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CGPA To GPA Conversion in US: How To Convert 10 Point CGPA To 4 Point CGPA?

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In India, your academic performance is measured via a 10 GPA medium. Thus if you’re sending the scores to a USA based university, students should submit it in a 4 point GPA as recognised by this country. Using a 10 GPA to 4 GPA converter helps USA universities to easily identify your scores that will match the grade requirement mentioned in the admission process.

But are you aware that students shouldn’t be conducting the 10 point CGPA to 4 point CGPA process? Ideally universities or their mentioned personnels conduct it. However, it is always great to understand the CGPA to GPA conversion as it gives you better insights on where your academic performance stands, especially in the USA 4 point grading scale. To help you understand better, this blog covers all minute details related to how to convert CGPA to GPA.

Table Of Contents:

  1. What is GPA?
  2. Meaning of CGPA
  3. How To Convert CGPA To GPA?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About CGPA To GPA

What is GPA?

What is GPA?

GPA (Graduate Record Examination) uses a grade score to help universities understand a student better. The GPA score scale ranges between 1.0 to 4.0 where the former is the lowest and the latter highest.

Having a good GPA score can help universities understand the effort, hard work, determination, etc a student pours into their academics. However, before you send in the GPA score, it’s important to first understand if there are any conversions.

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In simple terms, Indian students use a 10 point GPA process. So if you’re looking to apply to top USA universities, you need to make a conversion because USA considers a 4 point GPA grading system.

So how to calculate using the GPA converter 10 to 4?

To calculate GPA scores, you should add all the grades and divide with the no. of classes you’ve taken.

Remember, GPA scores are calculated to analyse a students performance based on a semester or term. These scores can then be helpful for international students to apply for scholarships or get accepted in their dream university.

To calculate the complete academic performance, you should understand about CGPA first.

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Meaning of CGPA

Meaning of CGPA

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) helps to calculate a student's complete academic performance.

You can also convert your 10 point CGPA to 4 point GPA with a simple formula, average grade points of all semesters divided by total number of semesters.

While GPA calculates for one semester/term, CGPA is used to find out the grade score of a students complete performance. For instance, if a student has completed a fall and winter semester, then the GPA score of both divided by the number of semesters which in this case is 2 given 2 semesters make up one year of academic education.

How To Convert CGPA To GPA?

With the formulas shared above, it becomes easier to calculate the 10 point CGPA to 4 point GPA.

To give you a better overview, here is an estimate of the conversions.

10 Point CGPA

Approximate 4 Point GPA

USA Grade Approximate































Scoring a good GPA scores matters because it can reveal so much about your hardwork and enthusiasm towards your academics. Here are a few tips that can help you score better:

  • Start your studies early on. This way you have more time to practice and enhance your skills and knowledge on the course undertaken.
  • List out all your doubts and get it resolved instantly by your tutors or online resources
  • Set a target GPA score you wish to achieve and plan ways and strategies on how you can get the score.
  • Take further help in subjects you believe will help you score less. To get a perfect score, you should be good in all your academic subjects.
  • When writing your exams, attempt all the questions as you never know your guesses could be proven right.
  • Find a motivation to help you achieve your GPA score. Scoring a good grade in your academics might not seem easy, but with the right motivation, you will be ignited to achieve this goal.

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Wrapping Up….

Having a 10 to 4 GPA converter helps you analyse your academic scores well. This analysation can help you do better in your course studies. USA has always been unique especially in their education sector and this is evident in their grading system. Now with the basic understanding of the GPA converter 10 to 4, it becomes easy to match the expected grades required. To seek further assistance about CGPA to GPA, our Yocket counsellors are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About CGPA To GPA

Ques: What is CGPA to GPA?

Ans: GPA calculates grades based on one semester or term whereas CGPA calculates the grades based on a student's complete academics.

Ques: From a 10 to 4 GPA converter, is a GPA of 3.5 good in colleges?

Ans: Yes, 3.5 is a great GPA score and is most acceptable by multiple top USA universities.

Ques: How to convert percentage to GPA?

Ans: The best way to convert a percentage into GPA is by simply dividing your percentage with 100 and multiplying the same with 4.

Ques: What is a good CGPA out of 4?

Ans: Anywhere between 3.0- 3.5 is considered a good CGPA out of 4.

Ques: How to convert CGPA to GPA?

Ans: To calculate your CGPA, you are required to take the total of the average grade points of all semesters and divide the same with the total number of semesters.

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