Aarhus University is one of the leading public research universities, founded in 1928. In addition, it is the largest and second-oldest university located in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus University offers more than 90 bachelors and more than 130 master's degree programs. Students can choose the program from the university's five faculty, including Arts, Health, Natural Science, Technical Science and Aarhus BBS. 

The three main campuses of Aarhus University are Aarhus Campus, Herning Campus and Emdrup Campus. The university has more than 44,500 students all across the campus. In addition, over 4,000 Aarhus University International students come from across the globe.

Top Reasons to Study in the Aarhus University

Partnerships with some of the world's best research institutions and global networks makes Aarush a research intensive University. Aarhus University participates in a number of international alliances and networks dedicated to research and collaboration which includes Circle U, GUILD, Coimbra group, Utrecht Network, European University Association, Euroscience and SANORD

  • Aarhus University provides its highly  qualified students to start their PhD studies before completing their master's degree. In addition, doctoral programmes allow talented students to enroll in a combined Master's/PhD programme either right after completing the master's degree or one year into their master's degree programme
  • Aarhus University Scholarship programme provides 4 tution fees waiver scholarships of 14,800 EURO (1,194,121 INR, amount may vary each year) which include Faculty of Arts Scholarship Aarhus BSS, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Technical Sciences and Faculty of Health.
  • Students get the opportunity to study abroad with the Aarhus University exchange program. Aarhus University has agreements with more than 1,000 excellent universities around the wo

Cost of Studying at Aarhus University

Average tuition fee


Interest rates as low as 7.99%
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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Average on-campus living expenses


Rankings for The Aarhus University

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The World University Rankings

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These are Aarhus University World Ranking from different organizations in 2022:


University Ranking in 2022

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Admissions at The Aarhus University

Application Fee

$100 - $750

How to Apply at Aarhus University

  • Apply online to Aarhus University through optagelse.dk
  • Ensure that all the essential details are included
  • Give a brief history of your education
  • Add in your employment history
  • Select your preferred courses
  • Prepare a personal statement
  • Submit your application
  • Pay the application fee

Note: Aarhus University Application fees for application is: UG - 100 EUR (8,056 INR) | PG - 100 EUR (8,056 INR)

Application Portal: UG - optagelse.dk  | PG - optagelse.dk 

Documents Required to Apply to Aarhus University

  • Academic transcripts along with translated copies in English 
  • Documents related to specific courses in which a student wants to enroll
  • Subject-level documents
  • Passport or any other valid ID card
  • Residence permit copy
  • English language test scores IELTS, TOEFL or CAE
  • Official transcripts along with copies translated in English 

Exams Accepted By the University

Aarhu University requirements for admission differ significantly for undergraduate, graduate masters and PhD courses. Thus, applicants are advised to carefully review the degree requirements before submitting their application:




IELTS: 6.5 and above; TOEFL: 83 and above


IELTS: 6.5 and above; TOEFL: 83 and above


IELTS: 6.5 and above; TOEFL: 83 and above

B.E. / B.Tech

IELTS: 6.5 and above; TOEFL: 83 and above

English Proficiency Requirement

For Aarhus University admission in any graduate or undergraduate program, students must score the below listed marks in English proficiency test:

English Proficiency Test

Minimum Eligibility (UG)

Minimum Eligibility Graduate

TOEFL iBT (English B)



TOEFL iBT (English A)


IELTS (English A)

7.0 (overall)

IELTS (English B)

6.5 (overall)

6.5 (overall)

CAE (English B)



CAE (English A)


Danish Upper Secondary School Level or English B Level

GPA 3.0

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Find the updated list of courses available in this university

Application deadline





24 Months

Tuition fee


Application deadline





24 Months

Tuition fee


BSc in Computer Technology

Faculty Of Science and Technology

Application deadline





36 Months

Tuition fee



Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

Aarhus has easy and fastest public transportation services. Students can rent a bicycle for a short distance or taxis for a safe and comfortable ride to the Aarhus University Campus. In addition, there are local bus services available day and night. Lastly, students can take trains which are well connected to the university route. 

Services offered by the university

  • Students can enjoy the large campus of 580,000 square meters, which corresponds to approximately 80 football fields with great amenities.
  • The main campus of Aarhus University is in Aarhus, known as the 'City of Smiles'. Aarhus campus has a university park at its centre where students meet to study, socialize and attend the annual boat race.
  • The Emdrup Campus has an integrated environment for research. Students can find a cafeteria, a café, beautiful outdoor areas, and AU Library. Moreover, the Emdrup campus has a collection of approximately 800,000 books and electronic database journals, which staff and students can access from home. 
  • Aarhus University Hospital is a large university hospital located in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus University Hospital develops and provides highly specialized services for its students and residents. Moreover, Public healthcare in Denmark is tax-financed, and most health services are free of cost.

Student life

Aarhus University campus has been ranked in the top 10 most beautiful universities in Europe. The university has three campuses in total-the main campus in Aarhus other two campuses in Herning and Emdrup. In addition, there are 18 research activity centres in 18 different locations in Denmark, Greenland and Tenerife.

  • Aarhus University Sports (AUS) is open to all university students. It organizes a wide range of activities like badminton, fencing, chess, etc.
  • Different programme students can meet each other in Friday bars and at various events organized by student organizations. In addition, students can enjoy local bars in a canteen or classroom where foods and drinks are served.

On campus accomodation

Aarhus University offers separate accommodation for exchange. Different accommodation options will be provided to the students depending upon the courses they are enrolled in. International students can also be accommodated in a dorm room but they will need to apply via the Student Housing Aarhus. Different accommodation facilities available for students are:

  • 1 room apartment with private bathroom, storage room, shared laundry, TV, internet, etc. Costing DKK. 2.114 to 4.600 (22.93 - 49.90 INR)
  • 2 room apartment with private shower and toilet, laundry services,TV and internet etc. DKK 4.236 to 6.555 ( 45.95 - 71.11 INR)
  • Single room with shared living room, bathroom, and kitchen, common bar, laundry services, TV, internet, roof terraces etc. DKK 2.441 to3.481 (26.48 - 37.76 INR)
  • 1½ room apartment (Single room with private toilet) TV, internet, storage room, laundry services, lift, etc. DKK 5.264 to 5.951 ( 57.10 - 64.62 INR)


University Faculty Stats

There are over 4000 full-time academic and professional staff across all three campuses of Aarhus University. The student-to-faculty ratio is 8:1, and the international faculty ratio of Aarhus University is 83.9, ensuring that students get the best research-based teaching for all undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


Research opportunities at university

The talent development of young researchers is one of the core activities of Aarhus University. Students get the best research opportunities in various fields, including Agroecology, Department of Animal Science, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Business Development and Technology, Department of clinical medicine, Civil and Architectural Department, and more. Moreover, two researchers at Aarhus University have been awarded the Nobel prize. 

Some of the regional research centers Aarhus University is a partner with are:

  • Sino-Danish Center, Beijing
  • Nordic Center - Fudan
  • Nordic Center - India
  • Sanord

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

There are many internships and part time job opportunities which students can avail. International students can work part-time while studying at the Aarhus University as lab assistant, assistant researcher etc. Moreover, after completing the degree, students can also apply for a full-time job.

Aarhus University Hospital provides internships to students at the clinical department. Moreover, Aarhus offers various internships in health-related programmes. The University does not have a central organization handling internships for students; therefore, students have to contact the department they are interested in directly to find out about internships. 

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The placement rate of Aarhus University is about 90%. Career centers at the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus BSS and other centers give placement guidance. University also helps students to enhance their skills and connect them with employers for suitable job opportunities.Aarhus University alumni in Financial Services streams have the highest salaries, 195,000 EURO annually (1,57,33,355 INR)





Nordre Ringgade 1, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

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1. Can students start a PhD degree before completing their master's degree at Aarhus University?
Yes, Aarhus University highly qualified students have the option of starting their PhD studies before completing their master's degree in any programme. 

2. Can students do a combined degree programme at Aarhus University?
Yes, the students in doctoral programmes are allowed to enroll in a combined Master's/PhD programme.

3. What is the minimum GPA requirement of Aarhus University?
The minimum GPA requirement of Aarhus University is 3.4.

4. How many faculties provide scholarships in Aarhus University?
All five faculties which includes Aarhus BSS, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Art and Faculty of Health provides scholarship at Aarhus University. 

5. Is it necessary to attach a letter of reference while applying for Aarhus University?
No, it is not to attach a letter of reference while applying to Aarhus University but students can attach one letter of reference if they want.