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PR In New Zealand: How To Get PR In New Zealand After Study?

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New Zealand’s culture is one of the top reasons why foreign nationals aim to settle here. The country's rules and regulations as well as always played fair and satisfactory with the residents there. Be it a study choice or finding the right career, New Zealand has always benefited individuals to explore and enhance every action. 

One of the most common questions about this country is, ‘how to get PR in New Zealand from India?’. Staying in New Zealand allows students to settle in a country that proves to be beneficial for them in terms of academics, culture, job growth, and much more. So, if you, too, are looking to find a way how to get PR in New Zealand after study, refer to this blog. 

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Why Should You Apply for PR in New Zealand?

Before you understand how to apply for New Zealand PR, here are the top reasons you should confidently invest in your decision:

  • Cheaper HealthCare Services- Offers healthcare and social security services at subsidized rates
  • PR Benefits For Families- Once you own a PR Visa, you can include your partner, and dependent children aged 24 and under, in your permanent residence visa application. If your children are born in New Zealand, they shall automatically have citizenship of New Zealand by birth. Your children can also avail of free education at universities and schools here.
  • Highly Ranked Country- According to Transparency International’s 2022 Corruption Perception Index, New Zealand ranks #1 along with Denmark and Finland. Additionally, New Zealand ranked #2 on the Global Peace Index 2022. Know how is student life in New Zealand
  • Nature Lover- Widespread open spaces with 30% of the land area reserved for national parks and other protected areas. New Zealand holds high regard for environmental conservation.
  • Great Work-Life Balance- According to HSBC's Expat Explorer survey, New Zealand’s work-life balance ranks #1 Worldwide. With a relaxed pace of life, you get to enjoy at least 20+ days of guaranteed personal leave and 11 public holidays additionally from work in New Zealand. 

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Type of PR in New Zealand

When you apply for PR in New Zealand, there are multiple options to help you choose from. Thus to help you decide better on how to get PR in New Zealand from India, choose your ideal fit from the list:

  1. The Skilled Migrant Category
  2. Family Visa Category
  3. Business and Investment Resident Visa

Let’s learn about each of them below:

1. The Skilled Migrant Category

This type uses a points system based on factors such as age, work experience, qualifications, and offer of skilled employment to determine eligibility. This category is for those who want to stay in New Zealand indefinitely, have been offered a job, and meet the above-mentioned criteria.

2. Family Visa Category

If you’re sponsored by a permanent resident of New Zealand or a citizen, you can apply for a PR visa. You can also apply if you are the spouse/partner, parent, or dependent child of a sponsored. This category of New Zealand PR for Indians is the most appealing, considering family life.

3. Business and Investment Resident Visa

Make an acceptable investment in New Zealand for a stipulated time to apply for this visa. Points for your Investment Visa are given depending on your business experience, investment funds, English language skills, and age.

For an application for Permanent Residence via an Entrepreneur visa, you must have a detailed business plan that meets the set visa requirements.

Eligibility Criteria For PR in NZ After Study

To avail PR in New Zealand, international students must meet the set criterias. Catering to this list is important as a small ignorance can get your PR application rejected. Ensure you cater to the following eligibility criterias listed below:

  • Age should be 55 or less
  • Good Fluency in English
  • Has existing resident visa of at least two years. It shouldn’t have expired in the three-month window period before your New Zealand PR application
  • Proof of commitment to living in New Zealand
  • Valid number of Expression of Interest (EOI) points

Once the list is met, there will be a review of the application for Permanent Residence Visa.

It will be based on an Expression of Interest (EOI) points system. EOI (Expression of Interest) is/are...your application expressing interest in getting permanent residence in New Zealand. It explains to the authorities your employment in New Zealand, work experience, and qualifications.

If your EOI score sums up to 160 points or above. Bam! You are selected to apply for New Zealand PR. In case your EOI sums up to 140 points, you will automatically be selected from the top as one of the high-point contenders. EOIs between 100 -140 points that have a valid job offer are selected by points ranking.

In a gist, the PR process in New Zealand is as follows: 

  • For every criteria you meet, you earn points. 
  • Once you cross the minimum points requirement, you may get selected for permanent residency in New Zealand.

Documents Required For PR In New Zealand

Once you’ve met the eligibility criterias, a set of supporting documents is required to complete the PR application process. Ensure the below is checked:

  • Proof of Identity 
  • 2 photos
  • A valid passport or a certificate of identity
  • Proof of character
  • Existing valid Resident visa
  • Proof of commitment to living in New Zealand (If you've spent at least 184 days of the last 2 years in New Zealand, you will by default meet this requirement)
  • Job offer letter (In case you are applying for PR under the Work Visa category)
  •  Proof of sponsorship (If you’ve applied for the Family Visa category, you need to produce this document)

How To Apply For New Zealand PR?

In order to apply for New Zealand PR, follow the below steps to file your application:

  • Head to the NZ website
  • Calculate EOI points on NZ Gov website (Usually, a minimum of 100 points is required to be eligible for NZ PR. but currently, only those with an EOI score of 160 points or above are being permitted to apply for permanent residence in New Zealand)
  • If eligible, submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) on
  • If you meet the criteria, an email invitation to apply for permanent residence in New Zealand will be received (If not you can submit another EOI within 6 months)
  • Submit your application within 4 months of the invite.
  • Check the status of your application on the website.
  • Once selected, submit documents and pay application fees and Visa fees.
  • Payment can be done via credit or debit card. Since visa fees differ with each kind of visa, do check it online.

Cost of PR in New Zealand For International Students

When applying for PR in New Zealand, you need to pay a set fee for the process to continue further. NZ PR costs might range anywhere between NZ $ 210 - NZ $ 580, depending on the type of PR you are eligible for.

Especially for Indian students, you will need to bear the New Zealand PR cost of NZ$ 210 for application. Additional visa charges will be added to the same.

Wrapping Up….

New Zealand’s benefits to its foreign nationals are proof that the former wishes to see more international individuals entering the country. From creating the best educational system to offering the best work-life balance, the country has seen the rise of PRs every year now. If you wish to learn more about the country or a detailed process about PR in NZ after study, speak to our Yocket counsellors today. 


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