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LLM in USA 2023: Top Universities, Courses, Eligibility, Scholarships & Scope of LLM in USA for Indian Students

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In the USA, as of 2021, there are 37,979 pending court cases, including criminal appeals, civil appeals, bankruptcy appeals, administrative agency appeals, and other miscellaneous appeals. Besides, in India, as of May 2022, 4.7 crore court cases are unresolved across different levels of the judiciary. These stats explain the need for judges, government officials, diplomats, policy advisors, lawyers, law professors, etc. So if you have decided to pursue Master of law or LLM in USA, kudos!

But is USA a worthy country to pursue an LLM degree? Which are the top LLM universities in USA? What are the LLM in USA requirements? What are the LLM scholarships for Indian students in USA?

Let’s get information on these and other intriguing questions about LLM in USA for Indian students through this all-encompassing article.

Table of Contents

●      Why Study LLM in USA?

●      12 Best LLM Universities in USA

●      LLM in USA Course Curriculum

●      Eligibility for LLM in USA

●      Application Process for LLM in USA

●      Documents to Pursue LLM in USA

●      US Visa Guidelines for International LLM Students

●      Cost of Studying LLM in USA

●      Scholarships for LLM in USA

Why Study LLM in USA?

USA is a culturally diverse country with a booming economy and home to a technological hubspot called “Silicon Valley.” Reports state from 2011 to 2021, there has been an 8.4% increase in the number of lawyers in the country.

Additionally, USA offers more than 200 law schools. So if you are an international student with a graduate degree in law, with at least an 83-86% score, you can apply for LLM in USA.

But why should an international student do LLM from USA only?

Let’s check the major reasons:

  • USA offers highly ranked universities, academic reputation, research facilities, updated/flexible curriculum, campus life, Socratic teaching method, support for international students, job opportunities, and an exceptional learning experience.
  • Throughout the academic year, the LLM students get opportunities to work on pro bono cases due to high requirements at legal clinics.
  • Over 20 years, lawyer salaries in the US have increased by 63%, more than the inflation increase.
  • International students can practice law without any discrimination by law firms.
  • The entry-level salaries for international students (after LLM) vary from $58,000 to $70,000.

Now you must know why LLM in USA for Indian students is a lucrative option. And why a student can pursue LLM in USA after LLB in India. Next, let’s explore the best LLM colleges in USA.

12 Best LLM Universities in USA

As per the QS world university ranking 2023, the following are the top 10 US universities that offer a course in LLM or Masters in Law USA with LLM duration in USA, and legal studies ranking. Let’s explore these masters in law USA universities.

University Name

Law and Legal Studies QS Ranking

Course Name/Duration

Harvard Law School


Master of Law, 1 Year

Yale Law School


Master of Law, 1 Year

Stanford University Law School


Master of Law, 1 Year

NYU School of Law


Masters of Law. 1 Year

Columbia Law School


LLM Program, 1 Year

UC Berkeley School of Law


LLM Traditional Track, 9 Months

University of Chicago Law School


Master of Legal Studies, 1 Year

Georgetown University Law School


LLM, 1.5 to 2 Years

UCLA School of Law


Master of Legal Studies, 9 Months

University of Michigan Law School


Master of Advanced Corporation law, 12 Weeks

USC Gould School of Law


Masters of Law, 1 Year

Sandra Day O’Conner College of Law, Arizona State University


Justice Studies MS, 1.5 to 2 years

With this information, let’s check out masters in law USA course curriculum.

LLM in USA Course Curriculum

In the LLM colleges in USA, students are required to complete at least 24 units in their curriculum. Approximately 18 units make an academic course; however, one can complete the rest by attending seminars or submitting projects, depending on the university requirements. Following is the LLM course in USA curriculum.

  • Fundamentals of US law
  • Legal research and writing
  • Criminal justice
  • Constitutional law, regulations, and public policy
  • Legal history and legal theory
  • Social justice and human rights
  • Litigation and dispute resolution

Next, are a few best LLM in USA programs specialisations.

  • LLM Programs for Criminal Law
  • LLM Programs for Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • LLM Programs for Banking/Finance/Securities Law
  • LLM Programs for Business Law
  • LLM Programs for Competition Law
  • LLM Programs for Cybersecurity Law
  • LLM Programs for Energy Law
  • LLM Programs for Environmental Law
  • LLM Programs for Health/Medical Law
  • LLM Programs for Human Rights Law
  • LLM Programs for Intellectual Property (IP) Law
  • LLM Programs for International Tax Law
  • LLM Programs for Maritime/Admiralty Law
  • LLM Programs for Media Law / Entertainment Law
  • LLM Programs for Public International Law
  • LLM Programs for Real Estate Law
  • LLM Programs for Sports Law
  • LLM Programs in Technology Law
  • LLM Programs for European Business Law
  • LLM Programs for European/EU Law

LLM in USA for Indian students depends on factors like eligibility criteria, US student visa, document requirements for applying, etc. Let’s check the masters in law USA admission guidelines in detail.

Eligibility for LLM in USA

Following are the eligibility requirements for international students to pursue masters in law USA.

  • A bachelor's degree (Juris Docter, LLB, or equivalent) from an ABA-approved US law school or a foreign law school.
  • Minimum 3 GPA on a 4 scale or 83% in the bachelor's degree. This requirement may vary for every law school/university.
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience (vary for each university/law school.)
  • Proof of English proficiency through an IELTS or TOEFL

Application Process for LLM in USA

Taking admission to LLM in USA after LLB in India or any other law course is as follows.

  • Select a suitable law school per your interest, specialised program, budget, and priority universities’ deadlines.
  • Fill out the application forms before deadlines. You can check the dates from the official university websites.
  • Send the application in advance to the intake you have chosen.
  • Send the crucial documents to the university either through an email or a post (as asked.)

 Suggested: Spring Intake in USA 2023

Documents to Pursue LLM in USA

Following are the basic document requirements of each university/college to pursue LLM in USA by Indian students.

  • Academic transcripts of 10th, 12th, and bachelors.
  • Evaluation of foreign transcripts by the LSAC’s LLM Credential Assembly Service.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (LORs.)
  • Essay/Statement of Purpose (SOP) based on the questions asked by a university.
  • TOEFL scorecard with 100 scores and IELTS scorecard with a minimum 7 band.

US Visa Guidelines for International LLM Students

Next are the most crucial documents required to study LLM in USA for Indian students. These have to be submitted as part of the visa application to get an F-1 visa USA and pursue education.

  • Law school/university acceptance letter.
  • A signed I-20 form as proof that you are legally enrolled in a university in the USA.
  • Your birth, provisional, character, and migration certificate.
  • GRE scorecard and proof of English Proficiency.
  • 2 LORs and an SOP.
  • Last six months' financial statements, balance certificate, sponsorship letter, and a relationship certificate with the sponsor.
  • Assets valuation.
  • Student Exchange Visitor Information Systems (SEVIS) certificate.

How to Get F-1 Visa for USA?

Along with this information, let’s check the LLM in USA cost of living for international/Indian students.

Cost of Studying LLM in USA

Cost of studying LLM in USA can further include the living expenses and university tuition fees. Let’s lay bare them one by one!

Cost of Living with LLM in USA

The total LLM USA cost for Indian students includes various expenses like exam fees, housing costs, travelling expenses, visa application costs, and others. Let’s go through each with a monthly average estimate or one-time fees.

Expense Name

Estimated/Average Monthly Cost (USD)

Application Fee

$71 to $ 95







F-1 Student Visa


Flight Fare (one-way; India to USA)





$9,147.29 - $13,733.60 monthly

Books and Supplies

$2,280.49 monthly


$2,850.61 monthly


$1,266.94 - $2,850.61 monthly

Personal Expenses

$4282 monthly

Health Insurance

$1456.98 monthly

Cost of Living in USA for Indian Students 2022

It is paramount to know that the on-campus accommodation costs are lesser than off-campus provisions in US universities. But the colleges/universities offer only a few seats for the students. Therefore, check the availability in advance.

Annual Fees of LLM Universities in USA

Further, let's explore the annual university fee/ LLM cost in USA.

University Name

Annual Fee Structure

Harvard Law School


Yale Law School


Stanford University Law School


NYU School of Law


Columbia Law School


UC Berkeley School of Law


University of Chicago Law School


Georgetown University Law School


UCLA School of Law


University of Michigan Law School


USC Gould School of Law


Sandra Day O’Conner College of Law, Arizona State University


In the 2020-2021 academic year, the average LLM in USA fees for international students and LLM in USA for Indian students fees varied from $47,300 to $69,600 annually.

USA being among the most expensive countries to study abroad provides various scholarships to students to cover their financial needs. Let’s explore.

Scholarships for LLM in USA

Due to high tuition fees, international students, often apply for scholarships for LLM in USA. The scholarships offered by various universities with their LLM in USA for Indian students fees waiver amounts are accumulated as follows:

University Name


Amount Covered

Harvard University

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation

Covers complete tuition fees, living expenses, and travel allowance

Stanford University

Fullbright Scholarship

Covers tuition fees and travel allowance

New York University

Hauser Global Scholars Program


University of California, Berkeley

Fullbright Scholarship

$19,004.06 to $38,008.11

Columbia University

Jagdish Bhagwati Fellowship

Complete or Partial tuition fee

Georgetown University

Merit-Based Scholarships


University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA Law Distinguished Scholars Program

Partial tuition fee

Scholarships for Indians in USA!

Now you know the various aspects and requirements of LLM in USA for Indian students. However, the process can still be intimidating for a few candidates.

But worry not! If you want personalised guidance and specially curated services, choose Yocket Premium. Our well-trained and qualified counsellors assist 13+ countries and have a success rate of 100% conversions of visa applications. They will surely make your study abroad journey a success!


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