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Masters in Human Resource Management in USA: Top Universities, Requirements, Costs, Scholarships & Jobs for HR Courses in USA

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With automation capturing every job at a very rapid pace, the only department which is going to remain untouched for a larger duration is Human Resource Management. In fact, in the US, every top multinational company and venture looks to hire fresh individuals and graduates for human resource manager posts. It is a diverse field that requires you to have the right educational knowledge to create a successful career in this sector.

Pursuing a masters in human resource management in USA will help you to develop the right knowledge of managing the overall work of the company and the required leadership skills to handle different roles within the company. Completing HR courses in USA will result in an award Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, which will open career opportunities within the industry. This blog will guide you to know more about the human resource courses in USA, admission requirements, costs, scholarships and more.

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Why Study Masters in Human Resource Management in USA?

The human resource managers are tasked with the responsibility of providing their employees a clear direction with guidance and assisting them in developing a supportive and encouraging environment. Most ventures always look for highly qualified and skilled professionals having good critical thinking skills. Masters in HRM in USA will prepare you for that. Some of the reasons why to study this degree from US are:

  • Top Universities: There are many best universities in USA offering in human resource management that are top-ranked. You will get complete insights about the course with better learning facilities. The programs offered in US universities ensure to provide high-quality education, both theoretical and experiential.
  • High Demand: A masters degree in human resource management is in high demand considering its 360 knowledge. They play a key role in finding the best talent for the companies. According to the BLS, the demand for human resource managers in USA is projected to grow by 9 percent creating over 14,800 openings each year over a decade.
  • Better Salary: The Masters human resource management salary in the USA is the best. It is a rewarding career with the best paying jobs in USA. A human resource manager earns an annual pay of over 126,230 USD annually. The lowest 10 percent of them earned less than 75,000 USD and the highest 10 percent earned more than 208,000 USD.

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Course Curriculum For Masters in Human Resource Management in USA

Masters in human resources in USA prepares to become strategic business professionals with specialized expertise in leading and managing the talents in multinational firms. The program explores you with the principles of management and organizational behavior to the data-driven metrics and managerial decision-making to delve into business strategies and ethics. Some of the universities offer 1 year HR courses in USA to provide a deep and broad foundation in the coursework. The curriculum contains the following core courses:

  1. Managing in Global Economy
  2. Quantitative methods and metrics for decision making
  3. Financial management
  4. Information technology
  5. Foundations of human resource management
  6. Business strategy and ethics
  7. Organisational behavior
  8. Business presentation

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List of Top Universities For Masters in Human Resource Management in USA

The universities in USA offer versatile human resource management programs with better learning experiences to students. These are highly recognized across the world. To help you in getting the best, here we have curated a list of top universities in USA offering masters in human resource management courses:

  1. Northeastern University
  2. New York University
  3. Purdue University
  4. Texas A&M University
  5. Pace University

Let's discuss each university one by one:

1.     New York University

The human resource management course at New York University is offered by the school of professional studies. Its curriculum aligns with the professional body of knowledge, science, and field-tested competencies targeted for a successful human capital management career. The set of eight courses of the program provides you with a solid foundation of business skills and knowledge about human resources and organizational behavior.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Average Annual Fees

49,270 USD

Program Offered

MS Human Resource Management and Developmentp

2.     Purdue University

Purdue University provides numerous opportunities for students to enhance their leadership acumen in a refreshed master’s program in Human Resource Management. Thus human resource management courses at the university are offered both offline as well as online mode considering completing at least 36 hours of coursework. The course content includes organizational behavior, hr strategy, leadership, talent management, human capital consulting etc.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Average Annual Fees

39,950 USD

Program Offered

MSc Human Resource Management

3.     Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University human resource management course equips the students with the skills and tools to build a strong foundation in a range of HR competencies with a heavy influence of increased business-acumen knowledge. The university offers non-thesis graduate programs in the field, which are of 37 credit hours. Its coursework includes the core components of management and functional areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and operations.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Average Annual Fees

33,600 USD

Program Offered

MS Human Resource Management

4.     Northeastern University

The human resource management at Northeastern University fosters a deep understanding of organizational development with effective management, workforce planning and strategic recruitment and training and performance management. The degree aligns with the human resources industry, including digital HR, artificial intelligence for human resources, global talent management, project management, leadership, and organizational communication.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Average Annual Fees

36,800 USD

Program Offered

MS Human Resource Management

5.     Pace University

Pace University provides admissions to masters in human resources and focuses on the development and maintenance of effective personnel policy in modern organizations. This program prepares the students for leadership roles within the field of human resources and across organizations. Its curriculum equips with a strategic perspective on competitive pressures and market fluctuations forcing organizations to adapt their human resource strategies and practices for advantage.

QS World University Rankings 2023


Type of University


Average Annual Fees

25,560 USD

Program Offered

MS Human Resource Management

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Eligibility Criteria and Requirements For Masters in Human Resource Management in USA

When you are applying for the universities offering masters human resource management in USA, there are certain qualifications you need to meet. These qualifications may differ with the university, but the standard remains almost the same in every university. These admission requirements are discussed below:

  1. Bachelor's Degree
  2. English Language Proficiency
  3. GRE or GMAT Scores
  4. Work Experience
  5. Visa Requirements

Let us discuss each of these requirements below:

1.     Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree is necessary if applying for a masters degree in US. You must have completed your bachelors in a related subject from a recognized university. The minimum standard consideration for the GPA should be a minimum of 3.0.

2.     English Language Proficiency

International students whose first language is not English are required to appear in the language test to prove their proficiency for admission to the hrm courses in USA. A minimum accepted score for TOEFL is 90 for internet-based tests. Also, a minimum of 7.0 in the IELTS test is accepted in most universities.

3.     GRE or GMAT Scores

GRE or GMAT is not a mandatory requirement in recent times. However, some universities have made it essential while some require it as an optional. But you can submit the scores as it helps you in evaluation. The competitive test scores should be between:

4.     Work Experience

For MS in hrm in USA, universities may ask for work experience. So, having 2 or 3 years of work experience will be effective. Although this is not mandatory, but a few years of experience may help you to be ahead in the competition.

5.     Visa Requirements

A student visa is a must to get admission to study MS in Human Resource Management in USA for international students. A copy of your passport is also required for applying for the student visa. Make sure you can apply for your US Student Visa at least three months prior to the date of travel.

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Documents Required For Masters in Human Resource Management in USA

Apart from eligibility for MS in hr in USA, there are some essential documents you need in the submission process. Here is a list of documents you first gather before submitting your application form.

  1. Official High School Transcripts
  2. Language test scores
  3. GRE or GMAT scorecards
  4. Personal Essay
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. A letter of recommendation
  7. Resume or CV
  8. Work experience certificate
  9. Proof of your financial resources
  10. Copy of your passport

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Admission Process For MS Human Resource Management Universities in USA

The application form of human resource department universities in the US opens three times a year for summer, fall and winter semesters. A few of them also accept on a rolling basis which provides you the facility to apply anytime within a year. But how can you apply? Here we have given a step-by-step guide for the application process:

  1. Search for the universities offering hrm USA or you may also consider those mentioned above.
  2. Once selected, fill the application form available on the program website and pay the application fees.
  3. Check out the required documents and submit their scanned copies.
  4. After submission, you will get a mail regarding your interview process.
  5. Appear in the interview and wait for the admission decision.
  6. If you get selected the next step for you is to accept the offer letter by paying the depositary fees.
  7. The depositary fees is required to confirm your seat acceptance.

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The cost is also a concern in pursuing human resource management in USA. Therefore it is very important to get information about costs in USA.

Cost of Studying For Masters in Human Resource Management in USA

The overall costs for MS in Human Resource Management in USA for international students will depend on two factors: first is the program tuition fees and the living costs. Let's discuss both of them in detail:

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for masters in HR courses in USA will range between 23,489 USD, which may go up to 78,700 USD per year for both private and public universities. Also, the tuition fees may slightly vary with your study choice considering your full-time or part-time course.

Costs of Living

The cost of living in US depends on location and the lifestyle you choose. The average cost of living in the US ranges between 11,000 USD to 16,000 USD per year. Accommodation type, especially if you want to stay off campus, is more expensive than on campus, its cost ranges between 400 USD to 900 USD per month.

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Scholarships For Masters in Human Resource Management in USA

The scholarship is the best way to study MSc human resource management in USA. The universities in USA offer various scholarships to their international students enrolled in a full-time degree program at the university. A majority of external as well as government-funded scholarships are also offered to international students to continue their studies. Some of them are given below

Scholarship Name



Merit-Based Scholarship, Texas A&M

Based on a unique internship or full-time work experience and contribution to the learning environment.

Amount Varies

National Overseas Scholarship

Graduate students in USA enrolled in a full-time program and achieved at least 55% scores in undergraduate.

Tuition Fees

PEO International Peace Scholarship For Women

Women students studying graduate degree programs in US are eligible.

12,500 USD

Asian Pacific Alumni Association

Should have a minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale), demonstrate active involvement in the community, and be enrolled in a full-time academic program at USC.

Upto 5,000 USD

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Career Opportunities After Masters in Human Resource Management in USA

The role of a human resource manager is to manage their employees in their proper roles so that they perform to the best of their abilities and provide them with the best career path which helps them to grow in their future. After completing human resource management courses in USA, there are many job profiles to choose from.

Some of their popular job profiles for human resource are given below:

Job Profile

Average Salary

HR Analysts

60,942 USD

HR Manager

76,974 USD

HR Consultant

70,979 USD

Employee Communication Manager

69,184 USD

Employee Relations Manager

66,531 USD

HR Advisor

67,570 USD

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USA top-notch academic education, high-class universities and an exceptional career prospect are some of the contributing factors which indulge students in pursuing higher education here. With a degree like Masters in HRM in USA, you will get higher job opportunities with better salary packages compared to other countries. If you are looking forward to studying this course, do connect with our Yocket Counsellors for future assistance and guidance.

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