Masters in Business Administration


MBA abroad is offered in various specialisations and is an internationally recognized degree that offers the opportunity to work at top leading companies globally. With a course curriculum designed according to their needs, international students can choose to pursue MBA abroad full-time, part-time, distance or online. As per GMAC reports, 91% of the total of over 960 recruiters’ goal at hiring USA’s MBA graduates.

The IMF has predicted that 2022/2023 will see extraordinary growth, as the amount of liquidity in the world after a recession is destined to increase global traction. An extensive MBA program will provide a solid foundation in business essentials, including marketing, accounting, managerial skills, strategy, and human resources. MBA abroad for Indian students will help them discover how their life experiences have formed them, what they have learnt from them, and how this has prejudiced where they are today.

Why Study MBA Abroad?

By pursuing MBA courses abroad, international students will be able to explore work prospects with a greater pay and professional advancement. By studying in top countries you will be able to improve your overall credentials in the professional world. There are other reasons to study MBA abroad:

  • Varied Specialisation

There are different programs under masters in business administration abroad which students can pursue. These are-

  • Dedicated MBA Program

This 1-2 years MBA program allows students to simultaneously grasp the complexities of the business world and get ready for their careers.

  • Part- time MBA Program

International students looking for career growth while working in the corporate world can pursue a part-time MBA program. The classes will be held on weekends or in the evening. Also, if the student has some work experience can easily get admission to MBA programs in top universities abroad.

  • Distance Learning MBA

Students can participate in this program without having to attend traditional on-campus classes. Online MBA degrees offered by business schools abroad help students to complete their course and also continue with their professional job.

  • Career Development

In today’s time there are many organisations who are looking for fresh MBA graduates. There are various job openings at senior management level for freshers who have internationally recognised MBA degree. Studying MBA in foreign countries helps international students in progressing their career and encourages them to diversify themselves in new domains. 

  • Increased Networking Possibilities

International MBA students have the opportunity to network with academic professionals, peers from all backgrounds, and possible employers from top companies. MBA courses abroad will help you to unlock it with the aid of this dynamic network. Students will gain first-hand knowledge in the dynamic business world thanks to this well-organised and vast corporate network.

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Course Structure

Pursuing MBA overseas is quite promising for international students, especially Indian students because of the global business exposure it gives. Depending on the university you're attending, the course structure set by MBA universities abroad may vary.

You can pursue an MBA in foreign countries by having work experience prior to the course. This will help you get better exposure to the field. Let us check the course structure for the MBA abroad-

  1. Course Duration- The duration of MBA abroad completely depends on the type of MBA program undertaken. However, the usual duration is 1-2 years.
  2. Core Course Structure- There is a specific course structure set by universities that will help students in gaining the best result. The core course structure includes:
  • Business Leadership
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Global Business

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Course Subjects

Best MBA colleges abroad help students to get insight into different areas including- the fields of marketing, human resources and operations management. Some of the subjects in a MBA include:

  1. Accounting
  2. Introduction to finance
  3. Operations and Information management
  4. Human resource management
  5. Introduction to marketing
  6. Micro Economics

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Top Specializations

When you choose to do masters in business administration abroad, you will come across different specialisation courses to pick. Some of the specialisations are:

  1. Accounting
  2. Marketing
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. International Business
  5. Operation Management

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Core Skills

Having academic skills isn't the only thing required; you also need to have certain other skills to pursue MBA abroad. Some of the skills required are:

1. Cross-Cultural Communication Skills

Any position or duty in a global company entails collaboration with individuals from various nationalities and backgrounds. Understanding how to communicate across cultures is an absolutely essential ability, whether the other person is a co-worker, client, or consumer. During the MBA abroad, students will be trained to develop cross-cultural communication skills.

2. Networking Abilities

Building a strong network of connections outside of your native country is crucial, as a part of international company engagement. When pursuing master’s in business administration abroad, you'll meet your peers, your instructors, and course colleagues. This way you will be able to build networking abilities.

3. Adaptive Thinking

Adaptive minds thrive in a dynamic environment, which puts them in a good position to succeed in global business. This is an important skill you need as a part of MBA in abroad eligibility.


There are certain MBA programs abroad for Indian students’ requirements that can help them to seek admission. Presented below is the overview of requirements to study MBA abroad:

  1. Bachelor's Degree
  2. English Language Tests Scores
  3. GRE/GMAT Score
  4. Work Experience
  5. Passport and Visa

These are some of the MBA in abroad eligibility that international students need to fulfil to get admission successfully. Let’s know it in detail: 

  1. Bachelor’s Degree

Students need to provide bachelors passing certificates from relevant fields with 60-70% marks from a recognized university.

  1. English Language Tests Scores

When it comes to English language test scores, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or GRE are important requirements to seek admission in the best MBA colleges abroad. These scores are essential not only for the admission, but for visas. Not all universities would demand for both GMAT and GRE, but it is best to have scores ready as a part of MBA in abroad eligibility. In general the score should be around-

  1. GRE/GMAT Scores

To study MBA from foreign university, international students need to provide standardised test scores such as GMAT/GRE. The minimum scores required are:  

  • GMAT- 340 or more
  • GRE- 260 or more

  1. Passport and Visa

All overseas students who wish to enrol for the MBA from foreign university must have a current passport and a student visa. Ensure to apply for your visa at least 3 months before the anticipated departure date.

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Documents Required to Apply at MBA Universities Abroad

Admission to apply for MBA Universities abroad requires a set of documents. Some of these important documents are mentioned below.

  1. Education transcripts of previous institutions
  2. Standardised test scores
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. English Language Test Scores
  5. Updated Resume or CV
  6. GMAT or GRE Scores
  7. Statement of Purpose
  8. Valid Passport
  9. Study Permit

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Admission Process for MBA Overseas for International Students

Here is a step-by-step guide to apply for MBA Overseas:

  1. Find out business schools abroad offering MBA.
  2. Now you need to browse the university websites and collect all the information required for admission to these courses.
  3. Submit all the documents such as test scores, transcripts, certificates, etc.
  4. Fill out your application form with all the necessary details and pay the application fees.
  5. After processing your application, you will be asked to attend an interview as a part of the admission process from the university.
  6. Once you clear the interview, you will get your admission letter and you can book your seat at the college or university.
  7. Pay your tuition fees and start your desired course at the university

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Top Scholarships

Students who seek MBA in any country will get scholarships that cover the cost of study. Some countries conduct scholarship exams for MBA abroad to make students eligible for the grant. The list of MBA in foreign countries with scholarships are mentioned below-

Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program offers exceptional mid-level professionals from specified nations 10 months of professional enrichment and non-degree graduate-level study in the United States.

Scholarships Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Students need to present scores of undergraduate courses and 4-5 years of work experience.
  • Graduation in any discipline from a recognized University.
  • Amount- USD 50,000 (INR 39, 85,857)

INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarship by INSEAD Business School

The scholarship is offered to students keen to pursue an MBA program. Outstanding students having financial limitations will get MBA abroad scholarships.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students need to present an undergraduate score with work experience.
  • International students have to demonstrate the requirement for financial assistance
  • Amount- USD 26343.14 (INR 21, 00,000)

UWE Bristol MBA Scholarship by the University of the West of England, Bristol

One of the well-known scholarships offered by the University of the West of England provides students with financial assistance equal to 50% of their annual tuition costs.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students need to present an undergraduate score along with the work experience.
  • Students must have received an offer to study at UWE.
  • Amount- 50% fees covered

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship by Pershing Square Foundation

Provided by the Pershing Square Foundation, the scholarship aims to help students pursuing MBA. The 5 chosen scholars will receive complete tuition support as well as financial aid for living expenses.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students must fulfil vital eligibility criteria under the 1+1 MBA Program.
  •  Ability to imagine how to attain scalable and sustainable solutions to these challenges
  • Amount- USD 16934.88 (INR 13, 50,000)

Chevening Scholarships-UK

Chevening Scholarships is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) - is for students seeking master's programs in the UK.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • International students having top academic records are considered.
  • Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country.
  • Amount- USD 21,964 (INR 17, 56,074.73)

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Cost of Studying MBA in Abroad

When you apply for masters in business administration abroad, you need to consider the overall cost of studying which comprises fees and living.

Tuition Fees

The MBA abroad  in most universities  and colleges is around- (USD 31,226- 101,288 - 50255.11- INR 23, 41,950- 75, 96,660) per year. However, the majority of public universities in countries have fewer fees for international students.

Cost of Living

Besides tuition fees, students also need to bear the cost of living in their respective country. On average, the cost of living that covers transportation, accommodation, food, and others is around (USD 1000-2000 INR 79945.50- 159891) monthly.

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Work Opportunities

After completing MBA abroad from top universities, students are well-prepared to take up challenging job roles in any field. From HR manager, to business consultant or project manager,there are different choices of roles.Moreover, they can apply for jobs in different sectors such as accounting, marketing, public relations, etc. Here are some job roles after MBA abroad.

Job Role

Average Annual Salary

Business Operation Analyst

USD 53940.71 (INR 43,00,000)

Senior Operation Manager

USD 76520.55 (INR 61,00,000)

Account Manager

USD 37633.06 (INR 30,00,000)

Product manager

USD 67739.50 (INR 54,00,000)

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There is a great opportunity available with an MBA abroad for Indian students. These courses help students in getting better exposure to the practical business world. Moreover, students have the opportunity to work in the respective country post MBA course. If you are looking for some assistance, connect with Yocket professionals.


Ques. Are there enough scholarships for Indian students to pursue MBA programs?

Ans: Indian students can pursue MBA in foreign countries with scholarships helping to fund  the tuition cost. One can choose from different universities.

Ques: Is GMAT compulsory to pursue MBA abroad?

Ans: Yes, GMAT is compulsory for MBA programs abroad. However, there are countries and their universities offer courses without GMAT scores.

Ques. What are some of the best countries to study MBA Abroad and work?

Ans: Some of the top countries to study MBA and to work are-

  • US
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Singapore

Ques: What are some of the best countries to study MBA Abroad and work?

Ans: Besides full time regular MBA, students can opt for online MBA, part-time MBA, and executive MBA.

Ques: Ques. Do all universities abroad demand for TOEFL and IELTS scores?

Ans: Yes, many of the top universities in different countries demand for IELTS and TOEFL scores. The score should be around-

  • TOEFL- 85-100
  • IELTS-6.0- 7.5