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Study Bachelors in Italy: Guide to Bachelor Degree in Italy for International Students


A renowned leader in fashion, cuisine, and the arts, Italy has a well-deserved reputation as one of the wealthiest countries in culture and history in Europe. With an endless list of motivations to study there:  delicious food, iconic architecture, diversity of landscapes, and Mediterranean climates, but a few, studying for a bachelors degree in Italy is guaranteed to exceed the expectations of any university student studying there. Most Italian universities and colleges offer a wide selection of courses in most subjects, and prospective international students can take advantage of all that Italy has to offer while earning a bachelor's degree. The education system, assessment methods, and language requirements are essential to consider before studying abroad.

  Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study For A Bachelor’s In Italy?
  2. Popular Universities In Italy For Bachelors
  3. Bachelor's Degree In Italy
  4. Scholarships For Bachelor’s Degree in Italy
  5. Difference Between Studying In A University Vs Studying In College For Bachelors
  6. Admission Process For Studying Bachelors In Italy
  7. Cost To Study Bachelors In Italy
  8. Opportunities After Bachelor’s Degree In Italy

Why Study Bachelors In Italy?

  1. Affordable Italian universities: Italian public universities are quite affordable compared to other european destinations. Non-EU/EEA nationals benefit from the same tuition fees in some cases, but in others, they pay more - here's why you should always check tuition rates which apply to students from your home country to complete a bachelor’s degree in Italy for international students.
  2. Italy is booming in fashion and architecture: One visit to Italy is enough to understand why it is considered a country at the forefront of fashion, art, and architecture. Milan is a prominent city as one of the world's four fashion capitals. In terms of architecture, a trip through Italy's charming cities will expose you to the beauty and unique style of buildings seemingly lost in the evolution of modern architecture.
  3. Enjoy the Mediterranean climate: Warm sunshine, sea breezes, delicious fruits, and vegetables - all essential elements of the Mediterranean lifestyle, prized for its health and physical benefits.
    Sardinia, for, e.g., is one of the few "green zones" in the world where people usually reach the age of 90.
  1. Visit the fantastic historical sites that defy the passage of time: When you're not in class, make time to visit some of Europe's oldest and most impressive historical sites. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon, Temples to Ostia Antica, all places still have their past luster, an aura that can still be felt and discovered today.

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Duration Of Bachelors Degree In Italy 

A bachelors degree in Italy requires three to four years. Academic work goes through an assessment based on the ECTS framework. As per this framework, the Bachelor's certification in Italy is somewhere in the range of 180 and 240 marks of study (for example 60 marks of credit as indicated by the ECTS framework each year). A bachelor’s degree is an important condition on the off chance that you wish to proceed with your examinations for a Master's program in Italy.

Each academic year for a bachelor's program in Italy consists of two semesters, first starting in September and ending in Feb. The 2nd semester of the academic year runs from February to July. The length of the studies depends on the process followed, the medicine taking at least six years, and the five-year rule. With these exceptions, the usual duration of a bachelor's degree in Italy is three or four years. In addition, exchange and credit transfer programs are also available to undergraduates. The qualifications for different bachelors degrees in Italy vary depending on the subjects required to take specific courses.

The following is a brief overview of these international institutions for bachelor's degree in Italy-

  1. Accademia del Lusso School of Fashion & Design
  2. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  3. Politecnico Di Milano
  4. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  5. Istituto Europeo Di Design

Let us dive into details of each of these universities:

  1.  Accademia del Lusso School of Fashion & Design

Accademia del Lusso, founded in 2005, is a fashion and design school in Milan, Italy. The Academy provides bachelor courses in Italy that enhance students' knowledge of fashion, high-end products, and luxury items. The Academy also teaches style, marketing, brand management, fashion design, and fashion communication.

QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Tuition Fee

16,900 EUR

Programs Offered

  • Bachelors in Fashion Design
  • Bachelors in Fashion Brand Management
  • Bachelors in Fashion Styling and Communication
  1. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

UIC Barcelona currently has more than 4,000 students and teaches 16 university courses. Our research is complemented by the provision of numerous masters’, graduate, doctoral degrees and further education that enables deepening and specialization in various knowledge disciplines. It is one of the best public universities in Italy for bachelors.

QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Tuition Fee

10000 -11000 EUR

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor Audiovisual Communication.
  • Bachelor of Humanities and Cultural Studies and International Studies.
  • Bachelor of Humanities and Cultural Studies and Law.
  1. Politecnico Di Milano

Politecnico di Milano is a technical university situated in Milan, Italy. The university has been ranked consistently among the top 20 technical universities globally. The university combines engineering research with industrial systems to achieve high-quality results. The university offers bachelor courses in Italy in the field of architecture and design.

QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Tuition Fee

4500-5200 EUR

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • Bachelor in Design
  • Bachelor in Engineering

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  1. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

With 12 faculties and five campuses across Italy, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is the largest non-public university in Europe. It has campuses in Milan, BaBrescia, Piacenza, and Rome.

QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Tuition Fee

8000-9000 EUR

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor in Economics
  • Bachelor in Political and Social Sciences
  • Bachelor in Psychology
  1. Istituto Europeo Di Design

The Istituto Europeo di Design has been working in education and research in the disciplines of configuration, style, visual correspondence, and the executives for nearly fifty years.  Today, the IED is a continually expanding global organization that issues first-level scholarly recognitions and other coordinated courses.

QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Tuition Fee

5000-7200 EUR

Programs Offered

  • Bachelors in Fashion designing
  • Bachelors in Interior design
  • Bachelors in Video design

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Bachelors in Italy vs Bachelors in College in Italy

  • In general, colleges are smaller educational institutions compared to universities. They offer undergraduate/bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, or certificates.
  • The number of courses provided is limited, and study programs range from 24 years. Pursuing higher education does not prevent you from later applying for a masters in Italy to increase your knowledge or change careers.
  • Employers won't belittle a college degree as long as it proves you have the skills they're looking for. Universities in Italy are educational institutions larger than colleges and offer both undergraduate and graduate/graduate programs.
  • They have a more diverse curriculum, offer various courses, and often include research facilities and sports centers. The number of students enrolled in universities is much higher than in colleges. International students seeking higher education abroad often choose universities over colleges, which tend to be a more popular choice for local students.

Admission Process For Studying Bachelors In Italy

First, you need to contact the university you are interested in and check if your degree qualifies. This is demonstrated by a pre-assessment, after which the university will provide feedback and let you know if you meet all the criteria.

You will then need to submit a pre-application request to your Italian embassy or consulate and let them process your application afterward.

At the end of August, students will find a list of admitted applicants on the embassy or consulate's website.

Some of the documents you will need to provide for your application are:

  • A passport-type photograph
  • Your academic transcripts
  • Your university application form
  • A detailed study program or course description, which should contain the duration of the courses or training activities that you have completed
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Your CV
  • Language proficiency certificate (English or Italian)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Your portfolio
  • Official SAT or ACT scores

Cost To Study Bachelors In Italy

In Italy, tuition fees vary, though they are typically lower compared to other parts of Europe and North America. Due to this, Italian universities tend to appeal to international students. The following expenses are normally incurred by students pursuing bachelors degree in Italy:


Cost in EUR

Equivalent Costs in INR

Average tuition fees

5000 EUR/year

41500 INR/Academic year


8400 EUR/year

58000 INR/year

Food cost

2400 EUR/year

16600 INR/year 

Transportation cost

420 EUR/year

2905 INR/month

Miscellaneous cost

2200 EUR/year

16000 INR/month

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Scholarships For Bachelors Degree in Italy

To help the  students in Italy different kinds of scholarships and financial aids are accessible. UG students who need financial aid are given grants in Italy by various colleges and by the public authority of Italy. A portion of the top scholarships to complete a bachelor’s degree in Italy for international students are as per the following:


Awarded to


Politecnico di Torino International Scholarship

Students of engineering and architecture

Tuition fee waiver

Merit and Bocconi international awards

Students applying to SDA Bocconi

50% of tuition fee waiver or 100% tuition fee waiver

University of Bologna study grants for international students

University students in first, single, or second-cycle degree programs

Grant of 11,000 Euros and full tuition fee waiver

University of Cattolica International scholarships

Undergraduate students

37% cost reduction in the tuition fee

University of Padova scholarship program

Undergraduate students

Tuition fee waiver + 8,000 Euros per year

Now that you are aware of various scholarships to study in Italy, let is know what is the ROI on the popular bachelor courses.

Opportunities After Bachelors Degree In Italy

Worldwide undergraduate students intending to settle in Italy get various work opportunities in the country. However, for working in Italian organizations, people need to reinforce their language abilities in both English and Italian. Probably the best Italian organizations incorporate Enel, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Unicredit, Atlantia, Juventus Turin, Pirelli, and some more. A portion of the top jobs in Italy and their average yearly compensations are classified beneath:

Job Role

Average Annual Salary in EUR

Executive Management and Change


Legal and Paralegal


Program and Project Management


Sales and Business Development




Consulting, Accounting and Professional Services


This was the complete guide on how to pursue bachelors in Italy. If you are determined enough and want to move ahead, get on free 15 minute consultation call with Yocket professionals!

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