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Top Universities in Germany With No Application Fees: Germany Universities Without Application Fees

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German universities are particularly famous for being academically rich and equally affordable because of their no tuition fees policy. The highly intensive research, work-life balance, and enormous career prospects allow Germany to stand out from its European counterparts. But what if we say that along with an almost insignificant tuition fee, you can also get hold of several universities in Germany with no application fee? Application fee in Germany ranges from around 50 EUR to 120 EUR and can definitely save you a great deal of money! Come along as we make you acquainted with the list of top 5 universities with no application fee for international students in Germany! 

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List of Top Universities With No Application Fees in Germany 

Universities in Germany with no application fees are highly ranked and recognised by prestigious rankings like THE World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, etc. Moreover, some of the top no-application-fee universities in Germany are famous for evidently high employability rates and outstanding industrial endeavours. 

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Thus to help you find universities in Germany that require no application fee payment, refer to the below list:

Let us now understand each of these 5 top universities with no application fee in Germany, briefly: 

1.   Heidelberg University 

One of the oldest universities in the world, the Heidelberg University is counted as the top Germany university with no application fee. The university is renowned for its research work, and being home to around 29 Nobel laureates. 

QS World University Rank 2023


No Application Fee For 

All students 

Popular Programs Offered 

MS in Applied Computer Science 

MS in Biomedical Engineering 


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2.   Technical University of Munich 

The Technical University of Munich is known for offering numerous German and English taught programs. The university is specialised in disciplines such as life sciences, engineering, medicine and social sciences. 

QS World University Rank 2023


No Application Fee For 

All students 

Popular Programs Offered 

MSc in Data Engineering and Analytics 

MSc in Computational Science and Engineering 

MSc in Mechanical Engineering 

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3.   Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen 

The 6th oldest university to study in Germany, LMU houses around 50,000 students coming from all over the globe. One of the highly renowned universities with no application fee for international students in Germany, LMU is also home to 43 Nobel Laureates. 

QS World University Rank 2023


No Application Fee For 

All students 

Popular Programs Offered 

MSc in Data Science 


MSc in Software Engineering 

4.   Humboldt University Berlin 

Humboldt University is famous for having Albert Einstein as its very own professor. The university particularly attracts international students because of its location, and highly sought after degree programs offered in both German and English. 

QS World University Rank 2023


No Application Fee For 

All students 

Popular Programs Offered 

MSc in Information Systems 

Masters in Informatics 

Masters in Business Studies 

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5.   RWTH Aachen University 

One of the most popular universities without application fee in Germany is the RWTH Aachen University. Known as a renowned research university in Germany with over 40,000 students; some most chosen majors include IT, Engineering, Business and Economics. 

QS World University Rank 2023


No Application Fee For 

All students 

Popular Programs Offered 

MSc in Automotive Engineering 

MSc in Computer Science 

MSc in Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering 

5.   University of Europe For Applied Sciences

The University of Europe For Applied Sciences is one of the popular study destinations for creative-minded students. The university is well-suited for students choosing to study in the fields of Business, Arts, Design, Media, etc. The teaching methods include incorporating a creative and international approach to support students in all aspects of the global job market. 

No Application Fee For 

All students 

Popular Programs Offered 

Illustration BA

Photography MA

Foundation Diploma

Masters in Business Administration

Application Process to Apply for Universities in Germany Without Application Fees 

Getting admitted into no-application-fee universities in Germany requires the same process of an application when applying to all other top universities in Germany. Let us highlight some of the key steps when applying for universities with no application fee in Germany: 

  • Choose the university or program that you wish to apply for. 
  • Fill in the required application form starting with your personal details. 
  • Some universities might also ask you to register referees for Letters of Recommendation, beforehand. 
  • Submit your bachelor’s degree (when applying for PG courses).
  • Submit all the documents asked for, like: LORs, Academic transcripts, writer work, research papers, English and German proficiency test score certificates, SOPs, etc. 
  • Submit your application, and wait for your admission decision. 
  • Also, you may look to apply for scholarships to study in Germany as well. 

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Universities with no application fee for international students in Germany are available in abundance and require the same process to be followed as any other university in Germany. With a no tuition fee policy already, no application fee universities in Germany prove to become the most affordable option to study in Europe undoubtedly. You can even connect with our Yocket counsellors to know more about universities in Germany with no application fee! 


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