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Automobile Engineering in Canada: Top Universities for Automobile Engineering in Canada

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Automotive engineering is one of the highly demanded fields in Canada with importance across various industries, including vehicle engine design, performance and fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, ergonomics, and mechanical safety. Automotive universities in Canada offer the right automotive technology skills and a strong emphasis on designing and manufacturing automobiles and their components, including vehicle dynamics, engine analysis, and autonomous vehicle technologies.

An automotive engineer gets industrial exposure in various top companies such as Tesla, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and many more. The annual average salary of an automotive engineer in Canada is quite good which, ranges between 52,518 CAD/ INR 31,91,064 and 110,639 CAD/ INR 67,22,575. If you are planning to study automobile engineering in Canada, this blog will be helpful for you to know about the top universities, costs, eligibility and job prospects.

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Why Study Automotive Engineering in Canada?

Here are some reasons why studying automotive engineering in Canada is worth it:

  • Research Opportunities: This is one of the biggest reasons to study in Canada because of its strong focus on research and development. The Canadian government provides great support to research in the disciplines of engineering specialisations.
  • Career Opportunities: The demand for skilled graduates in the field of automotive or automobile engineering is far beyond the labour market supply between 2018-2028. There will be a projected demand of 13,200 engineers compared to 11,300 new job seekers. This makes automotive engineering a lucrative career option among students.
  • Practical Training: The automobile engineering universities in Canada offer project-based practical learning opportunities and internships with their industrial partners that help students in getting industry exposure.
  • Earning While Learning: Canadian universities allow their international students to work up to 20 hours a week during their semester breaks. To work in any company or for internships, you don't require a work permit; a study permit is enough for you to work part-time in Canada.

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These are some of the reasons that may help you consider Canada for automotive engineering. If you are ready to pursue this course in Canada, let's look at some of the best universities offering automotive courses in Canada.

Top Universities in Canada for Automotive Engineering

The study of automotive engineering in Canada can be summed up with innovative education, a rewarding career, and a great experience. Below we have curated a list of the top universities in Canada for automobile engineering with their QS Ranking 2023 and average tuition fee.

University Name

QS Rank 2024

Tuition Fee

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

601 out of 1600

INR 20,91,854 annually

University of Windsor


INR 18,26,392 annually

Fanshawe College


INR 4,39,486 per term

University of Fraser Valley


INR 18,22,840 annually

McMaster University


INR 26,76,051 annually

1.   University of Ontario Institute of Technology

The University of Ontario offers admissions to bachelor and masters degree programs in automotive engineering. The Bachelor degree in automotive engineering emphasises the design and manufacturing of automobiles, and the Masters degree in automotive engineering provides students with a detailed understanding of advanced technologies and processes related to automotive systems.

Type of University


Programs Offered

  • BEng in Automotive Engineering
  • MEng in Automotive Engineering
  • MASc in Automotive Engineering
  1. University of Windsor

University of Windsor is one of Ontario's growing research institutions that focuses on student research and the excellence of education. Provides admissions to international MASc in automotive engineering that deals with the solid professional training and the practical experience necessary to work in this competitive global environment.

Type of University


Programs Offered

  • International MASc in Automotive Engineering

3.   Fanshawe College

This is a comprehensive college located in the greater London region that provides flexible learning arrangements and experiential education opportunities to its students in terms of the labour market needs. There are different levels of automotive courses at Fanshawe College like diplomas, graduate certificates, certificates etc.

Type of University


Programs Offered

  • Graduate Certificate in Automotive Service
  1. University of the Fraser Valley

University of Fraser Valley is a beautiful university located in the east of Vancouver, British Columbia, that provides admissions to various degree programs to study. It offers admissions to different types of automotive specialisation courses in diploma and certificate degrees. This provides opportunities to students for automotive and robotics technicians to work in different industries.

Type of University


Programs Offered

  • Diploma in Automotive
  • Certificate in Automotive Service
  1. McMaster University

McMaster University was founded in 1837 in Hamilton, Canada and is a research-oriented medical doctoral university. It offers admission to both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in automotive engineering specialisations that prepares students for the needs of today's innovatiion based industries.

Type of University


Programs Offered

  • B.Tech in Automotive Engineering Technology
  • B.Tech in Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology

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Automotive Engineering Courses in Canada for International Students

At the top colleges and universities in Canada, automotive engineering in Canada is offered at three different study levels. They are

  • Bachelors in Automotive: If you are looking at automotive engineering courses in Canada after 12th, BASc in Mechanical Engineering is the only choice. Automotive engineering is offered with the mechanical engineering program in Canada. This program builds a foundation of knowledge for the students.
  • Masters in Automotive: The masters degree courses in Canada are offered as MASc and MEng in Automotive Engineering in certain universities. It provides advanced training and knowledge to take up reputable roles in the vehicle and automobile sectors.
  • PhD in Automotive: PhD in automotive engineering in Canada is only offered at the University of Windsor. This course focuses on teaching students to conduct world-class research and educational initiatives that enhance the Canada automotive industry.

This was the type of automotive courses offered at universities in Canada. Now, let's see some of the specialisations that automotive courses in Canada have in store for international students.

  • Mechanical Engineering - Automation and Control
  • Motive Power Technician - Automotive (Co-op)
  • Industrial Automation
  • Automotive - Motive Power Technician
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Automotive Collision and Refinishing
  • Parts Management Technician
  • Auto Body Technician
  • Automation and Robotics Technician
  • Automotive Mechanics

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Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Automotive Engineering Courses in Canada

Now let’s check out the eligibility criteria and requirements to study automotive engineering in Canada:

  • Educational Transcripts
  • Bachelor's degree (for masters)
  • English Proficiency Language Test scores like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
  • GMAT or GRE scores

Talking about the requirements for automobile engineering courses in Canada briefly, let's start with.

1.   Educational Transcripts

It is one of the most basic requirements to start your admission procedure to automobile engineering courses in Canada is to have an academic transcript from your previously attended school. The transcripts must be translated into the English language.

2.   Bachelor's Degree

If you are applying for admission to a master's or pg diploma in automotive engineering in Canada, you are required to submit a bachelor of automotive engineering in Canada. Some of the universities also accept bachelor degrees in other specialisations such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, automobile engineering, etc.

3.   English Proficiency Language Test

It is recommended for you, as an international student, to have language proficiency proof in terms of TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo or other tests. The minimum test scores requirements to study in automotive engineering colleges in Canada for international students are given below

4.   GMAT or GRE Scores

Automotive engineering universities in Canada also ask for your GRE or GMAT scores to apply for admission in masters courses. The cutoff can vary based on the university or college.

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Documents Required for Automotive Engineering Courses in Canada

Additional required documents including work experience, resume, cv, etc can also be asked by the universities and colleges depending upon the program you choose. These documents are not mandatory, but adding this to the application form may increase your chances of acceptance. Some other documents are

Now that you are well aware of the eligibility and requirements, let's take a quick look on the admission process

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Admission Process for Automotive Engineering in Canada

The step by step application process for applying to some of the top automotive engineering universities in Canada has been briefly discussed below

  • First choose your desired university and college to start your automotive engineering degree in Canada.
  • Go through the university website and check the eligibility criteria and requirements of the course.
  • Fill up the university application form and pay the application fees.
  • Submit all the mandatory documents, including transcripts, academic records, language proof, etc, with other additional documents as per the degree program.
  • Once you complete the application form, wait for the acceptance letter or an interview mail.
  • After getting the acceptance letter, apply for a study permit visa in the nearest Canadian embassy.

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Cost of Studying Automotive Engineering in Canada

The overall costs of studying automobile engineering in Canada depend upon the university you are applying to and the lifestyle you choose. Therefore, the costs may be categorised into two parts: Tuition Fees and living costs. Let's discuss them one by one

1.   Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for automobile engineering courses in Canada depend upon the degree and the study level you are applying for. The average tuition fees for different levels of automotive engineering degrees are

  • Diploma in Automotive: 10,000 CAD to 18,000 CAD.
  • Bachelor Degree: 15,000 CAD to 36,700 CAD
  • PG Diploma and Graduate Certificate: 10,000 CAD to 21,000 CAD.
  • Masters Degree: 18,000 CAD to 39,000 CAD.

2.   Living Costs

The estimated costs of living in Canada for a single person should be between 800 CAD to 1,500 CAD/ INR 48,000-91,000 per month along with the program fees. These estimated costs may include other charges such as lodging, groceries, clothing, type of room, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.

If these costs seem high to you, they are totally worth it if you dive into the career opportunities of an automotive engineering graduate in Canada.

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Career Opportunities in Canada after Automotive Engineering Courses

The best automobile colleges in Canada with high employability rates can help you in getting your dream jobs. The average starting salary of an automotive engineering graduate in Canada can stand somewhere at 52,518 CAD/ INR 31,91,064 per annum. You can also opt for higher education in masters and PhD in automotive engineering in Canada.

Let us make you explore some career options available after completing automobile engineering in Canada.:

  • Higher education in various engineering specialisations such as mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electronics engineering, etc.
  • Pursue MBA in any Automotive Engineering management sector.
  • Get employment in various consulting firms and in manufacturing, processing, or transportation industries.
  • Become a production engineer, manufacturing Engineer, transportation engineer, etc.

To get a better understanding of how careers post automotive engineering in Canada will look like, we have curated a list of top automotive job profiles in Canada along with their average salary.

Job Profile

Average Starting Salary

Automotive Engineers

72,518 CAD/ INR 44,06,291

Production Engineer

69,230 CAD/ INR 42,06,508

Manufacturing Engineer

64,636 CAD/ INR 39,27,370

R & D Executive

65,000 CAD/ INR 38,88,726

Automobile Designer

78,303 CAD

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Scholarships to Study Automotive Engineering in Canada

Various types of scholarships are available to pursue automotive engineering courses in Canada such as university specific, privately funded scholarship and government-funded scholarships.

Some of the scholarships that can help you in financing your education are given below

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Global Leadership Award

International students studying in any undergraduate degree

18,000 CAD/ INR 10,19,704 per year

Principal’s International Scholarship India

Indian Students

Have a GPA of 3.5

20,000 CAD/ INR 12,15,227

Entrance Excellence Scholarship

Highest academic average score

1,500 CAD/ INR 91,142

Automatic Entrance Scholarships, McMaster University

Upcoming students in first baccalaureate program

3,000 CAD/ INR 1,82,284

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After completing your automotive engineering in Canada, you will have lots of career options such as working for various industrial giants, starting your own business, or pursuing higher education in Canada. Automotive or automobile engineering in Canada is also considered to be quite rewarding based on the return on investment and the job prospects in Canada.

However, if in the process, you require any guidance on university selection, scholarship guidance, loan application, visa application, etc, connect with our expert counsellors by subscribing to Yocket Premium. The best part is now you can get all through the Kickstarter Yocket Plan at just INR 499.



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