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A Complete Guide on MBA in Finance from USA: Best Universities in USA for MBA Finance

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Every professional who wishes to advance in their work considers getting an MBA at some point in their career. The US has always been regarded as a hotbed of entrepreneurship, and it has always been at the top of every MBA aspirant's wish list. More than half of students intending to pursue management education overseas send their GMAT scores to US universities each year, which attests to this.

Home to some of the world's most prestigious B-schools, an MBA in finance in USA will offer you a promising career, and a really high ROI. Although an MBA in finance in the USA can be completed part-time, many international students prefer to study full-time, to increase their industry value. Wish to know more? Keep reading as this blog will help you identify the best universities in USA for MBA Finance, and a lot more! 

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Why Study MBA in Finance in USA?

An MBA in Finance from USA will offer you a road full of opportunities and is a thriving employment field that pays well with a lot of room for advancement. Aside from the average MBA finance salary in USA, the abundance of job prospects for MBA in USA is another huge lure for overseas students. Finance is one of the most sought-after specialisations in the US, with several opportunities for rewarding careers in various sectors such as analysis, management, and so on.

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Best Universities in USA for MBA Finance

The US is a hub for some of the best B-schools and MBA Finance in USA universities. Top universities in the US offer international students with an ever advancing entrepreneurial environment, along with huge employability rates! 

Given below is the list for some best MBA Finance USA universities: 


Average Tuition Fees for International Students/ Year (in USD)

New York University


Harvard University


University of Pennsylvania 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Columbia University


New York Institute of Technology

1,400 per credit

University of Texas at Austin 


Northwestern University


Boston University


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Eligibility and Requirements to Study MBA in Finance in US

Let us now check out the MBA in Finance in USA eligibility and requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • English proficiency test scores 
  • GMAT or GRE Scores 
  • Work Experience  

Given below are the eligibility requirements for MBA Finance in USA universities: 

  • Bachelor's degree

The most basic requirement to apply to a MBA in Finance in USA for international students is to have academic transcripts for every level of study. You should have a bachelor's degree in order to be eligible for an MBA in Finance in USA. Some prerequisite subjects for MBA Finance in USA are: 

  • Mathematics 
  • Advanced functions 
  • Calculus 
  • English 
  • English proficiency test scores 

It is essential for you, as international students, to have an English proficiency proof in terms of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or other tests. The minimum IELTS requirement to study MBA in Finance in USA for international students is a score of 6.5 or above, depending on the university/ program you choose. 

  • GRE or GMAT Scores 

Best universities in USA for MBA Finance also ask for your GMAT/GRE scores in order to complete your application. There are also universities offering masters in Finance in USA without GMAT. 

  • Work Experience

Work experience is recommended by many universities but not required. Candidates holding 3-year degrees should have one year of full-time, post-graduate work experience to stand out among other applicants.

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Application Process to Study MBA in Finance in USA 

The application process for applying to some of the top MBA Finance USA universities has been discussed briefly below: 

  • Choose your course and a university to start your MBA in Finance in USA.
  • Submit the application form along with the application fee. 
  • Submit all the required documents including transcripts, bachelor's degree (if required), along with additional requirements like SOP, Resume, LORs, and proof of work experience, as asked by the particular university.
  • You may also be asked for an interview process. 
  • Apply for a scholarship or financial aid, if available at the university. 
  • Wait for the admission decision. 

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Cost of Studying MBA in Finance in US

Students while applying for the course should have complete knowledge about MBA in finance in USA fees. In general, the average MBA in finance in USA fees ranges from 19,000 USD to 77,000 USD per annum. Apart from the tuition fees for MBA Finance USA universities, the overall cost also includes living expenses like: 

Types of Expenses 

Cost per month (in USD)

Books and Supplies




Apartment Housing with amenities




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Scholarships for MBA in Finance in US

Due to the high MBA in Finance in USA fees, most overseas students seek financial aid to help them finish their degree. Some of the scholarships offered at prestigious B-schools to study in the USA have been tabulated below: 



Award (in USD)

MIT Sloan School of Management

OGE Administered Fellowships

Partial tuition fees waiver

UCLA Anderson School of Management


Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship

100,000 for an year 

Gies College of Business


Golden Scholarships

Partial tuition fees

Scheller College of Business


Graduate Assistantships

Monthly salary in exchange of 14 hours/week work commitment

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Job Opportunities after Pursuing MBA in Finance US

The average salary of MBA finance in USA is around 160,000 USD annually. Online job portals such as LinkedIn, Indeed,, and others allow students to update their resumes. Several companies hire master in finance graduates for full-time positions as well as internships. Some of the top recruiters’ for MBA in Finance from USA have been tabulated below: 


Average Annual Salary (in USD)

JP Morgan Chase


Fidelity Investments




Boeing Company


 MBA in finance in the USA is an excellent programme for anyone interested in pursuing a career in finance abroad.The MBA in Finance syllabus in USA emphasises both practical and theoretical financial understanding. Students interested in pursuing a Masters in Finance with impressive returns can definitely pursue an MBA in Finance from USA, and connect with our Yocket Counsellors for more information!


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