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Top TOEFL Accepted Universities in Canada 2023

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Canada has always been welcoming to international students from across the globe. It’s great city life, affordability and best education system have been the magnet for many years now. While the basic requirements need to be fulfilled when applying to study in Canada, international students are liable to also send in the universities accepting TOEFL score 75 in Canada. 

Close to 400+ universities and colleges have TOEFL accepted in Canada. This is a widely recognised English proficiency exam that can leverage your chances of being accepted in top educational institutions here. Thus to guide you better on TOEFL home edition accepted in Canada, this blog is all you need to get started. 

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Why Should International Students Write TOEFL to Study in Canada?

TOEFL accepted universities in Canada and TOEFL accepting colleges in Canada are high. This is a widely recognised English proficiency test that is accepted by over 400+ educational institutions in this country. 

Let’s learn more about the reasons for popularity of this exam:

  1. Preferred Test: More than 80% of graduate programs in Canada prefer the TOEFL iBT test over other tests. More TOEFL iBT scores are sent to Canadian universities than all other English tests combined²
  2. Worldwide acceptance: Obtain admission to additional universities. The TOEFL iBT is the most widely recognised English-language test for study, job, and immigration in the world. More universities and institutions favour it, so you can be sure you'll stand out to admissions staff where it matters.
  3. Exam as per convenience: You now have the option of taking the TOEFL iBT test at a test centre or at home. Test centres are open all around the world, with improved safety and health rules, or you can test from the comfort of your own home. Paper Editions are now available in some regions. This is your test. It is all up to you.

TOEFL Exam for Canada Student Visa!

Now as you are clear on some of the many reasons to opt for TOEFL, let us dive into the list of universities and colleges in Canada accepting TOEFL scores. 

Top TOEFL Accepting Universities in Canada

In the table below, we have summarised the TOEFL requirements for Canada's top 5 universities. Click the university names in the table for more information, or scroll down for extensive descriptions of each university.

TOEFL Accepted Universities

QS World Rankings 2022

TOEFL Accepted Scores (iBt)

University of Toronto


Undergraduate: minimum total score of 100+

Graduate: Overall score of 93

University of British Columbia


Undergraduate: Overall 90 

Graduate: 90 and above

McGill University


Undergraduate: Total score of 86 with 30 in each section

Graduate: Overall 86

University of Waterloo


Undergraduate: Overall 90 

Graduate: Overall 90

University of Alberta


Undergraduate: Overall 90 

Graduate: Overall 90

Top TOEFL Accepting Colleges in Canada

To make your application process smooth, we have listed the top TOEFL accepted in Canada colleges along with their TOEFL scores to help you prepare better.

International students prefer to study in Canada as the country has always delivered the set educational expectations. Being an international student, receiving a good TOEFL score for Canada will get you accepted in prestigious educational institutions here. Now that you have the TOEFL score required for Canada, let’s commerce your Canada admission process

Top TOEFL Accepting Colleges in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions about is TOEFL accepted in Canada?

Ques.  Is TOEFL accepted in Canada immigration?

Ans: TOEFL is not accepted in Canada immigration but it is considered when applying for student visas in Canada.

Ques.  Is TOEFL home edition accepted in Canada and IELTS the same?

Ans: TOEFL and IELTS serve the same purpose which is measuring the English language skills of students, however they do have certain differences such as:

  • TOEFL questions are more multiple choice whereas with IELTS, students will have a mix of short answer writing, essays, etc.
  • TOEFL exams are computer based whereas with IELTS you need to engage with another human. 
  • Since TOEFL exams are computer based, you need to use a keyboard to write your answers whereas with IELTS, answers need to be handwritten

Ques.  Does Canada accept TOEFL or IELTS?

Ans: Canada accepts both TOEFL and IELTS scores along with certain other English proficiency tests results such as PTE, Duolingo, etc.

Ques.  What is the TOEFL exam fee for India?

Ans: The TOEFL exam fee for India are as follows:

  • TOEFL internet based test fee- $185
  • TOEFL exam late fee- $40
  • TOEFL rescheduling fee- $60
  • TOEFL cancellation fee- $20

Ques.  What is the TOEFL accepted universities in Canada eligibility?

Ans: There is no exact eligibility criteria for students applying for universities accepting TOEFL score 75 in Canada. The student needs to ensure one factor before applying which is should have passed 12th standard or Grade 12 or high school. 

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