Medical Science BHU, Varanasi
  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
  • Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi

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Now that we’ve reached the end, what do you think, is it better to study MBBS in India or abroad?. MBBS is a profound job profession that is undertaken by numerous students every year. The dilemma of choosing which is better MBBS in India or abroad is a common issue. Now that you have this blog handy, the decision has become convenient for you. However, if you would still like to seek more assistance, our educational experts, Yocket counsellors are here to help. 


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