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Established in 1825, The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is one of the largest and most prestigious research and education institutions in Germany known for its high quality of research work around the world. KIT is one of the leading universities in the Engineering and Natural Sciences in Europe, ranking sixth overall in citation impact. With more than 9,000 employees and enrollment of 25,000 students it beholds the annual budget of about EUR 785 million for which KIT is one of the biggest research and education institutions worldwide and has the potential of reaching a top position in selected research areas on an international level. The computer science department of the university is one of the most leading departments and has maintained that place since a long time.
German language eligibility:
Even though the university has all its courses in English, it is safe to keep a general knowledge of German. The professors are good with their English, so interacting with them wouldn’t be a problem, but sometimes they end up speaking German in between as naturally that is their mother tongue. Some forms and notices are put up in German so it is better to have a basic knowledge so you wouldn’t have to be dependent on someone who knows German.
Exams required:
There are no specific exams required to take admissions in KIT, but some courses have a good enrollment so to avoid extra population the university has kept entrance for those specific courses. One of such popular course is mechanical engineering.




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Karlsruhe is the second-largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, in southwest Germany, near the Franco-German border with a population of 296,033. An interesting fact about Karlsruhe is that the city was planned with the palace tower (Schloss) at the center and 32 streets radiating out from it like the spokes of a wheel, or the ribs of a folding fan, so that one nickname for Karlsruhe in German is the "fan city" (Fächerstadt). Almost all of these streets survived until today. It is the city of unique history and a different culture. It is also a fun loving and happening place especially with the German festivals that happen around the year, the most famous festival called simply ‘Das Festival’ is one of the most awaited event in which university’s students love to take part and enjoy to the core. Apart from all this, there are a lot of places to cool your head off around the city which includes some bars and cafeterias which are pretty famous and worth a visit almost every weekend. Over all the area is a bit expensive as it is a metropolitan city, but it is so well organized that you wouldn’t feel like you’re living in a populated area.


The university was founded in 1825 as a public research center has a huge campus spread throughout the city, especially on the southern parts of it. The university has some sites which are a tourist spots and considered as heritage. The new centers of technology are built with the latest and most modern space where student don’t feel old school while they learn engineering. The university provides dorms for international as well as national students which are managed by the Studentenwerk Karlsruhe. You can find numerous dormitories on their web page and can also apply online. As you are an international exchange student you can get additional help from the Office for International Affairs on this issue. There are more dormitories which are managed privately, often by the church. Of course this doesn't mean that must have a specific religious denomination.

Residing Options

If you want to live in shared flat with other students you should check out the offers on wg-gesucht.de. They page is available in English and most students offer their rooms here. It is common that you physically visit and introduce yourself and then people will decide if you can move in or not. Sometimes a Skype interview with a video can also work so it is worth a try. Eventually Karlsruhe is quite expensive as following are the rates of living:
Dormitories: 150€ - 250€ per month
Shared flat: 200€ - 350€ per month
Single flat: 300€ - 500€ per month


Undoubtedly the universities of Germany haven’t disappointed yet, nor has its faculty. The faculty at KIT is one of the most renowned in Germany and has a great connection with their students. Most students have reviewed the faculty as one of the best that they have come across. The university has kept a good track on faculty and has kept them happier with a good salary and services in return the faculty are giving their best to teach students in every possible way. The teachers are well known to the latest technology of teaching and the modern techno based class help students understand in a better way. Now the problem of learning and speaking in German is not such a big issue here as every professor knows how to talk in English and the lectures are conducted in English.

Jobs and placements

Large network of alumni and connections with many international companies attracts a lot of students to this university. Placements after every semester are conducted here at KIT and every student prepares to do their best for these interviews. An examination is conducted after your final semester and before the placements which helps the university and you, both to decide the kind of firm you are suitable in.

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