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The Ultimate Guide to Pursue MBBS in Canada for Indian Students

Sumeet Jain

The decision to study medicine in Canada for Indian students proves to be beneficial to the latter. Multiple well-ranked medical universities here offer a range of medical-based courses, but the one that takes the lead is the MBBS course in Canada. MBBS in Canada is known as MD ( Doctor of Medicine) which is a 3-4 years study program.

This MBBS course in Canada develops future doctors with empathy, kindness, and the right skills to perform their duties. Thus if you’re considering availing MBBS degree in Canada, you’ve made a right choice. To provide you with a better overview of MBBS in Canada for Indian students, this blog will be your guide.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Why Study MBBS in Canada?
  2. An Overview of MBBS in Canada for International Students
  3. Top MBBS Colleges in Canada To Consider in 2022
  4. Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements to Study Medicine in Canada
  5. Cost of Studying MBBS Course in Canada
  6. Scholarships available to Study MBBS in Canada for Indian Students
  7. Job Opportunities available for MBBS Graduates in Canada

Why Study MBBS in Canada?

MBBS in Canada is one of the prominent study programs that is highly considered by multiple international students. Thus before you can access the details related to MBBS requirements in Canada, let’s first understand why is Canada the preferred study destination for this course?

  • Quality Medical Education: This country offers quality medical education to students looking to pursue an MBBS degree in Canada. The quality of education in Canada is recognized and holds immense value especially in countries like India. There are many universities here that offer quality medical education such as University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, etc.
  • Featured QS University Rankings 2022: Canada is home to 17 medical schools, out of which more than 10 of them are listed in the QS World University Rankings 2022.
  • Expert teaching staff: A major contributor to academic excellence in Canada is the teaching staff. They are well versed with the current medical needs and exhibit the same to future MBBS graduates during their learning experience. These experts staff is present in any of the highly ranked medical universities in Canada such as University of Calgary, University of Alberta, etc.
  • Association with popular medical centers: Top Universities in Canada also offer great placement opportunities for students who study MBBS in Canada. Most recognized medical schools here are associated with the local and high-end medical centers such as McGill University, McMaster University, etc.
  • Affordable Medical Schools: To study in prestigious MBBS colleges in Canada doesn’t have to be expensive. The country has a list of affordable medical schools that offer the same MBBS duration in Canada ( study period).

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An Overview of MBBS in Canada for International Students

The study of medicine in Canada enforces theory knowledge as well as the development of crucial skills. Thus before you get started with the MBBS admission in Canada, it is important for you to get a clear picture of what MBBS in Canada for Indian students’ courses looks like.

Here is a brief overview:

Course Structure

Year 1 & 2: Foundation

Year 3 & 4: Clerkship

Course Curriculum

Year 1: Introduction to Medicine, Concepts, Patients and Communities 1& 2

Year 2: Concepts, Patients and Communities 3, Life cycle, Complexity, and Chronicity


Year 3: Translation to Clerkship, Anaesthesia, ,Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ,Ophthalmology ,Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery ,Paediatrics, ,Portfolio, Psychiatry (PSS 310Y), Surgery, Integrated Objective Structured Clinical Examination


Year 4: Electives, Integrated OSCE,, Portfolio, Transition to Residency


Study Duration

3-4 years


Top MBBS Colleges in Canada To Consider in 2022

The decision to study MBBS in Canada should be supported with the right investment in well-ranked medical institutes. Your investment needs to cater to the below factors:

  • Recognized medical qualifications
  • Accredited medical universities
  • Better placement opportunities

Thus to help you make this investment, we have listed the top colleges for MBBS in Canada for international students:

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements to Study Medicine in Canada

There is certain eligibility to study MBBS in Canada. These differ from one university to another. Even MBBS admission in Canada for Indian students differs on the same basis. However, there is standard eligibility for MBBS in Canada which we have listed below:

  1. Educational Transcripts
  2. MCAT Score
  3. Pre Requisite Courses
  4. GPA scores
  5. SOP
  6. English Language Test to study in Canada

Let us look at each one of them one by one :

1. Educational Transcripts

Whether you’re applying for the undergraduate program or Masters program, you need to submit your previous educational qualifications to cater to the MBBS in Canada for Indian students’ eligibility. For instance, to apply for MBBS in Canada at the UG level, you require to submit three years of undergraduate study transcripts.

2. MCAT Score

The MCAT score is an important eligibility criteria for MBBS admission in Canada for Indian students. Students need to avail a score of 125 in each section with an allowance of 124 in one section.

3. Pre Requisite Courses

You need to also complete two pre-requisite courses in either life science, social science, humanities, or language.

4. GPA scores

For undergraduate study programs, you require a GPA of 3.6 and for Masters 3.3.

5. SOP

It is optional to submit a Statement of Purpose.

6. English Language Test

You need to pass an English Proficiency test as the scores are considered as the eligibility for MBBS in Canada. There are multiple English language tests for you to choose from such as TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, etc.

The admission process to study MBBS in Canada is simple.

  • Visit the university that offers MBBS courses
  • View the entry requirements
  • Submit all the related documents before the application deadline. ( Fall/Winter/Summer)


Cost of Studying MBBS Course in Canada

Now that you’ve checked the MBBS in Canada for Indian students’ eligibility list, it’s time to have a look at the expense. The cost requirements for MBBS in Canada are determined by two factors, tuition fees and cost of living.

Let’s understand them one by one:

Tuition Fees for MBBS in Canada

The MBBS in Canada fees vary from one university to another. Thus after comparing all the MBBS universities in Canada, the tuition fee ranges between 18,472 CAD - 96,000 CAD/year. However, there are MBBS scholarships in Canada available to eliminate international students funding in Canada.


Cost of Living While Studying MBBS in Canada

The cost of living in Canada costs 15,000- 20,000 CAD a year. There are multiple factors to consider here such as accommodations, personal expenses, transportation, etc.


Scholarships Available to Study MBBS in Canada for Indian Students

While there are affordable colleges to study MBBS in Canada for Indian students, the country also offers funding opportunities. There are multiple MBBS scholarships in Canada for international students. These scholarships are either government-funded, non-government, or institution-based.

We have covered this mix of scholarships to study medicine in Canada below:

Scholarship Name

Awarded To

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) Scholarship


Applicable for students studying any degree program in accredited Indian universities and wish to study research in Canada



Amount/Benefit/Covers/Value: Covers registration fees, laboratory facilities, internet service, telephone bills, affiliation fees.

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan


Pursue Masters and Ph.D. degree programs in research or advanced study


Amount/Benefit/Covers/Value: Covers travel, housing, allowance, and any tuition fees.

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship


Pursue Doctoral programs


Amount/Benefit/Covers/Value: Offers grants worth 25,000 CAD with a possible expansion between 12 months and up to 3 years

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program


Applicable for Graduate students who are into multiple disciplines in a study program


Amount/Benefit/Covers/Value: Costs 5,000 CAD per session

Lester B Pearson Scholarships

Applicable to any student who wishes to study at University of Toronto


Amount/Benefit/Covers/Value: Covers living costs, incidental fees, books, and 4 years of tuition

Apart from the above-listed scholarships, there are multiple Canadian universities that offer MBBS scholarships in Canada. You can access the university official website to access this information.

Job Opportunities available for MBBS Graduates in Canada

Once you complete your MBBS duration in Canada of 3-4 years, you have various job profiles to choose from. Completing your MBBS course duration in Canada from a recognized university as listed above, increases your chances to get placed under top employers.

To give you a career overview of the possible job opportunities in Canada available in this field, we have listed the top job profiles below:

Job Roles

Average Salary/Year

Medical Teacher

151,752 CAD

Public Health Worker

50,951 CAD

MBBS Doctor

131,451 CAD

Medical Researcher

88,542 CAD


99,749 CAD

There is a vital reason that multiple international students prefer to study MBBS in Canada. The academic excellence in their medical education, association with top medical centers are all proof that MBBS graduates grasp better medical skills and knowledge required to set foot in the real medical world. While this information is sufficient if you still wish to enquire more about MBBS in Canada, speak to our Yocket Counsellors today.



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