Humboldt University Berlin (HU Berlin) was established in 1810, and there's a public research university situated in Berlin, Germany. During 1828 to 1945, it was known as Friedrich Wilhelm University. During the Cold War, the University found itself in east Berlin and was practically split in two when the other University of Berlin opened in West Berlin. The University has received its current name to honor Alexander and William von Humboldt.

Top Reasons to Study in the Humboldt University of Berlin

There are simply too many reasons that support studying at Humboldt University Berlin, and here are some of those reasons:  

  • HU Berlin has a wide range of subjects and courses to choose from.
  • The Humboldt University Berlin Fees will not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Since it is one of the oldest universities and situated in Berlin, it is one of the top scientific locations.
  • HU Berlin is located in the historic city center and carries all the advantages of that unique location.
  • Outstanding collaborative work is exactly what we can expect at Humboldt University Berlin.
  • It is one of Germany's top ten universities as far as research is concerned. Naturally, what you study there will all be research-based.
  • The University ensures that education is imparted scientifically and supplemented by career-oriented training.
  • Humboldt University Berlin world rankings are commendable.

Cost of Studying at Humboldt University of Berlin

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Average on-campus living expenses


Rankings for The Humboldt University of Berlin

The World University Rankings


The World University Rankings

More rankings for this university

The Humboldt University Berlin has been consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. Here are some of the Humboldt University Berlin rankings from different organizations:

  • Humboldt University Berlin ranked 78th by U.S. news.
  • GTU ranks Humboldt University Berlin at 71.
  • The Guardian has ranked Humboldt University Berlin at the 121st position.
  • Humboldt ranks 74th according to Times Higher Education.

The Humboldt University Berlin QS rankings have shown humbled to be at the 128th position globally.

Admissions at The Humboldt University of Berlin

Application Fee


How to Apply at Humboldt University of Berlin

Here are the steps for the online application to Humboldt University Berlin:

  • Register via the external application website.
  • You will receive an email containing your confirmation link and login details.
  • Log in to the application system of the University.
  • Submit your data to the application system
  • Choose the subjects you wish to study at Humboldt University Berlin.
  • Make sure you submit your German language test scores or Erasmus scores.
  • Check all your data thoroughly before applying.
  • The confirmation of your application will be sent to you by email.
  • Visit this link for any further information.

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

Application Fee: None

Documents Required to Apply to Humboldt University of Berlin

  • All relevant academic records and transcripts
  • A complete CV (from the beginning of your education life at school)
  • Fee receipt produced by uni-assist
  • English language proficiency test scores as proof
  • Photo ID proof
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa 
  • Copy of health insurance
  • Application form duly filled and completed
  • Copy of offer letter
  • Self-assessment sheet (only for PG admissions)

Exams Accepted By the University

Each course at Humboldt University Berlin has a specific set of requirements for admission. However, students and applicants must remember the following:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements


Required (course dependent)


Required (course dependent)


3.2 or higher required 


33 or higher


80 or higher

English Proficiency Requirements

The following English proficiency test scores are required for Humboldt University Berlin admission:


Minimum Test Requirements 


6.0  or higher 


C1 level at least


84 or higher 

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Dhanish Bisht
Dhanish Bisht

2 years ago

can I get into Humboldt University of Berlin after my Bcom from India for master in management cours
can I get into Humboldt University of Berlin after my Bcom from India for master in management course?
Vaibhav null

3 years ago

Can anyone tell me is german language require to get admission in humboldt university berlin?
Can anyone tell me is german language require to get admission in humboldt university berlin?


Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

View on Google Earth

Transportation in the city

Students can take public vehicles to move about the city. Renting of private vehicles is also available. They can also use their bikes to make commuting easy.  Some of the public modes of transportation that you can avail at the university are:

  • Underground rail service
  • suburban rail services
  • Metro buses
  • Express buses like SFX and TXL
  • Trams

Services offered by the university

  • There are several services that Humboldt University Berlin offers to its students.
  • The library has more than 4.2 million books and journals and supports more than 29,000 Internet accounts at once.
  • Counseling and support services that any student can avail themselves of to get help with various issues such as academics, psychological, etc.
  • There are some support and safety networks that cover many areas. If a student is under the UCEAP, they can expect a huge network of people to support them in every way they can; Humboldt University Berlin is under the UCEAP program.
  • The UCEAP also helps students know where to find local health care and medical help.

Student life

There is simply a lot to do both in Berlin and within the campus of Humboldt University Berlin. 

  • Campus LifeCampus life at Humboldt University Berlin begins with meeting fellow students, joining the various student councils within the different faculties, mentoring programs to participate in, clubs and community initiatives, cultural activities, language exchange services, food and dining options, sports and games, entertainment and recreation, and a lot more. 
  • Student LifeStudents at Humboldt University Berlin are never bored. The University itself is packed with a lot of things to do. And then there is the city of Berlin, which needs no introduction at all. Museums and historical sites, cultural events, cinemas, restaurants, theaters, and many other things to do within the city make student life happening and engaging. 
  • Sports Activities – The Sports Center at Humboldt University Berlin has a variety of opportunities for sports lovers to take part. Whether you just want to learn a new sport or train further in a sport that you already love, there is some sporting activity or the other for you to get involved in.

On campus accomodation

Finding appropriate accommodation in Berlin can be somewhat difficult as it is.

  • Humboldt University Berlin has furnished rooms in apartments in the Studentendorf Adlershof. Ph.D. candidates, researchers, and students can apply for accommodation by contacting the international department of HU Berlin. The cost is typically around  EUR 450 (INR 36,818)  which includes electricity, Internet, weekly cleaning, towels, bed linen, a gym, club rooms, a nursery, and a learning lounge, among other facilities.
  •  Students can also find private apartments in the various student halls of Berlin. The Studentenwerk manages these holes, and you can find the various offers they have by clicking on this link.


University Faculty Stats

  • Humboldt University Berlin has nine faculties under which around 38,000 students study.
  • There are at least 170 Humboldt University Berlin courses.
  • There are more than 440 professors at the University.
  • Humboldt University Berlin also has 1970 lectureships and research assistantships.
  • The faculty-student ratio at the university is 2:9.


Research opportunities at university

Humboldt University Berlin offers almost all major academic disciplines in the humanities, cultural studies, natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, agricultural sciences, and medicine, especially since it is an Universitas Litterarum. Humboldt is a fantastic research University and has delivered top-notch achievements in various fields on both the national and international levels. The research service center of Humboldt University Berlin provides all the professional support that university researchers need.

The research activity of Humboldt University Berlin mainly covers the following domains –

  • Geography
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Biophysics
  • Germanistik linguistics
  • Physics
  • Statistiques
  • Philosophy and many more

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Humboldt University Berlin has a short-term program for experiential learning. The Humboldt internship program is a part of the international department. There are research internships available for the Humboldt University Berlin international students and doctoral candidates. The program management helps with all the organizational matters and the internship preparation. The international department, along with the career cell, helps students find internships outside of the campus.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

There are career fairs organized by the University, several career workshops, help and guidance on how to write a CV, workshops to help learn various soft skills, and many counseling workshops and events to help students land their dream jobs. Students who graduate from the university can expect an average salary of around EUR 97,185 (INR 79.51 Lakh).





Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Social media


1. What should I do after enrolling?
Always activate your University student account online and print out your campus card. You may also try the orientation within the University as well.

2. Are there any tips about how to apply to a master’s course?
There are both tips and notes on the University website under the how to apply link.

3. Which are the most popular courses at Humboldt University Berlin?
Humboldt University Berlin's most popular courses are computer science, physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, law, etc.

4. What is the tuition fee at Humboldt University Berlin?
The standard fees and dues at the Humboldt University Berlin is around EUR 315 (INR 25,772). 

5. What is the living cost at Humboldt University Berlin?
On average, students require around EUR 750 (INR 61,363) per month.