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Is MBBS Worth it?: What is Abroad MBBS Value in India?

Kashyap Matani

Is studying MBBS abroad worth it? Hindustan News Hub revealed that over 20,000- 25,000 Indian students go abroad every year to pursue their medical education. While India has a range of medical colleges, the truth is due to the competitive environment, expensive fees, lower medical seats and average academic curriculum, multiple MBBS students are considering abroad rather than establishing this field in India. 

Hindustan Business live stated in 2020, the number of medical seats increased by 53%, but this number is a combination of all types of colleges in India. But are these medical seats enough given the number of Indian students that apply for MBBS?. If you, too, are wondering, is MBBS abroad a good option? This blog covers all essential information to answer that. 

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Is Studying MBBS Abroad Worth It?

The answer to is studying MBBS abroad worth it is a complete YES. There are multiple reasons why studying abroad is a preferred choice amongst Indian students:

  1. More Medical Seats: In India, there are medical seats, but the number of students applying for them is much higher when compared. Luckily, abroad, getting enrolled for a medical seat isn’t very difficult. Students can apply to multiple MBBS universities and will be accepted based on the eligibility criteria, entry requirements, etc. are met. 
  2. Affordable Fees: Studying abroad is no longer a costly affair. Based on the choice of country, the tuition fee varies. For instance, students can study for 450 EUR/year in France, 18,472 CAD- 96,000 CAD/year in Canada, etc. Apart from the present MBBS universities, there is a range of affordable MBBS colleges/universities present.
  1. Career Opportunities: After completing your MBBS studies, international students have a range of job profiles, such as MBBS Doctor, Medical Teacher, etc. The salary also pays students much better when compared to what they pay in India. For instance, an MBBS doctor's salary is 1,64, 211 CAD/year in Canada. 
  1. Expert Assistance: The best part about studying MBBS abroad is the ability to learn from the top professionals in the country. These experts exhibit real-world insights to prep students to work under any challenges or situations being faced. Most of these professionals are well-versed in the current MBBS industry; thus, their knowledge is customised based on these requirements. 
  1. Teaching Method: Another reason to confidently confirm is studying MBBS abroad worth it is the teaching style. While theory is one of the common forms of education, MBBS institutes abroad also follow a hands-on training approach. They, prep students, need to develop the right skills needed to perform their duties well. 

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Top Reasons to Pursue MBBS Abroad

There is a huge abroad MBBS value in India since students here have studied the subject with a unique training method. While this is one of the common reasons, a whole list of reasons confirms whether MBBS abroad is a good option. We have covered the top ones:

  1. Modern Facilities: This reason effortlessly answers the common question amongst students like you, is doing MBBS from abroad worth it. One of the common reasons multiple MBBS students prefer to study abroad is the accessibility to modern facilities. All the labs have the latest technologies that enable students to study and practice their MBBS training better. 
  1. NMC Approved Degree: NMC stands for National Medical Commission. When a student receives the academic qualifications from any abroad university for MBBS, it is approved by the NMC. Having an NMC allows Indian students to write the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination to avail a licence to practice in India. 
  1. Diverse Culture Engagement: Another way to answer the common question is MBBS abroad a good option is the diverse culture engagements. When you study abroad, you engage with different cultures across the globe. You start to learn how to be empathetic, how should one treat others, and all these skills play a vital role in developing the exact personality of how a doctor should be today.
  1. No Separate Entrance Exam: For students applying to study in top MBBS institutes abroad, they must write no additional entrance exams. Most students will have to clear the NEET cut off for MBBS abroad universities when applying such as Sweden, Switzerland, France, etc. Apart from NEET, other MBBS universities accept MCAT scores, entrance examinations based on the country chosen, BioMedical admission test, etc. 
  1. Quality Medical Education: Another reason to prove is doing MBBS from abroad is worth it is the quality of medical education provided here. MBBS institutes abroad are well known for their education quality, especially in medicine, as the academic qualifications are widely recognised. In fact, qualifications here are worth twice better in India than studying medicine in the latter. 

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Is Doing MBBS From Abroad Worth It?

As we conclude, the question is yet to be answered, is MBBS from abroad a good option?

While India is home to multiple medical colleges, the country lacks essential resources, as learned in the blog. This, however, shouldn’t be the cause for students reconsidering studying MBBS. 

Thus when it comes to choosing an alternative, pursuing MBBS studies abroad proves to be a great choice. Abroad medical colleges have raised the standards of medical education. Students studying here benefit from graduating from QS-ranked universities, better program specialisation options, internships with the best brands in the country, etc. 

Apart from this, there is immense abroad MBBS value in India as students are well-equipped with the right skills and knowledge to get started. So to answer your questions, yes, it is worth every time, effort and investment to study MBBS abroad. 

So, is doing MBBS from abroad worth it? For Indian students, the answer is yes. Abroad education is widely recognised due to the prestigious education system and opportunities. Receiving a certificate there exhibits better abroad MBBS value in India. If you wish to explore more reasons about is MBBS abroad worth it, especially for Indian students, here is a detailed comparison about studying MBBS abroad Vs India


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