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Student Life in Canada: Know Everything about Student Life in Canada for International Students

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Considered as a premier destination for overseas education, Canada welcomes almost a 5th of its students from various countries around the globe. Canada has the crème de la crème universities providing world-class educational facilities and enriching student life in the beautiful land. Better career prospects, cultural diversity, vibrant cities, and high quality of life attract over 500,000 students every year to this picturesque nation of friendly people and tolerant attitudes towards foreigners.

International student life in Canada is all about the quality, cost of education, accommodation, city and social life, culture and languages spoken, food. This article is a comprehensive guide to know everything related to student life in Canada.

Table of Contents:

  1. Culture in Canada
  2. City Life in Canada
  3. Social Life in Canada
  4. Campus Life in Canada
  5. Recreational Activities in Canada
  6. Weather in Canada
  7. Language Spoken in Canada
  8. Expenses in Canada

1. Culture in Canada

Canada is a progressive, diverse and multicultural nation. The culture in Canada is largely influenced by European and American cultures. Being an immigrant-friendly country Canada welcomes an impression of various cultures around the globe.

  • Known as'the just society', Canada's culture is underpinned by its tolerance, respect, and community orientation. Canadians are generally individualistic and emphasize and value everyone's contribution to their community.
  • Montreal Jazz Festival, Winterlude, Celebration Of Light, and Pride Torontoare only a few among the many unmissable extravaganzas of Canada. This is a land of picturesque sceneries and people with an all-time spirit. Ice hockey is a Canadian thing and so is the famous maple syrup.

Life in Canada for Indian students becomes especially an enriching experience as Indians resonate with Canadians in spirit. You are bound to enjoy Canadian culture.

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2. City Life in Canada  

Canada has much more to offer than just big city life. With an average of 35- 40 working hours, work-life balance is the only way to survive in Canadian cities. Most universities in Canada allow students to do part-time jobs giving them the required work permits, though with certain restrictions, including restricting the work time for students to a maximum of 20 hours a week. This might just be a way to manage your expenses during your student life in Canada.

  • Theatre, restaurants, Omnimax, Chinatown, Gigging, Gay Village, pubs, and clubs, are what most Canadians are found to indulge in.
  • Poutine,  Bannock, Butter tarts, and Nova Scotia Lobster rolls are the unsaid traditions that everyone encounters and enjoys during their international student life in Canada.

Canadian cities are lively places with progressive mindsets making them apt for student life in Canada. Also know the best Canadian cities to dwell in during student life in Canada.

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3. Social Life in Canada

Canada ranks at 10th spot in global peace index making it one of the favourable choices for international students. Canada is also the land of progressive and diverse people. The immigrant-friendly nation has free societies ready to accept and acknowledge you as you are.

As an international student, your social life begins at your accommodation. Canada welcomes all its international students with open arms and you are sure to find an accommodation of your choice in this country even if you don’t know anyone beforehand. With a large population of Canada belonging to Indian origin, life in Canada for an Indian Student becomes a bit easier. To begin with, your life in Canada as a student can visit the International Student Office to find accommodation.

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Types of Accommodation in Canada for International Students:

  1. Dormitories or Condominiums: Dormitories are residences offered and managed by universities. These are often an integral part of life in Canada for Indian Students apart from the general first-year students. Condominiums have up to six single accommodation rooms with a kitchen and living room usually on the main floor. They are suitable for students acquainted with the culture of Canada.
  2. Shared Apartments (off-campus): Similar to townhouses, you can stay alone or find one or more roommates. Universities in Canada help you find off-campus housing. Rental charges might vary from city to city.
  3. Homestay: Homestay is a concept for students willing to stay with families. You are provided with an individual room and three meals a day. This indeed is a safer option than the other options. Moreover, you eventually get to dive deep into the rich Canadian culture. Homestays make life in Canada for Indian students accustomed to living with their families, specifically easy.

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4. Campus Life in Canada

At the university level, most of your day will be spent on practical-based career-centered education. Apart from attending classes, you might be involved in shooting and editing your own videos in broadcasting or working with patients if you want to be a dental hygienist. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice your skills in real work environments.

In college, your days will include lectures, labs, tutorials, and workshops. This variety is what campus life is all about in Canadian universities. Your professors and instructors schedule office hours for students, so you can meet with them to discuss assignments or questions. Apart from a world-class educational system in Canada, your campus life will have sports and loads of extracurricular activities.


5.  Recreational Activities in Canada

Canada is your destination when it comes to leisure activities. Canadian citizens refrain from being locked indoors and are often found engaged in bicycling, curling, reading, horseback riding, bowling, golfing, walking, skating, hiking, cooking, skiing, and swimming. The life of an international student in Canada becomes a merry journey with innumerable recreational opportunities.

Along with a spirit to live life to the fullest Canada is also bestowed with abundant beauties of nature like Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Big Muddy Badlands, Red Sands, Cathedral Grove, and many more. Usually, low temperatures and frequent rains add to the charm of Canada. During your stay in this land of serenity, you can steal some time from your busy schedule and spend moments amidst the beauty of nature.


6. Weather in Canada

The northern part of Canada is extremely cold, with summer lasting less than two months, but almost all Canadians live near the southern border where the weather is warmer. Summers are warm and humid. High temperatures in summer are around 79°F and in winter 32°F. It rains on average 7 days a month year-round. The weather adds serenity to life in Canada for Indian students.

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7. Languages Spoken in Canada

There's more to Canada than maple syrup and excessive politeness. Its ten provinces also have a good level of linguistic diversity, with metropolitan cities like Toronto and Vancouver brimming with languages from all over the world. English and French are the most widely spoken languages in Canada, which comes as no surprise.

But did you know that there are currently 67 Aboriginal languages spoken in Canada? Or that Mandarin is the third most widely spoken mother tongue in the world? Or that the number of Canadians who can communicate in a language other than English or French is increasing? Or that Tagalog is the fastest-growing language in the nation?

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8. Expenses in Canada

Canada is known for its distinctive curriculum and the quality of education which is beyond perfection. No education system even stands close to that of Canada. And hence, the cost of living in Canada for international students is justified, looking at the returns they get. A brief on cost of living in Canada is mentioned below:


Average Cost Per Month


400 CAD -  600 CAD


200 CAD - 300 CAD


100 CAD - 250 CAD


30 CAD - 50 CAD


600 CAD - 700 CAD

A large number of international students in Canada tend to settle down in the country permanently, during or after completion of their courses. After having an enriching experience as a student in Canada, people often choose to not leave the land. Canada is one of the world’s most developed nations, and whether you are a skilled worker, student, visitor, or entrepreneur, it has opportunities galore for you. If you have a post graduation work permit in Canada, it means you can access Canada’s welfare benefits, medical facilities, free education, unemployment insurance, and so on.

All that you need to do to live your study abroad dream in Canada is clear the required exams and get your visa ready to fly off to this amazing country. You can also reach out to a study abroad counsellor to help you through your journey to Canada. For starters, fix up a FREE 15 mins consultation call. 


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