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Masters in Italy: Best Universities, Courses, Requirements, Fees, Scholarships and Scope for MS in Italy

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Italy is home to around 80 universities, 11 out of which have been ranked internationally in the top 500 universities across the globe, by the QS World University Rankings. It is safe to say that starting with a degree program as crucial as a masters degree in Italy is definitely worth a shot, because of the country’s classic culture, international expertise, and industrial exposures. A masters in Italy will make you acquainted with one of the world’s oldest historic cultures, and provide you with an expertise in diverse fields, such as fashion, art, architecture, business and applied sciences. More so, universities in Italy for masters have been known for offering students with great employment opportunities! 

Want to know more? Let us unravel everything about masters in Italy for international students, in our blog below! 

Table of Contents 

  1. Why Study Masters in Italy? 
  2. Overview of Masters Courses in Italy 
  3. Best Universities to Study Masters in Italy 
  4. Eligibility and Admission Requirements to Pursue Masters in Italy 
  5. Application Process for Masters in Italy 
  6. How to Pursue Masters in Italy Without IELTS? 
  7. Cost to Study Masters Courses in Italy 
  8. Scholarships to Study Masters Courses in Italy
  9. Job Prospects After Pursuing Masters in Italy 

Why Study Masters in Italy? 

MS in Italy is known for their industrial experiential learning, and excellent education at par with affordability. Let us understand how you, as an international applicant can comfortably choose Italy as your masters destination:  

  • Recognised universities and programs: While choosing top universities in Italy for masters you can look for how they are ranked and recognised globally. Out of 80 universities in Italy, 40 are recognised through the QS World university Rankings, and 11 universities out of the 40 have even made it to the top 500 universities in the world. Moreover, Italy has been declared ideal for degree programs in the field of architecture, fashion, art and applied sciences. 
  • Cost of attendance: The tuition fees for most public universities in Italy range from 800 EUR to 3,450 EUR per annum, which is considered to be highly affordable. Private universities, on the other hand, can be a bit on the pricier side. Also, living expenses at cities like Milan, Rome and Bologna can be a little higher as compared to Pisa, Turin and others. 
  • Availability of scholarships: Italy, unlike other study abroad destinations offers similar scholarships to both domestic and international students. As an international student, you may receive an average amount of 500 EUR to 5,000 EUR annually as a scholarship. 
  • Rich culture and balance: An MS in Italy will make you experience an enriching lifestyle, and standard of living. Italians are known to offer the best work-life balance in the world! 

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Overview of Masters Courses in Italy  

Let us now provide you with an overview for how an MS in Italy looks like:

Number of Universities 


Type of Universities 

  • Public 
  • Private 
  • Technical (for architecture and engineering) 


2 years 

Type of Programs 

  • Full time 
  • Part Time 
  • Online/ Distance 

Popular Universities 

  • University of Bologna 
  • University of Milan 
  • University of Pisa 
  • Politecnico Di Milano
  •  Istituto Marangoni 
  • University of Rome Tor Vergata

Popular Programs Offered 


Best Universities to Study Masters in Italy 

Universities for MS in Italy are known to offer one of the best industrially driven education, and a high class faculty. Public universities in Italy for masters are internationally ranked, and better than private universities in terms of tuition rates, and more secure employability rates. 

Let us now move forward to discover the list of universities for masters in Italy for international students: 


QS World University Ranking 2024

Top Programs Offered 

Average Tuition Fees for International Students 

(in EUR) 

Politecnico Di Milano


Master of Design in Urban Planning and Policy Design 

Master of Food Engineering 

3,891/ year 

University of Padova 


Masters in Environmental Engineering

Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

2,623/ year

Sapienza University of Rome 


Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering 

Masters in Landscape Architecture 

1,000/ year

University of Bologna 


Masters in Civil Engineering

Masters of Business Administration 

3,315/ year 

Istituto Marangoni, Milan


Masters in Italian Product Design

Masters in Fashion Design

Masters in Italian Product Design- 23,600 (Total) 

Masters in Fashion Design- 30,800 (Total) 

University of Siena


Masters of Applied Mathematics 

2,626/ year

University of Pisa


Masters in Data Science and Informatics 

Masters in Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering

2,400/ year


Eligibility and Admission Requirements to Pursue Masters in Italy 

Universities in Italy for masters are known to be quite prominent in terms of their education system. The masters in Italy requirements are quite basic, and have been listed below: 

  • Bachelor's degree
  • GMAT or GRE scores 
  • Language proficiency proof (English, Italian) 

Let us now discuss the masters in Italy requirements in detail: 


Bachelor’s degree 

When applying to a master degree in Italy, submitting your bachelor’s degree is one of the predominant requirements. Along with your bachelors degree, you will also be asked to submit your academic transcripts at each study level. 


GMAT or GRE scores 

If you are willing to study masters in Italy in the field of business, management, finance and other related fields, you will also be asked to submit GMAT or GRE scores. 


Language Proficiency Proof

There is a probability of your chosen MS in Italy program being offered in the Italian mode of instruction, and so, in order to prove your Italian proficiency, you will be asked to submit an Italian proficiency proof. For programs offered in English, you will be asked to submit English proficiency proofs like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. The minimum IELTS score for a majority of masters in Italy programs is 6.5. 

Note: Most universities to study masters in Italy, will also ask you to give an entrance examination, along with other additional requirements like CV/ Resume, work experience proof, portfolios (for programs in the field of art, architecture, engineering drawing, fashion, etc), SOPs, LORs, etc. Moreover, you can also expect interviews as a prerequisite for Italy MS admissions. 

To start with your admission process to Italy masters intake, you should estimate a 6-12 month period for your application planning procedures. The academic session in Italy for masters programs starts late-september to early-october. 

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Application Process for Masters in Italy 

The application process for masters in Italy for Indian students can be completed quite easily, provided you are ready with all the required documents, and eligible for the program you’ve applied for. 

Let us briefly summarize the steps in order to fulfil Italy masters requirements: 

  • Choose your program, and university to with your master degree in Italy
  • Check the prerequisites to start the application. 
  • Submit the application form, application fee, and other required documents like academic transcripts, bachelor's degree, Resume, health insurance certificate, language proficiency proof, etc. 
  • Complete your application. 
  • Check and apply for any particular scholarships that you’re eligible for. 
  • Wait for the admission decision. 


How to Pursue Masters in Italy without IELTS? 

In order to apply for masters in Italy without submitting an IELTS score, you can look for particular programs with Italian as the mode of instruction. This way you can be exempted from submitting any English proficiency proof. 

Also, most universities in Italy for masters will not ask you for an English proficiency, if your prior education is in English. 

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Cost to Study Masters Courses in Italy 

The Italy masters fees can be estimated to be a cumulative sum of the tuition fees, along with other living expenses in Italy, like, accommodation, books and supplies, meals, transportation, other miscellaneous expenses etc. The Italy MS fees for a majority of programs lie in the range of 2,000 EUR to 3,000 EUR per annum, meaning the MS in Italy cost in Indian Rupees is around 2,00,000-3,00,000 INR per annum

Given below is the bifurcation of the complete Italy masters fees: 


Cost (in EUR)


2,000-3,000/ year


300-500/ month 


35/ month 

Food and meals 

200/ month 


100/ month 

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Scholarships to Study Masters Courses in Italy 

Italy masters scholarships are available in abundance for international students to choose from. Though scholarships offered are majorly based on academic performance, there are some scholarships which are offered by the Italian government, and others which are university-specific, country-specific and course-specific. Let us now move onto discover the various Italy masters scholarships available for international applicants to choose from: 



Award (in EUR)

University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students 

International students enrolled in UG, PG programs showing exemplary academic performance 


MBA Tuition Fee Waiver, Politecnico Di Milano

  • International students enrolled in MBA programs 
  • Submission of motivation letter, application 
  • Completion of two challenges 

Tuition fee waiver

Domus Academy Scholarship Competition 

Students enrolled in fashion programs at Domus Academy 


Bursaries from the Italian Ministry for international students 

International students enrolled in Italian universities, schools 


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Job Prospects after Pursuing Masters in Italy 

After pursuing your masters in Italy, there will be several options to explore including pursuing further studies in Italy like a PhD in Italy, getting employed at various top global recruiters, starting your own venture in Italy, etc. 

Some popular field to secure exemplary jobs in Italy include: 

  • Fashion Design 
  • Interior Design 
  • Engineering 
  • Business Administration 
  • Architecture 

The average salaries for various prominent fields in Italy have been tabulated below: 


Average Salary per annum (in EUR)

Fashion Stylist


Senior Civil Engineer


Design Architect


Program Project Manager 


Fashion Designer 


Construction Manager 


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Admission to Masters in Italy for Indian students is a walk of cake, provided you submit all the documents and prerequisite requirements. One can pursue popular programs like MBA in Italy where, you can even get hold of high paying jobs in top corporate giants like Gucci, Prada, Disney, Apple, etc. Moreover, Italy as a study abroad destination will offer you a high ROI as compared to other European destinations! 



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