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Part-Time Jobs in Canada for Students: Eligibility Criteria, Average Pay & More

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Canada is the top choice of study abroad destination among international students. As a matter of fact, more Indian students prefer to study in Canada than in the US. Currently, Canada is home to over 5,30,000 international students who add diversity to the country’s student body. As of now, 2,15,000+ Indian students have study permits for Canada according to the data published by the Ministry of External Affairs. But did you know that apart from studying, a study permit also makes you eligible for part time jobs in Canada for students? 

So, if you too are heading to Canada for higher studies and looking for ways to manage your expenses via part time work, this guide is for you.In this guide we will help you explore part time work in Canada for international students, eligibility criteria, average pay and all other important details.

Table of Contents:

  1. Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Canada
  2. Eligibility Criteria for Part-time Jobs in Canada for Students
  3. Rules and Regulations for a Student to Work in Canada
  4. Types of Part Time Jobs Available for International Students
  5. How Much Do Part Time Jobs in Canada Pay?
  6. How to Find Part time Jobs in Canada for International Students?

Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Canada

Before learning about the eligibility criteria, let us see the benefits of working in some of the best part time jobs for international students in Canada:

  1. Offset Expenses: Education in Canada is definitely a costly affair. International students part time jobs in Canada will add a source of income that can be used for financing a part of the cost of studying and living in Canada.
  2. Financial Independence & Responsibility: With student jobs in Canada, you will have a degree of financial independence and understand how to maintain your finances while living all by yourself in a foreign country. It will also teach you how to spend responsibly and how to save some money.With this, you will also develop a growth mindset and look for ways to achieve more.
  3. Work Experience: Part time jobs in Canada for Indian students will be an enriching career experience. It definitely adds value to your CV and shows that you are a hardworking individual willing to go an extra mile to fulfill your dream of studying in Canada.
  4. Skill Development: Student jobs in Canada teach you many skills that will help you in your professional and personal life. You will learn time management, team spirit, communication skills, initiative, how to balance work and study life, and build your confidence.

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The Canadian study permit allows international students to apply for part-time student jobs in Canada. Here is a look at the eligibility criteria for these jobs:

Eligibility Criteria for Part-time Jobs in Canada for Students

Students having a study permit in Canada are allowed to work part time in Canada. They do not need to apply for a work permit as long as they fulfill the requirements discussed below:

To be eligible for On-campus part time jobs in Canada, students must have:

  • A valid study permit
  • A Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Enrolled as a full-time post-secondary student at a:
    • Public or private secondary college, university, trade or technical school, or CEGEP in Quebec
    • Canadian private school that is eligible to award degrees under provisional law in a study program authorized by the province.
    • Public or private secondary or post-secondary institution in Quebec that offers qualifying programs of 900 hours or longer.

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To be eligible for Off-campus in Canada, students must have:

  • Enrolled as a full-time student at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • Enrolled in a post-secondary academic, vocational or professional training program or a secondary-level vocational training program in Quebec.
  • The duration of your program is at least 6 months long and leads to a degree, diploma or certificate.
  • A Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Program must have commenced before you start working.

Once you have checked the eligibility criteria for best part time jobs for international students in Canada, you must keep in mind the rules and regulations set by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Let us check these out - 

Rules and Regulations for a Student to Work in Canada

You are allowed to work as many hours as you want on-campus along with additional hours of work off-campus provided you maintain the eligibility criteria discussed above. Other important rules that you must adhere to are: 

  • You can work off-campus for 20 hours per week during school terms/ semesters.
  • During semester breaks, you are allowed to work full-time. You also have the option to work overtime or work 2 part-time jobs that are higher than your usual hours of work.
  • To be able to work full-time, you must be a full-time student before and after the semester break.
  • You are not allowed to work in the break before the start of your first-semester.

Note: There is no set definition of the number of hours per week that you can work as “full-time”. Therefore make sure you are on clear terms with your employer regarding overtime pay and time between shifts according to the provincial laws.


If you fall under one of the following categories, you are not allowed to work off-campus without a work permit:

  • Your study permit mentions that you are not allowed to work off-campus
  • Enrolled in an English or French as a second language (ESL/FSL) program
  • Taking a general interest course
  • Enrolled in a program required to be accepted in a full-time program
  • Your circumstances change and you do not meet the requirements to work off-campus

Now that you are aware of the eligibility and regulations, let us take a look at the types of part time jobs in canada for indian students and other international students:

Types of Part Time Jobs Available for International Students

If you're wondering what are the best part time jobs for students in Canada, take a look at the highest paying part time jobs for students in Canada both on and off campus discussed below:

On-campus Jobs

The easiest way to be working part-time in Canada is to look for on-campus jobs. This will definitely help you save some time and money on traveling. As you will be located on campus itself, you will be able to balance your work and studies. You will also be a part of the campus community. There are limited job opportunities on campus so be quick to apply for one when a vacancy arises. You can find jobs on-campus in one of the following departments:

  • Library
  • Administrative office
  • Cafeteria
  • Bookstore
  • Campus Guide
  • Tech Support
  • Teaching assistant

Off-campus Jobs

There are a myriad of work options available off-campus and you can find them in the area surrounding the campus. Make sure you are eligible to work off-campus without a work permit, your study permit will mention the same. Be careful that you do not violate any conditions of your study permit else you will have to leave Canada. The best part time jobs for students in Canada include: 

  • Server/ Bartender at restaurants
  • Retail outlets
  • Customer service
  • Cashier
  • Personal Tutor
  • Translator
  • Freelancer
  • Babysitter
  • Driver
  • Dog walker

Co-op placements or internships

Working as a co-op student means working to fulfill your program requirements. This work may be on or off-campus. This type of employment provides practical training and exposure in a professional setting preparing graduates for the job market. Quite similar to the concept of co-ops are internships wherein you will be provided on-the-job training as a part of your program. You will need a co-op work permit if the work is a part of your program.

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FInd out all the options as an international student

The remuneration of  the part time jobs in Canada depends on a number of factors including the nature of your job and your location within Canada.. Let us find out more about this below: 

How Much Do Part Time Jobs in Canada Pay?

You are likely to receive an average part time job in Canada students salary of 22 CAD/ hour for working part time in Canada. The minimum part time job in Canada for students salary per hour is 10 CAD. As a matter of fact, night shifts are likely to pay a slightly higher part time job salary in Canada for students than day shifts. 

Average Pay Scale

Now let us take a look at the fields that offer well-paid part time jobs in Canada for students:

Job Field

Average Pay per Hour

Teaching Assistant

15 CAD

Private Tutor

15-20 CAD

Bartender/ Waiter

11 CAD

Uber Driver

14-25 CAD


25 CAD


14 CAD


11 CAD

Dog Walker

14 CAD


21 CAD


12-50 CAD

Minimum Wages by Province

The current minimum wages for various provinces in Canada can be seen in the table below:


Average Minimum Wage per Hour


15 CAD

British Columbia

15.20 CAD


11.95 CAD

New Brunswick

11.75 CAD

Newfoundland and Labrador

12.75 CAD

Northwest Territories

15.20 CAD

Nova Scotia

12.95 CAD


16 CAD


14.35 CAD

Prince Edward Island

13 CAD


13.50 CAD


11.81 CAD


15.20 CAD

Paying Taxes as An International Student in Canada

International students may have to pay Canadian income tax on the income earned from teaching, research assistantships, employment, investment and business income. Any income earned from outside of Canada must also be reported for tax purposes. Income tax is payable if your taxable income is 49,020 CAD or more. The basic tax rate for the first 49,020 CAD of taxable income is 15%.

You will need the following documents to file your tax return:

  • You will need either a Social Insurance Number (SIN) or an Individual Tax Number (ITN).
  • Income tax slips like T4 or T4A for employment income and scholarships, awards, bursaries.
  • T2202 i.e. receipt of tuition fees paid for the current tax year.
  • Receipt of rent from your landlord.
  • Medical receipts showing your personal expenditure on medicine.
  • Receipts of any donation made to Canadian charity.
  • Any other relevant receipts for expenses that may be eligible for deductions.

After knowing all these details, the next question that comes to mind is how to find part time jobs in Canada for international students? Let us find out in the section below:

How to Find Part time Jobs in Canada for International Students?

To start looking for international student jobs in Canada, prepare a detailed CV consisting of your educational transcripts, skills and experiences, achievements, etc. The various ways where you can find part time jobs in Canada are:

  • Online Job Portals: Online job search tools help you in figuring out the right job according to your preference of location and type of work you are interested in.
  • Bulletin Boards: This is the most common source to find on-campus job openings.
  • Career Center: Universities in Canada have a dedicated career team with individuals willing to help you find suitable part-time jobs and provide all necessary details.
  • Networking: You can find jobs appropriate for you by talking to people around you and watching out for jobs around the campus.
  • Local Newspapers: Similar to bulletin boards for finding on-campus jobs are local newspapers for knowing about off-campus jobs. You can keep track of openings around you by following a local newspaper.

For an international student, the expenses for studying and cost of living in Canada may be overwhelming. If finances are the reason you are questioning your decision to study in Canada then international student jobs in Canada are the answer to your problem. With the right international students part time jobs in Canada, managing your finances will be a smooth sailing ride. Just take note of the rules and regulations for part time jobs in Canada for Indian students and opt for a job that does not hamper your education in any way.

Before we wrap up, in the section below we answer a few commonly asked questions about working part time in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions About Part Time Jobs in Canada for Students

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How many hours can an international student work per week?

What is the minimum Canada part time jobs salary for international students?

What are the best job in Canada for students?

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