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Masters in Digital Marketing in UK: Top Universities, Requirements, Fees, Salary & More for MSc Digital Marketing UK

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The United Kingdom has the world's most prestigious universities and colleges, with over 150 universities in international rankings. Amongst all the courses, masters in digital marketing in UK have a significant reputation. Digital marketing communicates a company's or organization's valuable offerings to customers, clients, and the general public using technology, new media, and the internet. MSc digital marketing UK  graduates are exceptionally qualified to steer businesses toward that more lucrative future.

Masters in digital marketing UK is also an affordable choice to pursue as compared to other study-abroad locations, with tuition costs ranging from 15,000 to 29,000 EUR (12,14,826.02- 23,48,663.64 INR) at some of the top-ranked UK universities.

In this blog, we will look closely at the best universities in UK for masters in digital marketing along with their important specifications.

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MSc Digital Marketing UK Highlights

The details of Masters in digital marketing UK is mentioned in the table below:

Digital Marketing course in UK Offered

MS Digital Marketing

MSc in Digital Marketing

Course Duration

1-2 years

Average Tuition Fee

  18,123 EUR (23,13,194  INR) per annum

Average Salary

42,870 EUR (35,07,760.45 INR)per annum

Scope of MS in Digital Marketing in UK

  • Healthcare Administrator     
  • Healthcare Manager   
  • Biostatistician  
  • Epidemiologist 
  • Healthcare Consultant           
  • Public Health Educator          
  • Health Information Management

Popular Recruiting Organizations

  • BMI Healthcare
  • Global Data
  • Greenwich Council
  • National Health Service Scheme (NHS)

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Why Study MS in Digital Marketing Course in UK

If you are in doubt whether to pursue masters in digital marketing in UK, here is the list of the reasons to study masters in Digital Marketing in UK

  • Several UK universities offer the course, including internationally renowned and accredited institutions like King's College London.
  • Within six months of completing the course, 96 percent of graduates in digital marketing are employed.
  • Some universities provide placement programs that assist students in finding employment in the UK.
  • Scholarship opportunities abound for international students wishing to enroll in master's programs at UK universities.
  • The effects of digitization on societies, businesses, and industries cannot be disputed. Digital media platforms are the new industry favorites to target and retarget audiences because they are deeply ingrained in our daily lives. You can investigate employment opportunities with businesses, digital marketing companies, and other industries requiring local, national, and international marketing strategists.

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Top Universities For Masters in Digital Marketing in UK

Here is the list of the best masters in digital marketing in UK universities, along with ranking, popular programs, and an MSc in digital marketing UK fees:

Now let us discuss each of these universities one by one:

King’s College London

King's College London offers the MSc in digital marketing UK with intent to develop experienced professionals. It is among the top universities in UK for ms in Digital Marketing with extensive global research.  It helps students explore different aspects of digital marketing through MSc in digital marketing.

QS World University Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

MSc Digital Marketing

Program Duration

1 year

Average Fees Per Year

29,850 EUR (63,51,984.50 INR)

University of Southampton

Southampton, England's University of Southampton is a public research university. If you have a business, economics, management, or marketing degree and want to specialize in digital marketing, this MSc Digital Marketing course is an ideal choice.

QS World University Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

MSc Digital Marketing

Program Duration

1 year

Average Fees Per Year

24,060 EUR (19,46,863.02  INR)

Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University is the eighth-oldest higher education institution in the UK, founded in 1821. The institution has been around for 200 years, has achieved several milestones, and now comes among the top 50 universities in the UK. The university offers one of the best digital marketing courses in the UK.

QS World Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

MSc Digital Marketing

Program Duration

1 year

Average Fees Per Year

25,800 EUR (21,11,936.40  INR)

University of Reading

The popular University of Reading provides over 250 undergraduate programs and over 150 taught postgraduate courses. Over the ten years, the university has invested more than 500 million GBP in raising the standard of instruction, research, and student facilities.

QS World University Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

MSc Marketing in Digital Marketing

Program Duration

1 year

Average Fees Per Year

13,600 EUR (11,00,525.60INR)

University of Surrey

In Guildford, Surrey, England, there is a public research university called the University of Surrey. Following the Robbins Report's recommendations, the university and several other institutions were granted royal charters in 1966. It is amongst another best universities in UK for masters in digital marketing.

QS World Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

MSc Digital Marketing & Channel Management

Program Duration

1 year

Average Fees Per Year

20,200 Eur(16,34,220.40  INR)

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Program Overview For MS in Digital Marketing  In UK

All of the fundamental concepts of marketing, including strategy, brand management, ethics, effectiveness, research, segmentation, activation, dominance, and more, are covered in depth in the courses offered in best universities in UK for masters in digital marketing, with a special emphasis on how to apply those concepts to technology in the digital sphere.

Some important topics covered in MSc in digital marketing UK course are:

  • International Strategic Management
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  • Marketing Communications: Digital, Social and Integrated
  • Measuring Marketing Performance

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Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing in UK

Before applying to the best universities in UK for masters in digital marketing, you must be clear about the MS in Digital Marketing in UK requirements for the program. We have broadly divided the eligibility into the following categories:

Undergraduate Degree

Candidates' undergraduate (3-4 years) percentage must be 85-90 % to be admitted to their desired college for master's studies in the UK.

English Language Requirements

The English Proficiency Test is mandatory for international students to undertake admission in any UK Digital Marketing  program. For msc in digital marketing in uk, the required IELTS is a minimum of 7.0 and a TOEFL score of 100.


GRE and GMAT scores are essential when applying for MSc in digital marketing in UK. Most colleges require GRE scores, each with its own minimum acceptable score range. Average scores as per the tests are:

Passport and Student Visa

A valid passport and UK student visa are a must to apply for masters in computer science in USA for international students. Do keep in mind to apply for your visa at least 3 months before the expected travel date.

Documents Required for Master in Digital Marketing in UK

To apply for a master of digital marketing in UK, students must have the following list of documents:

  • Transcripts of all educational qualifications
  • CV or Resume
  • LOR or Letter of Recommendation
  • SOP or Statement of Purpose
  • Scorecards of IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/ GRE
  • Work experience certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of funds

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Admission Process to Apply for Masters in Digital Marketing  UK

The following is a step-by-step application guide for a different digital marketing postgraduate UK:

  • Visit the websites of the individual universities to learn more about the MS in Digital Marketing in UK application requirements.
  • Choose the courses you want to apply to after reading about the University's courses and specializations (after carefully reading the eligibility criteria).
  • Apply now for the courses you want, and be prepared to fill out the form with scanned copies of your transcripts, CVs, IELTS/TOEFL, and CAEL scorecards.
  • Fill out your application form right away.
  • Be well-prepared for your interview. You can reserve a seat at the University of your choice after the university issues a conditional letter confirming your interview success.
  • Pay your MS in Digital Marketing in UK tuition after carefully reading the University's terms and conditions.

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Cost of Studying MS in Digital Marketing in UK

When pursuing a master's abroad, one of the top preferences among students is the UK. But it is one of the costly places to study. The cost of living in UK depends on numeral factors. Still, important ones to consider are tuition fees and the cost of living before enrolling in masters in hospital management UK are:

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is different for each masters in hospital management UK program at the best universities for MS in Digital Marketing in UK, but on average, it costs approx. 18,123 EUR (23,13,194  INR) yearly.

Cost of Living

The cost of living differs for each student depending upon their lifestyles and the part of the country they are living in. But on average, the weekly cost of living is 240.89 EUR (19,704.09 INR), including housing, food, travel, stationery, recreational activities, etc.

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Scholarships for Masters in Digital Marketing in UK

If you want to study MS in Digital Marketing in UK, several universities offer financial aid to international students. Up to 20 hours per week of part-time employment is permitted for international students with UK student visas. Along with that you may also fund your studies through various scholarships. Here are some popular scholarships for MSc Digital Marketing UK:

Scholarship Name

Awarded to

Felix Scholarships

Postgraduate students from India and other developing countries

Amount/Benefit: 100% Tuition fee and living expenses of 15840 EUR (12,91.752 INR)

Fulbright Scholarship

International students undertaking postgraduate, graduate, or research study within agriculture, arts, education, environment, humanities, and social sciences, public health, and science and technology.

Amount/Benefit: coverage of tuition and living expenses, visa assistance, airfare, and medical.

National Overseas Scholarship Scholarship

Indian SC/ST applicants with 60 percent or higher in the qualifying examination would be required.

Amount/Benefit: Annual Maintenance Allowance of 15,112 EUR (12,32,910.46 INR)

Warwick Chancellor's International Scholarship

PhD students with a minimum 3.0 GPA or 83% in bachelors

Amount/Benefit: coverage of tuition fees, maintenance stipend

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Jobs After Masters Digital Marketing in UK

You can look into positions with businesses, digital marketing firms, and other industries that require marketing strategists locally, nationally, and internationally. FinTech firms, PR firms, software development firms, and other well-liked industries are just a few of the many industries that hire recent graduates in digital marketing.

We have listed some jobs after MS in Digital Marketing in UK with their yearly average salary:

Job Title

Average Salary Per Annum

Content Marketing Strategist

78,500 EUR (63,51,984.50 INR)

Chief Marketing Officer

124,000  EUR (1,00,33,708 INR)

Creative Marketing Lead

78,800  EUR (63,76,259.60 INR)

Market Research Analyst

86,500  EUR (69,99,320.50 INR)

Digital Marketing Manager

94,100  EUR (76,13,631INR)

Creative Writer

50,300  EUR (40,69,773 INR)

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Now you have all the important information about the master's in  digital marketing in UK universities, ranging from eligibility criteria to job opportunities in this field. For personal assistance in your admission process, get our Yocket premium. Our top consultant will help you in getting into your dream University.


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