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Placements After MS in USA: Everything You Need to Know About Placements in USA

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What is the best 'return' after a bachelor's or master's degree? A job, right? And to get one of those, you need to go through a placement procedure. The placement procedure is something most people dread! Why? Because it's long, requires a lot of patience, effort & resilience and can be soul crushing if you receive a rejection even after putting all that time and effort into an interview.

The process of getting a job, or the placement procedure, is pretty different in the US. In this article, we will tell you all about the process of placements in USA and tell you how it differs from that in India.

Understanding the Difference Between Placements in USA vs India

As an Indian student you might be acquainted with the concept of “Campus Placement” or “On-Campus Recruitments.”  Under Campus placements, students are helped by the university in getting jobs after finishing their degree. However, in the case of the USA, the placement procedure is quite different. So let me start by telling you about the placement process here in India and then compare this with US universities, so that you have more clarity.

Getting Placed in India After the Degree

One thing that differentiates the placements in USA from India is Campus placements or on-campus recruitments. Here are a few highlights of Campus Placement in India:

  • The responsibility of on-campus recruitment lies on the college's Training and Placement Cell. The TPO (Training and Placement Officer) contacts or gets contacted by several companies.  You have several interactions with your college's Training and Placement Cell.

  • Companies connected with the TPO conduct various rounds of exams in Campus.  These include aptitude tests, HR, TR, MR interviews. In addition to these, there can be other rounds such as email writing and group discussions, and maybe even multiple rounds under the same category. After every round, candidates are screened through and only the best few move on to the next round(s). In the end, the candidates who fared the best, get placed.

  • The concept of mass recruitment also exists, wherein a single company may offer jobs to a large number of students (the largest we have heard till date is 300 from a single batch in a single day!).

  • You can also apply off-campus where the same rounds are conducted with the difference that the rounds are conducted in the company's office and not on college premises.

Getting Placed in USA After the Degree

In USA, the process of getting jobs post degree is quite different. Here are a few highlights of the placement or getting job after MS in US:

  • Every university has a Career Centre. All the career services related to students are officially provided by this body. The career centre provides help with counselling, resume writing, interview skills, etc. Students have to register with the Career Centre.

  • Career centre, organizes a career fair once every semester. Every company that wishes to recruit from the specific university attends this career fair. Students carry their resumes and meet recruitment representatives from the companies of their choice. If the representative thinks you're a prospective employee, they call you for an interview. Some representatives also conduct on the spot interviews. If you get selected, all further interview rounds are carried out on company premises. Either way, you are always in contact with the company via email. The main focus is on interacting directly with students via the fairs so that both the student as well as the company know each other better.

  • Most companies may also opt to give only co-op opportunities or internships to candidates rather than full time positions so as to observe you before giving you a full-time offer.

  • There is no concept of mass recruitment and companies offer jobs to those who they feel are in accordance with their environment and culture.

How can Universities help Students find a Job?

Universities are not directly responsible for placement after MS in US. Instead, they provide students with a platform for finding opportunities.

Most top US Universities have tie-ups with good US companies. These companies participate in a career fair where students can interact with the prospective employer and share their resume.

University Career Centres also have an internal job portal. Some US universities may require students to pay joining fees. Being a part of the portal would mean that you get to apply to jobs posted there by company recruiters.

Best Practices for International Students to find a Job in USA

Landing a job in US is completely dependent on how you spend your 2 years, what all you do that makes you different from the others and as well as the company you wish to work for. After all, this company is going to be the one that sponsors your H1-B visa if you wish to stay back.

As an international student looking for placement after MS in US, there are several things you can do to ensure that you have good job opportunities:

  • Polish Your Resume: Make sure your resume is updated and stands out. A good CV is sure to attract more recruiters

  • Say Yes to Co-op & Internship opportunities: Most companies offer internships before full time. Accept these offers and don’t just focus on getting a full-time job.

  • Stay involved with the career centre: Continuous involvement with the career center might help stay updated with an internship or job.

  • Look for Companies Actively:  If the career fairs don't help you, you can always apply independently to the company of your choice. You can also use online platforms such as LinkedIn.

If you are studying in US, remember, getting into a great school does not guarantee you a job.  Make maximum use of your university career center and focus on developing your profile over the course of your graduate degree, and a job shouldn't be too difficult to bag!

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