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USA Universities Accepting Backlogs: List of US Universities Accepting Backlogs

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One of the most famous study abroad destinations in the world, the US is known for offering international students an exemplary education, and unforgettable experiences. Quite a prominent factor for deciding the fate of your acceptance at a university in the US, is backlogs. It is often considered that having a backlog will directly affect your admission decision in the US. but to your surprise, there are umpteenth number of US universities accepting backlogs.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading as we take you through the list of US universities accepting backlogs.

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Overview: Backlogs and Backlog Certificates 

Before coming to the universities accepting backlogs in the USA, let us first understand what a backlog is. When an exam is not cleared in the first attempt, it leads to a backlog in that particular subject. In case of an absenteeism, the status of the exam is declared as absent. You can, however, appear for the exam again in order to clear the backlog.

Universities and institutions usually give a backlog certificate stating the number of active and inactive backlogs, upon completion of your studies. If you do not have any backlog, you may not receive a backlog certificate, however, US universities might ask you for a zero backlog certificate.

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Do US Universities Accept Backlogs?

Well, coming to the most important question- Do US universities accept backlogs?

Though a majority of top universities in the US prefer students without backlogs, there are numerous universities in the US accepting backlogs. So, you can be assured that up to 5 backlogs are accepted at most US universities accepting backlogs. However, more than 5 backlogs are only accepted upon the discretion of universities’ admission departments. Also, 15 is the maximum number of backlogs that has been seen getting accepted by most US universities.

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List of Universities Accepting Backlogs in US

You can breathe easier knowing that numerous universities admit students who have backlogs in previous exams. The following US colleges and universities accept backlogs:

  1. Kent State University
  1. Wichita State University
  1. Marist College
  1. Clarkson University
  1. Wright State University
  1. Gannon University
  1. Pace University
  1. Clark University
  1. Illinois Institute of Technology
  1. University of South Dakota
  1. Missouri State University
  2. California State University
  3. Old Dominion University
  4. Rowan University
  5. Pittsburg State University

Let us take a look at few other aspects of these universities:


Type of University

Backlogs Accepted

Acceptance Rate

Kent State University,



upto 5


Wichita State University, Kansas


upto 5


Marist College, New York


upto 5


Clarkson University, New York


upto 5


Wright State University, Ohio


upto 5


Gannon University, Pennsylvania


upto 5


Pace University, New York




Clark University, Massachusetts




Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago




University of South Dakota, Vermillion




Missouri State University, Springfield




California State University, San Bernardino




Old Dominion University, Virginia




Rowan University, New Jersey




Pittsburg State University, Kansas




How are Backlogs Counted by US Universities?

US universities count backlogs in accordance with subjects. Also, US universities accepting backlogs consider a number of factors assessing backlogs like a number of subjects you have backlogs in, GRE scores, GPA, and co-curricular activities.

Factors Affecting Acceptance of Backlogs

There are a number of factors that determine how many backlogs are allowed for MS in USA, like:

  1. GPA
  2. Subjects with backlogs
  3. Time taken to clear backlogs
  4. Backlog status

Let us now understand each factor briefly:


One of the key factors which can be used to examine your academic performance by any university is your GPA. Therefore, if you have a high GPA, despite having backlogs, there are chances of you getting accepted into the university.

Subjects with backlogs

The chance of getting rejected at a university is higher if the course you have a backlog in, is related to the course/ program you’ve chosen at that particular university. For instance, if you have applied to an engineering course, having a backlog in subjects like psychology will do you no harm.

Time taken to clear backlogs

If you have repetitive backlogs, or multiple attempts clearing a backlog, it is quite possible that your application would be rejected. On the other hand, having a single backlog will not lead to a rejection.

Backlog status

Respectable, reputed universities in the US which have been ranked high internationally, will not accept students with an active backlog status. Therefore, it is essential for you to submit a backlog certificate showcasing an inactive backlog status.

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Backlogs Accepted for MS in US

Now, answering the most asked question-How many backlogs are allowed for MS in USA? Or Does cleared backlogs affect MS in US?

The acceptance rate with a backlog for MS in the US, is similar to all other courses and programs. Many universities in the US may accept upto 15 backlogs for MS, and if you have excellent GRE or GMAT scores there are great chances for you to get accepted.

Now let us understand Does backlog affect MS in US:

How backlogs are counted for MS in USA?

To answer how backlogs are counted for MS in USA, it is done in the same way they are calculated for other programs. If the subjects you have had backlogs in are directly related to the course you aspire to pursue, the chances of rejection are higher..

Does cleared backlogs affect MS in US?

Yes, cleared backlogs increase your chances of getting into a reputed university in the US.

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of universities accepting backlogs in USA, if your overall academic performance and GPA is high.

Let us now make you acquainted with list of US universities accepting backlogs:

Note: There are certain universities accepting 20 backlogs in USA like Stevens Institute of Technology, UT Arlington!

Cost of MS in USA

Placements After MS in USA

Cheap Universities for MS in USA

MS in USA Without GRE

Having a backlog is not a thing to be worried about, provided you have a high GPA, and a solid background with co-curricular activities. It is also important for you to know that there are a limited number of universities accepting backlogs in USA, and the maximum backlogs accepted are 15. Connect with Yocket professionals and increase your chances of getting admitted to a US university despite having backlogs!


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