Victoria University, Melbourne, established in 1990, is a public research institute. It is one of only six dual-sector universities in Australia. It is affiliated with ASAIHL. Over 100 nationalities are represented among the University's approximately 28,000 national & international students.

Victoria University offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and online degrees through more than 250 degree-producing programs. It also offers 20 dual degrees, including M.B.A. and Industrial Engineering and M.B.A. and Health Administration.

Top Reasons to Study in the Victoria University, Melbourne

Victoria University enrolls students from all over the world and from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. It raises the bar for higher education by being an inclusive, adaptable, and responsive institution of higher learning. Additionally, it keeps its agility by carefully spreading organizational capability throughout the entire institution. Added benefits of studying here include: 

  • In addition to talent or other distinctive qualities, many scholarships are awarded based on financial need. To receive the most consideration for Mizzou scholarships and grants, you must submit the FAFSA & the M.U. Annual Scholarship application in Scholarship Universe by the designated dates each year.
  • Except as otherwise noted, none of the scholarships offered by Victoria are transferable to other campuses of the Victoria University System.
  • Many Victoria University scholarships are based on financial need, talent, or other distinguishing characteristics. The results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form are used to determine financial need.
  • Due to the outstanding educational possibilities it offers its students, Victoria University consistently ranks among the best universities in the world. It offers a very high standard of instruction, as evidenced by a wealth of data.
  • One distinguishing feature of Victoria University's academic prowess is its teaching methodology. You learn when you take part in class discussions and argue about the subject with the teacher.

Cost of Studying at Victoria University, Melbourne

Average tuition fee


Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Rankings for The Victoria University, Melbourne

The World University Rankings


The World University Rankings

QS World University Rankings


QS World University Rankings

Admissions at The Victoria University, Melbourne

Application Fee


How to Apply at Victoria University, Melbourne

For Victoria University, admissions applicants need to follow these steps to complete their application: 

  • Apply online by opening the Online application portal. 
  • Fill in all the necessary information for the program.
  • Recheck your application and upload the required documents
  • Apply and pay the application fee

 Note: The Victoria University application fee is AUD 120 (INR 7900).

Documents Required to Apply to Victoria University, Melbourne

Here is the list of documents necessary to fulfill Victoria University admission requirements:- 

  • Official academic transcripts (of previous qualifications in English)
  • English proficiency test score/result
  • GMAT/GRE scores 
  •  work experience
  • Portfolio or folio of works
  • Police check with children check from their home country
  • Supplementary information 

Exams Accepted By the University

The Victoria University admission requirements are mentioned here:-




IELTS: 6.0; TOEFL: 67.0; PTE: 50.0


IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 79.0 ; PTE: 58.0

B.E. / B.Tech

IELTS: 6.0; TOEFL: 67.0; PTE: 50.0


IELTS: 6.5-7.0; TOEFL: 79.0; PTE: 58.0


IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 79.0; PTE: 58.0


IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 67.0; PTE: 50.0


IELTS: 6.0; TOEFL: 67.0; PTE: 50.0


IELTS: 6.5

English Proficiency Requirements 

 Victoria University international students are required to submit proof of their English Language Proficiency, as mentioned:-









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Dheeraj Kommana

Dheeraj Kommana



Spring 2023



Information Technology

Spring 2021

Charishma P

Charishma P


Spring 2021

Divin Glenny E

Divin Glenny E


Business Analytics

Spring 2021

Shaik Mukthar

Shaik Mukthar


Project Management

Fall 2022

Rushendra Reddy

Rushendra Reddy


Supply Chain Management

Fall 2022


Victoria University consistently adds to its list of top alumni. Numerous notable alumni from Victoria University have come from different nations, including a few Senior Sales Association, Co-Presidents, Presidents, and C.E.O.s. Senior positions in academia, politics, industry, and a large number of Melbourne graduates hold the media. Some alumni of Victoria University are- Conrad Smith, John Campbell, Taika Waititi, Robin Cooke, Baron Cooke of Thorndon, Thomas Eichelbaum, Geoffrey Palmer, Chris Finlayson, and Michael Hardie.

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Chinmay Kabadi
Chinmay Kabadi

3 years ago

I need urgent help regarding loan !!! I have an admit of Victoria University, Melbourne for Feb 20
I need urgent help regarding loan !!! I have an admit of Victoria University, Melbourne for Feb 2020 intake.
Chinmay Kabadi
Chinmay Kabadi

3 years ago

University confusion !! #Australia Victoria University, Melbourne or La Trobe University, Melbourn
University confusion !! #Australia Victoria University, Melbourne or La Trobe University, Melbourne Kindly Help.
Chinmay Kabadi
Chinmay Kabadi

3 years ago

Hii !! Anyone got admit from Victoria University, Melbourne for Feb 2020 intake ??
Hii !! Anyone got admit from Victoria University, Melbourne for Feb 2020 intake ??
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sumanth Kom
Sumanth Kom

4 years ago

I have been admitted for the MBA professional course in Victoria university Melbourne for the March
I have been admitted for the MBA professional course in Victoria university Melbourne for the March intake ..... People who have applied for the same Plse do reply me ASAP
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Manish Gowda
Manish Gowda

4 years ago

Hi guys Has anyone applied to Victoria University, Melbourne for Master of Engineering for July Int
Hi guys Has anyone applied to Victoria University, Melbourne for Master of Engineering for July Intake? I really need help filling the SOP questions they have asked. Plz ping me if anyone is there.


Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

View on Google Earth

Transportation in the city

Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia, has a variety of interconnected forms of transportation. Melbourne serves as a hub for regional, intracity, and intercity travel. Most excursions in various areas of the city are made by car, which is made possible by Australia's largest motorway system. A vital component of the transportation system is public transportation, which includes the world's largest tram network and trains and buses. Walking, cycling, and commercial passenger car services like taxis are some of the other prevalent ways of transportation.

The Victoria University campus is serviced by a municipal bus that travels to various parts of the city (including shopping areas, restaurants, etc.). For all students at the University of Missouri, bus transportation is free. Except on Sundays, buses run every day. Information will be provided about the bus service. Simply provide your student I.D. to board the free School Bus, which travels around the campus and the neighboring downtown.

Services offered by the university

Victoria University maintains a visible presence on all of the campuses and offers a comprehensive public safety program for the benefit of the university community.

  • The Victoria university library is home to substantial collections of materials about victoria's history and culture, and it is also highly considered a venue for meetings for the state-wide digital library project at Victoria University.
  •  A useful source for study, the Special Collections are made up of numerous distinct collections. Strong lines of radical literature, especially Australian Communist literature, may be found throughout the Collections, much of it uncommon or unique. The Collections also include material on women and urban development.
  • The focus is on proactive patrols and crime prevention programs in addition to delivering police services. Student health initiatives and programs equip them with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions that promote overall wellness.
  • Academic achievement seminars are one of the services provided by Victoria University.
  •  Centre for Student Success also provides tutoring, supplemental instruction, mentorship, advising, classroom instruction, and counseling. It resides in Normal Hall.
  • Since juggling studies, jobs, and other obligations aren't always simple. Because of this, courses and assistance programs at V.U. are made to give students from a variety of backgrounds the chance to succeed.

Student life

Eleven campuses make up Victoria University, including locations from Sydney to Melbourne's western suburbs and everywhere. 

In the thriving community of Victoria University, students actively pursue pleasure by taking part in a variety of programs. It promotes leadership development, healthy living decisions, multicultural competency, civic duty, and personal and professional progress.

  • Intramural sports provide students of all skill levels with access to recreational activities. It offers single, double, and team sports for participants of all sexes, including recreational athletes.
  • A Campus Branch Council is chosen by the students that attend each campus. These groups gather to discuss topics of interest to all students on campus. They represent a variety of viewpoints.
  • The peak organization for all students at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, is called the Victoria University Student Union (VUSU). The declared goals of VUSU are to offer a student a variety of representation and general services.
  • Students from all courses are encouraged to join the Trulaske Consulting Association, a relatively new student organization.
  • The Muslim Student Organization (M.S.O.) seeks to build bridges between Muslims & other groups in the victoria community and offers an open, welcoming educational and social environment for Muslims at Victoria University-Melbourne. 
  • There are many alternatives for employees and students who desire to join a sports team and compete in nearby events. The Victoria University sport club keeps them active while they pursue their passions. They will get the opportunity to socialize and perhaps travel as well.
  • Throughout the year, there are opportunities and activities to help students gain experience and abilities in leadership. Students can gain significant leadership skills at University to improve their employability and personal growth.
  • The Student Leadership Program offers exclusive, cost-free chances for professional development that help students become more charismatic and stand out from the crowd. Make new acquaintances, discover themselves, and enjoy themselves! The participation is noted on their academic record.

On campus accomodation

Students at Victoria University have access to a range of on-campus accommodation options.

The University of Missouri's on-campus accommodation fee is nearly AUD 39600 (INR 22,08,000)/ year.

  • Unilodge@VU is Victoria University's on-campus housing facility for students.
  • Rental options at Unilodge include studio, two-bedroom, and six-bedroom sharing apartments in a luxurious, 12-story student housing complex.
  • UniLodge @ V.U. provides students with a first-rate living environment that is fully outfitted with study rooms, outdoor recreation areas, an on-site cafe, and a theatre.
  • The Victoria University Footscray Park is right across the street, and the Footscray Nicholson Campus is close by.
  • Large TVs, games, pool tables, table tennis, gourmet kitchens, eating rooms, B.B.Q.s, and other amenities may be found in the common areas for residents.


University Faculty Stats

The University hosts nearly 507 faculty members. The student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1, and the male-to-female ratio is 48:52.


Research opportunities at university

The initial step in seeking a research position is to speak with academic advisors or departmental professors about potential opportunities. Students can get help from Victoria University to stay current on application requirements and deadlines. Students can also get in touch with instructors from various departments and majors, particularly if their research interests them.

The institution considers research and creative endeavor to be worthwhile pursuits, and curiosity is encouraged there. Students are encouraged to conduct research that, through investigation, experimentation, and creation, not only enlightens but also modifies how people live here. At Victoria University, students who choose to engage in research get information in addition to invaluable skills and experiences that enhance their careers.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Students can finish the internship at Victoria University and gain "real-work" experience in a criminal justice organization by putting in 98 hours at a business of their choice. 

  • Students can obtain practical experience in genuine criminal justice situations by participating in the organization's daily operations. Students have the opportunity to communicate directly with clients and agency staff throughout their internship, which is a supervised experience.
  • The course also offers students the option to combine academic and experiential learning through expanding knowledge, developing skills, and building values.
  • Employers commonly consider internship experience when making recruiting decisions and perceive their interns as the best candidates for full-time positions.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

Victoria University consistently ranks among the top universities in Australia for graduate recruiters. After finishing their degrees, it offers a range of opportunities for students to increase their employability, including a 12-month work placement, summer internships, and volunteer positions. The average salary of a graduate of Victoria University is AUD 80,000(INR 37,34,000).

The University's career exploration center offers classes for students to write cover letters, resumes, and interviews. Numerous job offers are made to undergraduate and graduate students in their fields of study.





70/104 Ballarat Rd, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia

Social media


1. How many scholarships are available at Victoria University?
10 types of scholarships are available at Victoria University.

 2. What is the cost of living at Victoria University?
The cost of living at Victoria University is AUD 36000 (INR 20,06,500).

 3. What score in terms of G.P.A. is necessary to get into Victoria University?
The Victoria University GPA requirement is 3.0 out of 4.0. 

 4. What is the approximate tuition fee at Victoria University?
The approximate Victoria University tuition fee is AUD 28,200 (INR 15,72,000).

5. What is the acceptance rate of students at Victoria University?
Victoria University's acceptance rate is 40%.