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Complete Guide to BBA in Canada: Top BBA Colleges in Canada, Admission Requirements, Fees & More

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If you are looking for a fast-paced career that can lead you to top management positions, BBA in Canada is one of the most suitable options. BBA is a multidimensional program which prepares you to apply business and management strategies to real world situations. Studying in Canada gives you the opportunity to be in one of the Canadian universities recognized globally for offering affordable education with minimal admission requirements.

Canada happens to be one the world's most developed economies with the potential of offering excellent job opportunities which attracts a large number of ambitious international students. It is indeed the top choice of study abroad destinations attracting a higher population of Indian students than US or UK.  Let us dive deeper into BBA in Canada for Indian students with details about top universities, BBA requirements in Canada, application process, costs, and more.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study BBA in Canada?
  2. BBA in Canada: Course Structure
  3. Top Universities in Canada for BBA
  4. BBA in Canada: Eligibility Criteria, Requirements & Admission Process
  5. Cost of Studying BBA in Canada
  6. Future Prospects After BBA in Canada
  7. Frequently Asked Questions About BBA in Canada


Why Study BBA in Canada?

If you are looking for the right reasons to study BBA in Canada after 12th, then let’s take a look at some points worth considering:

  • World-class education: Canada has an excellent education system supported by reputed institutions such as University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Université de Montréal, University of Alberta, McMaster University, etc.
  • Affordable tuition costs: Compared to other study abroad destinations such as the US and UK, BBA fees in Canada are quite affordable. You will also find ample financial aid opportunities such as scholarships and fellowships from your institution of choice.
  • Diverse student body: Canadian universities feature a diverse student body representing various countries around the world. You will find it easy to adapt and mix in with people and enjoy a culturally rich environment. Almost every university has a department dedicated for international student services that will smoothen your transformation as an international student.
  • Vocational training options: One of the biggest advantages of studying in Canada is the variety of vocational training courses that it has to offer. Such courses are strictly career-oriented and lead you to a specific type of job. The courses can be as short as 6-12 months in duration and will make you a well-rounded individual to enter the job market.
  • Permanent work options: The post-graduation work permit (PGWP) allows students to stay back in Canada after graduation and work. It is a great relief for students who wish to work after BBA in Canada. You will also have the opportunity to continue your studies after completing the bachelor’s degree.

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Now that we have understood the benefits of a BBA from Canada, let us learn more about its course structure:

BBA in Canada: Course Structure

If you are among students planning to pursue BBA in Canada after 12th, you must take a quick look at the course structure of BBA course in Canada:

  • Duration: BBA duration in Canada is 3-4 years just like any other undergraduate degree. Canada also offers a BBA program with co-op placements which includes paid work experience as a part of the program.
  • Content: BBA in Canada is a general business degree also termed as a junior MBA degree. The course content covers areas of business, management, entrepreneurship, accounting, finance, strategic management, economics for management studies, operational research, supply chain management, etc. It also teaches leadership, innovation, communication, negotiation and teamwork.
  • Alternatives: You may also decide to pursue an alternative course for Bachelor of Business Administration in Canada such as Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance, Bachelor of Arts in International Business, Bachelor of Management Studies, etc.

Further, let us take a look at the best universities in Canada for BBA:

Top Universities in Canada for BBA

The top provinces for international students which are also home to the best universities in Canada for BBA are Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Here is a quick look at the table below to learn about the top institutions offering BBA in Canada for Indian students and tuition fees:


Program Offered (Duration)

Average Annual Tuition Fees

University of Toronto

BBA (4 years)

58,160 CAD

Simon Fraser University

BBA Major (4 years)

33,360 CAD

Memorial University of Newfoundland

BBA (4 years)

11,460 CAD

York University

BBA Honors (4 years)

33,960 CAD

McMaster University

BBA (3-4 years)

41,985 CAD

Thompson Rivers University

BBA (4 years)

19,604 CAD

Concordia University

BBA (3 years)

27,278 - 32,120  CAD


As an aspirant seeking admission to one of the best BBA colleges in Canada, It is important to know about the eligibility criteria and documents required for admission.  Let’s discuss these below:

BBA in Canada: Eligibility Criteria, Requirements & Admission Process

Here we have discussed in brief the eligibility criteria and admission requirements for best universities in Canada for BBA:


Eligibility Criteria

The standard requirement for admission to BBA universities in Canada are:

  • Completed high school education with 75-85%.
  • Results from year 12 state board examinations will be reviewed on an individual basis by the university’s admission committee.
  • Have Class XII Standard Mathematics to meet calculus requirements for business and management courses.
  • Submit proof of English language proficiency. The most commonly accepted English language proficiency test scores are minimum IELTS score of 6.5, no band below 6.0 or equivalent in other accepted exams.


Documents Required

Before applying to BBA colleges in Canada make sure you keep the following documents handy to complete the application process:

  • Official certified copies of high school transcripts
  • All India Senior School Certificate or Indian School Certificate
  • Notarized translations of documents not issued in English
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Academic or professional references
  • Personal statement
  • Certificates/ documents showing any academic or extracurricular achievements
  • Proof of finances
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Copy of passport

These are the general documents required for admission to any BBA colleges in Canada. Make sure you visit the official website of your university to check any additional requirements for international students.


Admission Process for BBA in Canada

Now we shall discuss the admission process for BBA universities in Canada for international students:

  • Visit the university’s website to check specific admission criteria for your choice of program.
  • International applicants planning to apply to more than one Ontario universities can use the OUAC 105 Application.
  • You can apply to BBA universities in Canada by completing the online application available on the university website.
  • You may have to submit a supplementary application which will be used for evaluation.
  • You will have to pay the necessary application fee along with the supporting documents and completed application form.
  • Universities in Canada accept applications for 3 intakese. fall, winter and summer. Fall being the primary intake sees the maximum international enrollment. Check your university website to see the application deadline for BBA in Canada.
  • After submitting your application, keep tracking its status and wait for the admission decision.
  • Meanwhile, prepare to apply for a student visa to study BBA in Canada for Indian students.

Let us now  briefly discuss the cost of studying BBA in Canada.

Cost of Studying BBA in Canada

For studying BBA in Canada, your expenses will include the university fees and the cost of living.


Cost of Tuition

The BBA fees in Canada differs for various institutions and mainly depends on whether you are an international or domestic student. The average tuition fees for international students is 29,750 CAD per year. Notably, the cost of pursuing a business and management degree in Canada is relatively cheaper compared to a degree in subjects such as engineering, humanities, dentistry or medicine. To fulfill Canadian student visa requirements, you will need 10,000-11,000 CAD in your bank account.


Cost of Living

Apart from these costs, students also have to bear the cost of living which may amount to 900-1500 CAD per month. Of this cost, student accommodation accounts for the majority of the expenses which is around 3,000-8,400 CAD per year depending on whether you choose to live in university accommodation or private accommodation. 

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BBA in Canada prepares you for jobs in business, management, accounting and finance as well as allows you to enroll for higher education programs such as an MBA. Let us explore the options:


Future Prospects After BBA in Canada

It is better to have a master’s degree before opting for a job in Canada but you can also decide to gain some professional experience or gather some funds for pursuing MBA in Canada by working after BBA. Let us take a dive into the various future prospects after BBA in Canada.


Studying Post BBA in Canada

A BBA degree serves as a foundation for the MBA degree which is why multiple international students decide to pursue MBA after completing their BBA course in Canada. Not only this, with a master’s degree in Canada you can earn around 29% higher salary while doing the same job.

With a master’s degree you will be more prepared to enter the job market with a lot of practical experience and exposure.


Nevertheless, you may be more inclined towards your decision to work after completing your BBA. So let us take a look at the job prospects after BBA in Canada:

Job Prospects After BBA in Canada

There are various job titles you can target after completing a BBA course in Canada. Applying for a job does not necessarily mean the end of your education. You can choose to work for a few years and gain professional experience before applying for a MBA degree. Here are some of the most common job titles after BBA in Canada with average annual salary:

Job Title

Average Annual Salary


80,600 CAD

Administrative Assistant

65,800 CAD

Marketing Coordinator

75,000 CAD

Business Analyst

154,000 CAD

Sales Representative

78,000 CAD

Accounting Assistant

65,600 CAD

Canada is one of the best suited study abroad destinations for highly motivated international students. The Canadian education system provides excellent quality of education with future academic as well as career opportunities in a safe environment. Further you have a permanent residency option waiting for you once you start working. Just make sure you have everything planned out beforehand to have a smooth transition as an international student in an unfamiliar environment.


Frequently Asked Questions About BBA in Canada


  1. What are some alternatives for BBA in Canada and which institutions offer them?

Ans. Some of the best alternatives for BBA in Canada are

  • BA Economics- University of British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Management in Business Economics- University of Alberta
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management- University of Waterloo
  • Bachelor of Management- Dalhousie University

  1. How much is the cost of BBA in Canada for Indian students?

Ans. The cost for Indian students ranges between 15,000-58,000 CAD i.e. 8,95,000-34,55,000 INR approximately.


  1.  What are some of the best colleges for BBA in Canada?

Ans. Some of the best colleges for BBA in Canada are University of Toronto, Memorial University of Newfoundland, York University, McMaster University, Simon Fraser University, Thompson Rivers University, Concordia University, etc.


  1. What is the eligibility criteria for admission to the best BBA colleges in Canada?

Ans. To get into the best BBA colleges in Canada, you will have to pass standard 12 examination with excellent scores i.e. 85% or above. You must also have good grades in Mathematics to fulfill calculus requirements. An IELTS score of 6.5 with no band below 6.0 will fulfill the English language requirements.


  1. Will I be able to get a job after BBA in Canada?

Ans. Yes, you will be able to get a job right after BBA in Canada. You can expect a starting salary of 30,200 CAD as a fresher. Some of the top job titles for which international students are appointed include Accountant, Financial Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Sales Representative among others.

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