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Cost of Study in Italy for Indian Students: Tuition Fees in Italy for International Students

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With the world's oldest university, Italy, as a study abroad destination, offers some of the finest universities and colleges worldwide. Whether you want top-quality education, outstanding career opportunities, or modern infrastructure, Italy has it all. Italy is popular for offering various disciplines, but international students are particularly attracted to Italy when it comes to educational options in the arts, architecture, and fashion fields.

The affordability of studying in Italy is another factor contributing to it being a popular study destination - in comparison to other countries in Europe, studying in Italy is significantly less expensive. Are you keen on pursuing higher education in this scenic country? This blog provides you with detailed information about the cost of study in Italy for Indian students.

  Table Contents:

  1. Overview Of Cost Of Studying In Italy For International Students
  2. University Tuition Fees In Italy
  3. Cost Of Living In Italy For International Students
  4. Student Visa And Travel Insurance In Italy
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Overview Of Cost Of Studying In Italy For International Students

Italy has excellent educational institutions offering high-quality education at a relatively low price compared to other countries. Furthermore, it has about 90 universities, most of which are publicly funded. Also, international applicants should be aware that most programs in Italy are taught in Italian, although English is gradually becoming more prevalent. Furthermore, the overall cost of studying in Italy varies depending on the type of program and level of study. Below is a brief overview of the costs associated with studying in Italy:

Tuition Fees – Public Universities

EUR 900 – EUR 4000/year (Approximately INR 78,363 to INR 3,48,28)

Tuition Fees – Private Universities

EUR 6000 – EUR 20000/year (Approximately INR 5,22,422 to INR 17,41,407)

Accommodation Costs

EUR 300 – EUR 700/month (Approximately INR 26,121 to INR 60,949)

Food & Transportation Costs

EUR 150 – EUR 250/month (Approximately INR 13,060 to INR 21767)

University Tuition Fees In Italy

Universities in Italy determine their own tuition fees, but they must comply with guidelines on the minimum and maximum fees they are permitted to charge. Moreover, the study cost in Italy for International students does not only vary by university, course, or degree level, but also by EU and non-EU students.

Listed below are some of Italy's most prestigious universities, along with the Italy tuition fees for International students:

University Name

Average Tuition fee per year (EUR)

Average Tuition fee per year (INR)

University of Milan



University of Pavia



Sapienza University



University of Padua



The Polytechnic University of Milan



University of Trento



Ca’ Foscari University of Venice



IULM University of Milan



University of Genoa



Sacred Heart University



Cost Of Living In Italy For International Students

In addition to getting a brief understanding of the costs of studying in Italy, let's also look at the cost of living in Italy for international students. Typical living expenses for international students in Italy can range from 700 to 1,500 EUR per month. Expenses include things such as lodging, food, public transportation, local transportation, and entertainment. Italy is a wonderful place to live, but you should know that Rome and Milan are more expensive than other Italian cities.

The following table shows the average monthly living expenses for students in these student cities of Italy:

Student Cities in Italy

Cost of living per month (EUR)

Cost of Living per month (INR)


870- 1400

76,233- 1,22,675


750- 1100

65,718- 96,387


900- 1500

78,862- 1,31,437


850- 1300

74,481- 1,13,912

Please note that the above costs represent indicative costs only; actual expenses may vary depending on the location, the university, and the course of study.

Student Visa And Travel Insurance For Italy

Studying in Italy will require applicants to obtain a type 'D' visa and a residence permit within eight days of their arrival in Italy. It costs around EUR 50 (about INR 4354) to apply for a student visa for studying in Italy. In the case of individuals from non-Schengen countries, their travel and health insurance should cover repatriation and medical expenses. If the person does not provide travel insurance, a visa for entry to Italy will not be granted.

Similar to Italian citizens, international travelers have access to free medical care in public hospitals. To initiate these services, a valid European Health Insurance Card must be presented as proof that you are insured. Hence, it is a vital factor to remember when planning the cost of studying in Italy for International students.

International students who wish to study in Italy must submit the following documents in addition to the visa application fee:

  • Passport
  • Visa application form
  • Passport size photos
  • Italian proficiency proof
  • Evidence of fee payment (university and visa application)

There is a lot of competition for the most prestigious university in Italy, but Italian universities offer a wealth of innovative programs and exceptional student life. International students are most likely to find excellent education, work-life balance, and smooth placement after graduation at most Italian universities. It is highly recommended that students planning to study abroad investigate the Italy university fees for International students, scholarships, and academic quality of top universities in Italy before choosing one to kick start their career.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cost of Studying in Italy

Ques. Does Italy cost a lot for Indian students?

Ans. The cost of studying in Italy is reasonable for international students. Italian tuition and living expenses make it one of Europe's most affordable countries for studying abroad. If you are interested in funding your education in Italy, you may apply for available scholarships.

Ques. Is it possible to study in Italy in English?

Ans. Some Italian universities offer study programs in both Italian and English. Nevertheless, most English study programmes are offered at the postgraduate level (Master's and PhD programs).

Ques. What makes Italy the best place to study?

Ans. Italy is also home to some of the world's oldest universities and is the founder of the Bologna process, an educational standard that has gained a great deal of influence in Europe. Another area where Italy is able to take pride is the provision of high quality education.

Ques. What is the most common type of job in Italy?

Ans. A substantial portion of the economy is devoted to services including wholesale, retail sales, and transportation. Manufacturing luxury goods such as fashion, automobiles, and furniture is a major contributor to Italy's economic output.

Ques. Is it possible for you to stay in Italy after graduation?

Ans. It is possible to stay back for 6 to 12 months depending on the course and university. During that time, students who cannot find a job have no choice but to return to their home country.

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