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Jobs and Salary after MBA in USA: What is the MBA Salary in USA?

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MBA in USA is one of the most in-demand choices for international students across the globe. An MBA degree is the way to a career of immense possibilities. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment in various management occupations is expected to grow 9 percent from 2020 to 2030, resulting in about 906,800 new jobs. Apart from the high MBA salary in USA, an MBA degree equips the learners with management and leadership skills to upgrade their career prospects.

In this blog, we have discussed the jobs and salary after MBA in USA along with the top recruiters, and also some tips for finding the best MBA jobs in US.                                        

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What is the Average Salary After MBA in USA?                             

According to data, the mean starting salary offered by US recruiters to MBA graduates is 115,000 USD per annum. Also, the average salary of a Stanford graduate can be estimated as 255,000 USD per annum. And, if we talk about the average salary of MBA in USA, it is 65,000 USD per annum, with the salary of MBA in USA per month varying accordingly.

Not to forget that the MBA salary in USA is dependent on a lot of factors including- the B-school you graduate from, the specialisation you graduate in, and the employer you choose, among others.

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Top MBA Jobs in USA with Salary

The average salary for MBA in USA has a lot to do with the specialisation you choose. Here we have discussed 5 popular specialisations for MBA in USA and the possible job opportunities for the same:

Investment Banking

Investment banking offers some of the most highly paid MBA jobs in US. This specialisation examines the goals and needs of an organisation while seeking to raise capital through investment, typically through a retainer. With full access to all financial information of the company, one may formulate strategies and plans for the benefit of the company. The annual average salary after MBA in USA in investment banking is 65,000 USD per year.

Mentioned below are the job roles and average salary for MBA in USA for investment banking:

Job Title

Average Salary Per Year (in USD)

Financial Analyst

48,000 - 87,000 or 40,00,000 INR

Executive Assistant

51,000 - 96,000 or 60,00,000 INR

Investment Banking Analyst

53,000 - 87,000 or 60,00,000 INR

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Information Technology

The salary for MBA in USA for the specialisation in Information Technology on average is 89,063 USD per annum. The prime role of the IT department is to supervise the company's computer infrastructure and manage network technology, IT security and the software platforms used by the company. It also includes overseeing other employees’ use of data and the security of customers’ information.

Mentioned below are the job roles and average salary for MBA in USA for information technology:

Job Title

Average Salary Per Year (in USD)

Systems Administrator

46,000 - 92,000 or 60,00,000 INR

IT Manager

57,000 - 125,000 or 80,00,000 INR

Senior Software Engineer

85,000 - 157,000 or 80,00,000 INR

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Human Resources

An MBA in Human Resources paves your way for a rewarding career. The HR department ensures that all human resources activities comply with local, state and federal laws. They also need to oversee programs related to employee benefits and initiatives. The annual average MBA salary in USA in human resources is 65,000 USD per year.

Mentioned below are the job roles and estimated salary for MBA in USA in Human Resources:

Job Title

Average Salary Per Year (in USD)

Human Resources Manager

50,000 - 96,000 or 70,00,000 INR

Human Resources Specialist

40,000 - 75,000 or 50,00,000 INR

Human Resources Coordinator

38,000 - 63,000 or 35,00,000 INR

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Finance is another sector that offers an attractive salary after MBA in USA. The finance department is responsible for evaluating all financial requirements and goals and formulating an investment strategy beneficial for the organisation. All big firms and companies look for financial advisors to manage and keep track of their finances. The average salary of MBA in USA for a finance manager is 95,515 USD per annum.

Mentioned below are the job roles and estimated salary for MBA in USA in Finance:

Job Title

Average Salary Per Year (in USD)

Senior Financial Analyst

67,000 - 108,000 or 75,00,000 INR

Financial Controller

64,000 - 133,000 or 80,00,000 INR

Financial Analyst

51,000 - 88,000 or 50,00,000 INR

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the top paying MBA specialisation in the present time. An MBA in Business Analytics is all about the systematic analysis of data to reach valid conclusions and decisions. Leading data-driven analysis, creating analytic models, to assist and develop business strategies, etc., are some responsibilities that business analysts are expected to look after.

Mentioned below are the MBA jobs in US in Business Analytics and their estimated salary packages:

Job Title

Average Salary Per Year (in USD)

Business Strategist Analyst

50,000 - 96,000 or 60,00,000 INR

Business Application Analyst

70,000 - 100,000 or 70,00,000 INR

Business & Data Analyst

40,000 - 90,000 or 60,00,000 INR

MBA in Digital Marketing Abroad

Now that we covered the MBA jobs in USA with salary, and the MBA salary in USA, let us now look at the top recruiters for the same:

Top Recruiters for MBA in USA

Graduates from the top MBA colleges in USA are highly sought after by recruiters around the world. A survey by the Graduate Management Council (GMAC) states that the percentage of recruiters hiring MBA graduates has significantly increased from 56% to 96% in the USA. Other countries like Europe show similar findings too. Some top recruiters offering a considerably high MBA salary in USA include:


Average Salary per annum (in USD)


161,096 or 1,28,00,000 INR

Mckinsey & Co.

156,062 or 1,20,00,000 INR

Bain & Co.

156,062 or 1,20,00,000 INR

JP Morgan

142,218 or 1,10,00,000 INR


152,286 or 1,20,00,000 INR


237,869 or 1,83,00,000 INR

Goldmann & Sachs

123,906 or 95,80,000 INR


96,000 or 75,85,000 INR

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Tips for Searching Jobs in USA After MBA

If you have plans to settle or live longer in USA after completing your MBA course, you must start your preparation early. Here we bring to you some important tips to crack job opportunities after MBA in USA:

  • Personal Networking: You will come across students from different parts of the world while pursuing MBA in USA. Getting in touch with them and engaging in productive discussions about jobs and career is a great way to gather information and ideas. You may also establish close bonding with your professors for the same. Their knowledge and experience will surely be rewarding for your life and career.
  • Academic Excellence: An outstanding academic history is sure to take you a long way in life. Having high scores and extensive knowledge paves the way for you to achieve the jobs of your dreams. Your scores are mostly the first thing that comes to the notice of the recruiters.
  • MBA Internships: Internships play a significant role in programs like MBA, where practical experience is valuable. Internships are opportunities to know the industry of your choice and ways to become a part of it. Apart from the knowledge and experience, MBA internships in USA enhance your personal networking too.
  • Career Profiles and Job Sites: Job sites are the modern platform for you to explore, connect and collect insights about various recruiters and job roles. Create an impressive job profile and keep a check on the latest vacancies and job openings till you land into one.

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So that was all about job prospects after MBA in USA, and the salary of MBA in USA. Do check our MBA abroad guide to get a better understanding of the scope and importance of MBA in the world. For further guidance and assistance on the salary of MBA in USA per month, get in touch with our counsellors at Yocket now!



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