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1 (One) Year Masters Programs in UK

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The United Kingdom is one of the best destinations to pursue higher academic courses. In this country, a 1 year masters program in UK is offered by the top universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Leeds, King’s College London, etc. The universities for one year MS programs in UK offer the best courses designed in various subjects such as business management, computer science, arts, education, finance, etc.

These one year MS programs in UK are designed to offer a speedy curriculum to achieve a master’s degree in the respective subjects and enhance your academic profile. A one-year program covers the academic curriculum of a two-year postgraduate program offering you the advantage of a year in your career. Follow this guide to find out why you should study one year MS in the UK and relevant information of courses, applications, course fees, visa applications, universities offering such courses and job opportunities.

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Why Study 1 Year Masters in UK?

Here is the list of reasons why aspiring international students should choose a 1 year masters program in UK.

1.  Faster Accomplishment

One of the prime reasons for selecting a master’s program in one of the prestigious universities in the UK is the faster accomplishment of a postgraduate degree. Pursuing this course will enable you to obtain a master’s degree within a year. You will be able to stay ahead in the competition with an extra year in hand by gaining professional experience or pursuing another advanced degree.

2.  Demand in the Top Career Domains

Another good reason to pursue a 1 year masters in UK is the high demand in the respective industrial domains of arts, computer science, architecture, business management, education etc.

3.  Improving Interpersonal Skills

There are various universities offering a UK 1 year masters program. It offers a chance to international students to complete their studies in a year in place of 3 or 4 years. Studying for a master’s degree will allow students to progress interpersonal skills for their career; it will broaden thinking, bring you into contact with interesting people, and trigger new ideas.

4.  Program Duration

The duration of the advanced course is one reason to pursue a UK one year MS program. It will take only a year to complete whereas it takes 1.5 years to complete an MS in the USA, Canada or other major countries chosen for higher studies. The studying duration is 1 year in most courses conducted in the top institutions in the UK.

5.  Graduate Route

Another significant reason for choosing one year masters programs in UK to take your academics to a huge level is the Graduate Route program. According to the latest circular published by the UK Government in June 2021, international students pursuing higher academic courses will be eligible to seek job opportunities and work for 2 more years in this country.

Best Places to Study in UK

Top Courses Offered In One Year Masters Programs in UK

Different disciplines are covered in one-year MS programs conducted by the leading educational institutions. Students can find a number of specialisations and courses for 1 year masters in UK. Let us take a quick look at the popular courses chosen by Indian students.


Specialisations Available

Annual Tuition Fees (Average) in GBP/INR

One year masters of Science (M.Sc)


M.Sc in Computer Science

M.Sc in Data Science

M.Sc in Biology

M.Sc in Mathematics

M.Sc in Clinical Psychology

M.Sc in Psychiatry

15,157 GBP/ INR 14 Lakh

Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil)


M.Phil in International Relationships

M.Phil in Management

M.Phil in Architecture

M.Phil in History

M.Phil in Physics

M.Phil in Computer Science

M.Phil in English

11,909 GBP/ INR 11 Lakh

Masters of Arts (MA)

MA in Corporate Law

 MA in big Data

MA in Global Studies

MA in Business Economics

16,240 GBP/ INR 15 Lakh

Masters of Education (M.Ed)

M.Ed in Research

M.Ed in Medical Education

 M.Ed in English

12,990 GBP/ INR 12 Lakh

Masters of Finance (M.Fin)

M.Fin in International Finance

31,398 GBP/ INR 29 Lakh

Top Postgraduate Courses In UK For International Students

Top Universities Offering 1 Year Master Program in UK

Universities in UK are amongst the top since they offer the best educational opportunities and courses for international students. Students can pursue a one-year masters course in fields such as computer science, finance, education, accounting, data science, graphics design, and much more. Here is a list of universities offering the best one year masters in UK for your consideration.

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. University of Oxford
  3. University College London
  4. Imperial College London
  5. University of Leeds

Let’s know these universities in detail:

1.  University of Cambridge

It is one of the oldest universities in UK, offering 330 postgraduate programs. The one year MS programs at this University of Cambridge last for 9 to 12 months. Students can choose their master’s specialisation from different options such as finance, architecture, accounting, etc. and complete their education.  



QS World University Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

Masters in Architecture

Master of Finance

MPhil in Advanced Computer Science

Master of Advanced Study in Applied Mathematics

Program Fees (Annual)

Masters: 21,654 GBP/ INR 20 Lakhs

MPhil: 39230 GBP/ INR 36.88 Lakhs

Master of Advanced Study: 23743 GBP/ INR 21.96 Lakhs

2.  University of Oxford

For students wanting to pursue a one-year master degree in UK, the University of Oxford is one of the best options. Its courses related to computer science, data science, pharmacology, etc. are world-renowned and help students get professional expertise. The one-year masters programs are available for a duration of 9 months to 12 months.



QS World University Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MSc in Advanced Computer Science

MSc in Social Data Science

MSc in Pharmacology

MSc in Environmental Change & Management

Program Fees (Annual)

MSc in Advanced Computer Science: 32026 GBP/ INR 29.58 Lakhs

MSc in Social Data Science: 31160 GBP/ INR 28.78 Lakhs

MSc in Pharmacology: 30164 GBP/ INR 27.86 Lakhs

MSc in Environmental Change & Management: 27349 GBP/ INR 25.26 Lakhs

UK Universities for Masters

3.  University College London

University College London is a reputed public research institution in UK that excellent masters programs for a duration of one year. Plenty of courses are being offered here in specialisations such as information security, data science, civil engineering, etc. Pursuing a 1-year masters course here will help students to get advanced knowledge and professional expertise at the same time. 



QS World University Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MSc in Computer Science

MSc in Data Science

MSc in Civil Engineering

MSc in Machine Learning

Program Fees (Annual)

MSc (Data Science): 37071 GBP/ INR 34.24 Lakhs

MSc (Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Machine Learning): 33899 GBP/ INR 31.31 Lakhs

4.  Imperial College, London

The Imperial College London is ranked among the top 10 institutions for one-year masters programs in UK. This institute has been the prime focus for pursuing one year MS in UK in different disciplines such as science, engineering and management. Students get trained in various aspects of technology, innovation, business analytics, and much more with the programs offered here.



QS World University Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MSc Statistics

MSc Data Science

MSc Business Analytics

MSc Advanced Computing

Program Fees (Annual)

MSc (Statistics, Data Science)31679 GBP/ INR 29.26 Lakhs

MSc (Business Analytics, Advanced Computing)35512 GBP/ INR 32.8 Lakhs

5.  University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is one of the most prestigious institutions for master's degrees in UK. The curriculum consists of different specialisations such as life science, computer science, engineering, food business, and more. The courses are available for a duration of 10-12 months and provide overall insights about the subjects.



QS World University Ranking 2023


Programs Offered

MSc Advanced Computer Science

MSc Automotive Engineering

MSc Food Quality & Innovation

MSc Chemistry

Program Fees (Annual)

MSc Advanced Computer Science: 31073 GBP/ INR 28.7 Lakhs

MSc Automotive Engineering: 31831 GBP/ INR 29.4 Lakhs

MSc Food Quality & Innovation: 26093 GBP/INR 24.1 Lakhs

MSc Chemistry: 29774 GBP/ INR 27.5 Lakhs

Top Universities for MS in UK, Scholarships, Job Opportunities & More

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for 1 Year MS Course in UK

Before applying to UK universities, students should gather all information about the eligibility criteria and additional requirements. A student will have to meet the following criteria to apply for a 1 year masters course in UK in a particular discipline.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  3. Entrance Exam Scores
  4. Work Experience
  5. UK Student Visa
  6. Additional Requirements

Let’s know these requirements in detail:

1.  Bachelor’s Degree

Students should have completed their bachelor’s degree first in order to apply to the masters programs in UK. Students should maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above in their bachelor’s degree to be eligible for masters courses in UK.

2.  English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Students belonging to non-English speaking countries should provide a proof of their proficiency with the English Language. Proof of English Proficiency should be given in the form of TOEFL (at least 90), IELTS (at least 6.0) or PTE Academic ( at least 60) exams.

3.  Entrance Exam Scores

Students will also have to submit the scores to some standardised entrance exams such as GMAT or GRE. While GRE is essential for any masters program in UK, GMAT is reserved for management courses. The minimum score requirements are mentioned below.

4.  Work Experience

International students should also have some kind of work experience in any particular field related to the master’s course that they want to pursue. Most universities in UK demand at least 1 year of work experience from the students.

5.  UK Student Visa

It is mandatory for students to submit their UK student visa along with their application to universities in UK. So, they will have to apply for their Visa and Passport in advance.

Requirements for UK Student Visa: UK Student Visa Age Limit, Document, Language, and Financial Requirements

Documents Required for  1 Year MS in the UK

Here are some important documents that students have to submit with their application to UK universities.

  • Academic transcripts from previous educational institutions
  • Updated CV
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Valid Passport
  • Recent photograph (Passport size)
  • English Language Proficiency Test Reports
  • GMAT/GRE Reports
  • Proof of Finances

Requirements to Study in UK for International Students: What is the UK Admission Process?

Admission Process for 1 Year Masters Course in UK

Students will have to follow all the given steps in order to complete their admission into the top universities and colleges in UK.

  1. Choose your specialisation and have a look at all the universities that provide the particular program for 1 year masters.
  2. Visit the official university website, search for the relevant course, and gather all important details about the eligibility criteria.
  3. Upload all relevant documents, such as your CV, English Language Proficiency Test, SOP, etc 
  4. Pay the fees of the application 
  5. Submit the application after checking all essential information 
  6. Once the application is accepted you might be called for an interview with the institution.
  7. If you are accepted to the university, you will be offered the acceptance letter from the chosen university.
  8. After that you can pay your term fees and start your course.

UK university Admission Process for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs

Cost of Studying 1 Year MS Programs in UK

International students who want to study in UK will have to bear the living and studying costs in the country. The expense of an international student willing to pursue an MS course in the UK can be divided into two sections: program fees and cost of living.

1.  Program Fees

The average annual program fee for different universities and colleges in UK is somewhere around 30000 GBP -  50000 GBP. The cost will vary considering the college chosen to study.

2.  Cost of Living

The cost of living in UK for a student is somewhere around 1000 -1500 GBP per month. Students have to bear expenses such as accommodation, food, travelling, study resources, entertainment, utility, and much more. These costs are added to the living expenses for an international student in UK.

Cost of Studying MS in UK vs MS in India: Which is Affordable MS in UK or India?

Scholarships For One Year Masters in the UK

Opting for scholarships is always a great idea to save on the course fee and to make easier financial decisions. The universities in the UK offer excellent scholarship programs for Indian students and assist them to pursue a 1 year master degree in UK. Here is a list of scholarships one can apply for according to the universities in the UK.



Eligibility Criteria



Imperial College- GREAT Scholarships

Students belonging to Thailand, Nigeria, and Kenya who are enrolled at the Imperial College London will be considered eligible for the scholarship.

10,000 GBP

Leeds Masters Scholarships

Students enrolled at a master’s level program at the University of Leeds.


Also, the students should not join any other master’s program and should be about to cover at least 50% of the postgraduate student fees.

5000 GBP

IOE Centenary Masters Scholarships

Students who belong to a low-income country, have an unconditional offer letter from University College London and have not stayed in UK before are considered eligible.

Covers full 1 year tuition fees

J N Tata Endowment Scholarships

Indian students with at least 60% in their previous degree examination are considered eligible.


Students should be below the age of 45 years

1000 GBP - 10000 GBP

Indira Gandhi Graduate Scholarships

Girl students who are enrolled at an eligible UK university for a 1-year Masters Program.


Students should also show excellent academic performance throughout the program.


13 Best Scholarships in UK for International Students 2022

Job Prospects After One Year MS In UK

After completing an MS course in a year in the UK, you will become eligible to scout for job opportunities and work in the UK. The top companies hire eligible students in different domains and offer them lucrative remuneration as per industry standards. Let us have a look at some job opportunities along with the average salary provided annually.

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (GBP)

Civil Engineer

59,900 GBP/INR 5529400

Graphic Designer

55,000 GBP/INR 5077079

Healthcare Professional

127,000 GBP/INR 11723437

Marketing Executive

79,600 GBP/ INR 7347918

Finance Analyst

73,100 GBP/ INR 6747899

What are the Job Opportunities after Studying in UK?

The unique MS programs offered by the top universities can transform the professional and personal lives of Indian students. They can choose from a wide range of professional careers in UK after the completion of their courses. To understand all the aspects of the one-year MS courses offered in leading universities in the UK, choose Yocket Premium.



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