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5 Best Cheap MBA Colleges In Australia

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Australia is ranked in the top three countries in the world for education. Thousands of international students fly to Australia yearly to receive a high-quality education. MBA is one of the most highly-opted courses in Australia due to its accredited course curriculum, world-renowned tutors, advanced teaching methods and global internship opportunities. It gives you the knowledge, experience and exposure you require to work in managerial roles upon course completion. High-quality education doesn’t have to come at a high price. To ensure you don't break the bank, we've detailed the five best colleges in Australia that offer MBA at an affordable cost in this blog.

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Top Reasons To Study At Cheap MBA Colleges In Australia

Australia is home to some of the top universities in the world. More than 20,000 international students are pursuing MBA in Australian universities this year. Cheapest MBA in Australia for Indian students We've detailed below the top reasons why international students choose to study MBA in Australia compared to other countries.

  • Due to its excellent education system, high quality of living, friendly, laid-back culture, natural beauty, and active metropolitan life, Australia is one of the world's top three most liveable nations.
  • Graduates from the top MBA colleges in Australia are in great demand due to the excellent quality of the education system.
  • Under Australian law, international students are protected by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act and national regulatory authorities such as the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).
  • The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) enables nations all around the globe to recognise your qualification and issue equivalent credentials for local usage.
  • There are great affordable MBA colleges in Australia for you to choose from.

Cost Of Studying At Cheap MBA Colleges In Australia

The average cost of studying in Australia is roughly 59,966 AUD / 31,62,000 INR. The cheap MBA colleges in Australia charge yearly fees ranging between 45,000 AUD / 23,82,300 INR to 822,000 AUD / 4,33,35,000 INR.

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Cost of living in Australia as an international student is another important factor that you must consider when calculating the cost of studying in Australia. The cost of living is 20,000 AUD per year on average. We’ve detailed it in the Table below.


Average Cost Per Month


297 AUD - 743 AUD

Food & Groceries

208 AUD - 416 AUD


44 AUD - 89 AUD


118 AUD - 223 AUD


22 AUD - 29 AUD

Though, tuition rates vary depending on the university and degree you pick. However, there is no need to be concerned or perplexed about the cost component. You can finance it by applying for any of the appropriate scholarships provided by the Australian government and organisations.

Top 5 Low Cost MBA In Australia Colleges

As mentioned previously, Australia has some top universities that will provide you with a low-cost MBA in Australia. Here is a list of the top MBA colleges providing the cheapest MBA in Australia for Indian students:

  1. Kaplan Business School
  2. Holmes Institute
  3. Charles Darwin Institute
  4. Victoria Institute
  5. Central Queensland University

Let’s dive deeper into these affordable MBA colleges in Australia:

1.  Kaplan Business School

Kaplan Business School is the first college on the list of affordable MBA colleges in Australia. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are available at Kaplan Business School Australia. KBS qualifications, like Australia's public institutions, are fully approved by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), implying that a KBS qualification has a global reach. It is the cheapest university in Australia for MBA.

Popular MBA Programs

Project Management

Health Services Management


Women in Leadership

Digital Management

Course Duration

2 years

Average Yearly Fee

15,375 AUD / 8,10,500 INR

2.  Holmes Institute

Holmes Institute is one of the cheap MBA colleges in Australia. Their MBA program aims to educate you on thinking like a businessperson and using advanced strategic thinking. The Holmes MBA will teach you to think critically about issues and possibilities. The Master of Business Administration program lasts 1.5 years and is taught full-time across three trimesters. All students must complete 12 units to achieve graduation requirements.

Popular MBA Programs

Master of Business Administration

Project Management


Course Duration

1.5 years

Average Annual Fee

17,600 AUD / 9,28,000 INR

3.  Charles Darwin Institute

Charles Darwin Institute is one of the top colleges that provides an affordable MBA in Australia. As a premier cross-sector institution, CDU is ideally positioned to assist students in becoming 'future-ready' professionals who co-develop digital knowledge, skills, and attitudes to fulfil their unique needs and interests while preparing them for a world of rapid change.

Popular MBA Programs

Master of Business Administration sustainable enterprise

Course Duration

12 months

Average Yearly Fee

20,560 AUD / 10,90,000 INR

4.  Victoria Institute

Victoria Institute also provides a low-cost MBA in Australia. VIT is an Australian Higher Education Provider that offers a variety of specialised degrees in Business Management and Information Technology and Systems. The Australian Government regulator, the Tertiary Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), has registered it as a Higher-Education Provider, and it offers certified programs under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Popular MBA Programs

Master of Business Administration

Course Duration

2 years

Average Annual Fee

20,940 AUD / 11,04,000 INR

5.  Central Queensland University 

Central Queensland University is ranked among the top universities in the world, with an overall five-star rating from QS Stars and it provides a low-cost MBA in Australia. Because we believe that higher education should be available to all, we have become renowned as one of Australia's most accessible and engaged institutions, with a footprint spanning five states and more than 20 sites.

Popular MBA Programs

Master of Business Administration

Course Duration

1.5 years

Average Annual Fee

21,355 AUD / 11,26,000 INR

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Wrapping up

Choosing the right course and university is crucial to building a strong foundation through your Master of Business Administration. Using the information on this blog, you can choose the university that provides the MBA specialisation that you want to pursue. If you are confused and need help finding the right Australian university for your MBA course at an affordable cost, feel free to reach out to a Yocket counsellor for help.

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