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Cost of Studying MBA in Australia: Know About MBA Fees in Australia for International Students

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According to the growing number of inquiries about MBA fees in Australia, the country is becoming an increasingly popular destination for both Indian and other international students. A number of reputable business schools and recruiters are located in Australia, which has close ties with South-East Asian markets. Many international students pursue management programs in Australia each year. Natural beauty, an extensive coastline, excellent infrastructure, modern cities, and an open attitude to visitors are major contributing factors that make Australia an excellent place to study and work. However, knowing a clear idea of the cost of MBA in Australia for Indian students is essential before choosing any university. 

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Overview Of Studying MBA In Australia 

Studying MBA in Australia is an excellent choice if you have planned to pursue MBA abroad. Hence, know the MBA in Australia fees in Rupees before making an informed decision. Australian MBA programs are known for their high-quality standards and international recognition. Furthermore, no one can resist Australia's fantastic scenery and friendly atmosphere. When it comes to a top destination for MBA studies, Australia is one of the most sought-after destinations. Many MBA programs are available to provide an in-depth understanding of local business environments and critical markets. Several studies and reports indicate that Australia ranks fifth among the most lucrative global locations for MBA graduates earning big salaries after completing their courses.

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Factors Influencing Cost Of Studying MBA In Australia

In Australia, MBA tuition fees can vary from institution to institution and may range from AUD 50,000 to AUD 81,400 (INR 28,38,658 to INR 46,20,260)/ year. A program like an Executive MBA at the University of Melbourne costs about AUD 126,000 (INR 71,51,119)/ year, while the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is roughly AUD 103,500 (INR 58,74,945)/ year.

An MBA degree application entails the following types of expenses:

  • Pre-arrival cost: It includes all expenses incurred in the process of applying to an MBA program.
  • Post-arrival cost: It includes fees associated with the entire course of study, such as tuition, books, transportation, and accommodation.

Pre-Arrival Cost to Study MBA in Australia

Before coming to study in Australia, students are required to pay a few fees, which include a registration fee of required test scores, an application fee at the time of applying, a visa fee to obtain a visa, etc. Here is a breakdown of these cost associated with the MBA cost in Australia: 

Type of Expense


Application Fee

AUD 133 (INR 7,547)

Australian Student Visa Fee

AUD 566 (INR 32,116) 

IELTS Registration Fee

AUD 286 to AUD 319 (INR 16,230 to INR 18,102)

TOEFL (iBT) Registration Fee

AUD 212 to AUD 332 (INR 12,034 to INR 18,846)


AUD 332 (INR 18,846) 


AUD 272 (INR 15,440) 

Post Arrival Cost to Study MBA in Australia

The cost of an MBA at top business schools in Australia is approximately AUD 53,205 to AUD 83,798 (INR 30,20,484 to INR 47,55,815). Among top-ranking Australian business schools, UWA and La Trobe Business School have the lowest fees, whereas Melbourne Business School has the highest fees.

Tuition Fees at Top MBA Universities In Australia

Here is the list of leading MBA universities with the cost of doing MBA in Australia in Indian Rupees:

University Name

Tuition Fee

(Per Year)


University of Technology Sydney 

AUD 30,660 (INR 17,38,366)


University of South Australia

AUD 33,000 (INR 18,71,349)


Monash University

AUD 32,700 (INR 18,54,337)


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

AUD 35,600 (INR 20,18,789)


University of Adelaide

AUD 38,500 (INR 21,83,281)


RMIT University

AUD 36,480 (INR 20,68,691)


Australian National University

AUD 39,024 (INR 22,12,879)


University of Melbourne

AUD 81,400 (INR 46,15,433)


Cost Of Living For MBA Students In Australia

Tuition fees, living costs, and other expenses abroad are among the top factors influencing international students' decision to study MBA in Australia. Most importantly, MBA tuition fees in Australia for International students will vary in NSW, Queensland, Western Australia, Southern Australia, and other Australian states. Although the cost of living depends greatly on a candidate's lifestyle, budget, and spending habits, knowing the estimated costs can give students a general idea of all the costs involved.

  • Known for its multicultural society and welcoming environment, Australia offers excellent study opportunities for students interested in studying in a beautiful setting. 
  • Other requirements must also be met along with the MBA in Australia fees for Indian students. 
  • The total costs for accommodation and meals, transportation, course-related and personal expenses, and insurance will amount to approximately AUD 20,700 (INR 11,74,136). The figures are subject to change depending on the lifestyle and location of an individual.

Post-Study Work Visa in Australia

For students who plan to stay and work in Australia after completing the course, a work visa is required. During their studies in Australia, international students usually obtain this work visa. If you would like to learn more about this, you can always contact your IDP counselor.



Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

Typically between 2 - 4 years, based on one’s qualifications.

Usually, the processing of your visa may take between six and twelve months. Students who have completed at least two years of study in Australia are eligible for this temporary visa, which is valid for a minimum of 18 months to four years.

In terms of internship programs and placement opportunities, Australia stands out in the job market as a producer of talented MBA professionals. That's why the majority of students decide to pursue an MBA program in Australia.

Having reviewed a comprehensive list of universities that offer the MBA in Australia and MBA fees in Australia for International students, you can begin shortlisting universities and contacting them. Consider all the factors before you make your decision. Besides, choosing a highly rated MBA abroad is pointless if you cannot afford it and will need to take on debt when you graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost Of Studying MBA in Australia

Ques. MBA in Australia: Is it worth it?

Ans. Yes, Australia has the top 5 international MBA programs that are recognized globally. Moreover, MBA admissions in Australia are extremely competitive, but they are well worth the effort due to the numerous internship and placement opportunities.

Ques. Are there job opportunities for MBA graduates in Australia?

Ans. MBA graduates in Australia can be employed as accountants, general managers, marketing managers, program managers, business development executives, etc.

Ques. Approximately how long does it take to obtain a full-time MBA in Australia?

Ans. An MBA degree in Australia takes one and a half to two years to complete. There are some universities that offer accelerated MBA programs that can be completed in one year.

Ques. Is it possible to apply for an MBA in Australia without the GMAT?

Ans. Yes, some Australian universities do not require GMAT scores for MBA applications. Students interested in an MBA in Australia don't need a GMAT score to apply to universities like Monash University, RMIT University, Deakin University, etc.

Ques. Does work experience help with admission to MBA programs at Australian universities?

Ans. To be eligible for admission to MBA programs offered by Australian universities, applicants must have two years of managerial or business-related experience.

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