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Cost of Studying In USA for International Students in 2024

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Picture yourself going to college in the USA. It's not just you – many students are attracted to the country because of its excellent universities, great facilities, and plenty of career opportunities. But hold on a second! The thought of how much it will cost to study in the United States is scary, so how do we navigate through it?

Moving to the US is a hectic process, from enrollment through selection, to finally the settlement, and all of this can be pretty expensive. Does that mean you give up on your dreams of studying in the USA? Absolutely not! That’s why Yocket is here to answer all your questions along the process.

Application cost? We got you covered. Tuition fees? Leave that to us. With Yocket Finance, you will be able to manage all your expenses effectively and build the future you’ve always been dreaming of. 

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In this blog, we'll explore the cost of studying in the USA for Indian students - tuition, living expenses, scholarships, and more. Let's get started.

Table Of Contents
  1. Top Factors That Determine Cost Of Studying In USA
  2. Cost Of Studying In USA For Indian Students
  3. Living Expenses To Study In USA
  4. Other Essential Study Cost In USA For Indian Students
  5. Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Cost Of Studying In USA For International Students

Top Factors That Determine Cost Of Studying In USA

While it's true that the USA provides outstanding educational opportunities for international students, keeping an eye on the financial side of things is crucial to a hassle-free stay. International students should be aware of the various costs associated with studying in the United States.

Here is an overview of the popular expenses to study in the USA:

  • Cost of studying in USA for Indian students
  • Living expenses to study in USA
  • Other essential study costs in USA for Indian students
  • Pre-Arrival and Post-Arrival cost of studying in USA for International students

Let's find out more information on each of them.

Cost of Studying In USA For Indian Students

Tuition fees are one of the most important and first expenses to study in the USA. On average, the cost of studying in the USA for international students is INR 38,00,000/year. The fees to study in the USA differ based on multiple factors such as the course undertaken, type of degree program, university basis, etc.

Here is an overview of the cost of studying in the USA based on degree choice:

Degree Type

Average Annual Tuition Fee

Bachelors in US

INR 6,50,000 - INR 33,25,000 /year

Masters in US

INR 8,31,350 - INR 50,00,000 /year

To help you understand the fee structure better, here is another overview of the tuition fees to study in the USA from top universities:

University Name

Tuition Fees (USD)

Tuition Fees (INR)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

50,000 - 55,000 USD/year

INR 39,16,150- 43,07,765/ year

Stanford University

25,000 - 55,000 USD/year

INR 19,58,075- 43,07,765/ year

Harvard University

25,000 - 51,000 USD/year

INR 19,58,075- 39,94,906/ year

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

44,000 - 57,000 USD/year

INR 34,46,586- 44,64,895/ year

University of Chicago

55,000 - 59,000 USD/year

INR 43,07,765- 46,21, 558/ year

For students with financial constraints, the USA provides a range of scholarship opportunities to international students. Based on the requirements, students can apply for multiple scholarships to ease their financial burden. These scholarships cover most of the common expenses which are tuition fees, cost of living, etc.

Connect with our Counselors to find out the best scholarships that you can apply to, for your education in the USA. At Yocket, we maintain a steady pace to inform you about the latest developments in the domain of scholarships. With hundreds of experts, realize your dream to study in the USA completely hassle-free.

Living Expenses to Study In USA

The next factor that impacts the cost of studying in the USA for Indian students in rupees is the cost of living in the US. On average, the cost of living in the USA ranges between INR 8,50,000 - INR 16,62,000/ year.

The cost of living can vary as it is determined by several factors such as the area you choose to live in the USA, type of accommodation, what transport you use to travel, where you dine, etc.

Most of the expenses from a student front would be rent from accommodations, transportation, miscellaneous expenses, groceries, internet, food, etc. The living expenses to study in the USA will differ from one student to another due to the lifestyle choices made.

Here is an overview of the expected living expenses in the USA:


Average Cost (INR)

Apartment housing including utilities 

INR 14,30,000 /year


INR 5,40,377 /year

Dormitory housing

INR 6,30,000 - INR 10,00,000 /year

Food for dormitory residents

INR 2,06,756 /year

Books and supplies

INR 75,000 /year


INR 55,000 /year

Other Essential Study Costs in USA for Indian Students

Apart from the two stated costs mentioned above, there are other essential costs that you should know about that are also included in the total cost of study in the USA. These costs are important as it is the prime source to commence your initial journey to the USA.

Here is an overview of the same:

1. SEVIS Fees

The SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) is a database where all information related to international students is saved, including their top reasons for traveling to the USA. Once you're accepted into your dream university, the former will share the SEVIS number on the I-20. Students should pay the SEVIS fee which is INR 30,000 before filing the form for visa application.

2. Visa Application Fees

When applying to study in the USA, international students are required to apply for a student visa. For students alone, applying for an F1 visa is common. This applies to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or study course that has more than 18 hours of study period in a week.

Students are required to pay a visa application fee which costs INR 13,300. Apart from this, there is also a visa issuance fee that is required to be paid if your visa is approved, however for Indian students, there is no need to pay the same.

3. Health Insurance

Health Insurance is one of the most important factors to consider when thinking about the cost of studying in the USA. Having health insurance makes it affordable for you to access medical care in the country. The cost of availing health insurance in the USA is INR 41,500 - INR 83,100/year.

The process of getting ready to study in the USA can be quite difficult given the costs involved. However, did you know that securing financial aid can cut the prices in half? Yes, you're right. So stop fretting and register for Yocket Premium, which will connect you with thousands of scholarships available solely to Indian students at US universities.

4. Application Fee

Students when submitting their application form should pay a non-refundable application fee. This fee will differ based on the university. However, most application fees range from INR 5,400 - INR 7,066.

5. Counseling Fees

Many students prefer to undergo a counselling session before they arrive in the USA. Making the right educational choice matters, which is why having a counselling session can help students pick the course that suits their interests and skills best. A counselling session costs around INR 28,000 and can differ based on the counsellors chosen.

Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Cost of Studying in USA for International Students

Lastly, there are a few more costs that you will need to consider during your study cost in the USA for Indian students. We have divided these costs into two categories pre-arrival and post-arrival.

Let’s learn about each of them in detail:

1. Pre-Arrival Costs

Before you travel to the USA, there are a set of costs that you need to cater to. Here is an overview of the same.

Entrance Exams

Students are required to take entrance exams based on the course taken. For instance, if you wish to study a medical course in the USA, you’re required to take up an MCAT, NEET exam, etc.

Thus here is a breakdown of the popular entrance exams required in the USA:


Fee Cost


INR 26,000 


INR 1,600 


INR 20,000 - INR 21,000 


INR 15,700 


INR 17,000 


INR 22,800 


INR 5,000 


The airfare costs range between INR 32,000 - INR 1,08,000. This figure will change based on the trip made, air flight chosen, booking dates, the place you’re travelling from, where in the USA you will land, etc.

2. Post-Arrival Costs

Once you arrive in the USA, there are two such costs that you will have to pay regularly, which are tuition fees and cost of living.

Tuition Fees

The cost to study in the USA is INR 37,40,000/year. The fee structure however will change based on the university you’ve chosen, the course undertaken and the study level.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in the USA ranges between INR 8,30,000 - INR 16,60,000/year. The cost of living will vary from one student to another since the lifestyle choices will be different. You can expect most expenses to be accommodation, transport, miscellaneous expenses, etc.

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From the Desk of Yocket

Effectively managing your study expenses in the United States is crucial to fully savouring your academic journey in the USA. Education here undoubtedly comes with significant costs, encompassing tuition fees, living expenses, and potential unforeseen charges, which can understandably cause concerns. But Yocket is here to tell you, that it’s okay!

Yocket Premium is your best ally in navigating these financial burdens. Our experts assist you with excellent, easy-to-use resources and guidance, facilitating the discovery of scholarships and financial aid tailored to your unique background, field of study, and preferred American university. 

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