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Also referred to as UHH, the University of Hamburg in Germany was founded in the year 1919. The University of Hamburg is identified as the largest education and research institution in the northern part of Germany. The university has originated from the (colonial institute of Hamburg, General lecture system and also as a Gymnasium). Despite a short story to tell about the university, it has managed to top and become one of the best university in Germany. The university is working towards growing their technology and learning process.

It is indicated that researchers from the university expanded widely for better facilities by applying for funding from major facilities initiatives. Compared to older universities, the University of Hamburg has been able to top all the way to position 152 in the world ranking. The university offers the following faculties; Faculty of Law, Business, Economic and Social Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Informatics, and Natural Sciences, Business Administration and faculty of Psychology and Human Movement.



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The University of Hamburg is located in a popular place known as Hamburg which is the largest city in the country. The population of Hamburg is high with approximately 1.8 million citizens. This is a standardized and organized city where thousands of companies are located. A large percentage of Germany’s economy relies on this city. This is the hub of financial stability in Germany not forgetting that the port of Hamburg is the largest in the whole world. Many buildings in Hamburg are well preserved from the ancient days making it a city of tourism. The city of Hamburg carries a lot of history making it the most interesting place to visit or live in.


Starting with buildings in the main campus, students are provided with spacious lecture halls with appropriate facilities. There are various infrastructures which are divided in terms of departments. The university has a center of “natural history” where students get exposed to the live historical objects. The university also has a center of Hamburg history, continuing studies, Botanical Gardens, museums and history collections, computing centers, the university’s archive, university’s sports facilities, and university music facilities.

Residing Options

It is not an easy job finding an affordable and suitable room or apartment in Hamburg especially at the beginning of the semester. International students are urged to get a little help from studierendenwerk Hamburg which is an international association for the students in Hamburg and other universities. With the list provided by this association, one is able to choose a room /apartment according to their preferences. Applications can be done online through their website.


The faculty to student ratio is 1:8 comprising of 42,890 students, 5,382 academic staff as well as 7,076 administrative staff.

Jobs and placements

The University of Hamburg has been able to produce alumni who are now with the largest companies in various countries. This is an indication that it is an advantage for any Hamburg’s university alumni to get a well-paying job in the free job market since the institution has a clean reputation in and outside Germany.

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