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What is WES Evaluation: WES Fees, Process & Validity 

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“How to convert your Indian university’s scores into the American/Canadian GPA?”

This is a common question that every study abroad aspirant must have faced. Not yet? Don’t worry, you will experience it soon.

There are multiple steps/calculations that you can follow to convert your scores into standard GPA format. However, your credential scores need to be evaluated by a trusted source. This is where WES (World Education Services) steps in. North America’s most trusted credential evaluator, WES works with 48,000+ global higher education institutes!

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What is WES Evaluation?

WES evaluation is a comparison of an aspirant’s academic accomplishments to the US or Canadian standards. This evaluation not only helps the universities, but also employers, immigration, and licensing boards with your educational qualifications. 

The grading system in the USA is hugely different from the Indian grading system. Under the US system, the grades are given on a scale of 0 to 4 with 0.1-point increments. The Indian education system follows either a percentage scale (from 0 to 100) or a CGPA scale (from 0 to 10). 

Now, a question arises - how do we convert our scale to the WES grading scale? Well, that’s exactly what the WES evaluation does. It takes your marks, in either percentage or CGPA form, and converts them based on each subject you have studied, to the 4-point scale recognized in the USA. 

So what does WES Evaluation do for you?

  • Credential Verification
  • Credential identification and description
  • GPA equivalency
  • Evaluation of documents’ authenticity 

While the evaluation helps you with all that, a frequently asked question here is - is WES evaluation necessary for applying to universities in the US?

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Is WES Necessary for the US?

The answer is as simple as it can get - if they ask for it, you have to provide it at all costs. 

  • A WES evaluation isn't just useful for Master’s or PhD admissions. Some companies ask your degree scores to be standardised before offering you a job too. So, anyone seeking to find a job in the USA or Canada may also be asked to get their WES score evaluated and standardised.

  • Top colleges also need a WES review because they aren't entirely familiar with your college, university, or course. They request that you have your scores standardized by WES so that they can better comprehend your background.

Not all US universities require you to get your scores evaluated. It changes as per the requirements of individual institutions and their courses. But, asked or not, it is generally advised to get your Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) done by WES.

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When to Get Your Credentials Evaluated by WES? 

You can get your credentials evaluated by WES as soon as you decide you’re going to study abroad. The WES Evaluation will help you with admission applications, as well as job applications. The WES Evaluation process takes 7-10 days to complete, so it is advisable to apply for WES ECA accordingly.

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How to Apply for WES Evaluation?

It’s simple. All you have to do is visit the WES website and create an account. Follow the instructions on the website to fill in the details of your subjects individually and pay for the services they offer. 

They will automatically generate the standardised report, which takes about 7 business days. This includes a complete review and verification of the documents, along with the generation of payment. But how much would it cost? Let’s find out.

Fees for WES Evaluation

There are two kinds of WES evaluation, with different costs. The first is a Document-by-document evaluation ($100 or INR 8,100), and the next one is Course-by-course evaluation ($160 or INR 130,00). You can select the one which suits your requirements.

If you choose to pay the former,  your scores are evaluated, standardised and reported to you on the 4.0 scale. 

Whereas, with the latter, you also get to store and officially send the evaluated report to your selected universities. If you're looking for a master's abroad, this is the option you would have to choose.

Now, which documents are required for your credits to be evaluated by WES?

Documents Required for WES Credit Evaluation

There are only 2 documents required for the WES Evaluation process: 

Note that all documents must be attested with the date and duly signed by the designated authority.

Remember that your GRE scores are valid for 5 years? Similarly, WES Evaluation reports are also valid - but for how long? 

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WES Evaluation Validity

The validity of a WES Evaluation is 5 years for Indian students. The entire process takes around 7-10 days to be completed. WES works with 48,000+ higher education institutions. Does this list also contain some of the top global universities? Let’s find out. 🔎

List of Universities that Require WES Evaluation 


QS World University Rankings 2024



Harvard University


University of California Berkeley 


University of Pennsylvania 


Yale University


Princeton University


University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


University of Alberta


You can always check whether a university requires you to get your scores evaluated by checking their admission requirements. If you're still not sure whether you need to get it evaluated, you can connect with the university’s admissions office.  

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While applying to some corporations in the US or Canada, you may be asked to standardise your scores. If you are applying for a Canadian PR via express entry, you will definitely be asked to provide the ECA. Therefore, since WES is the most trusted evaluator in the North American continent, it becomes everyone’s default choice.

But WES isn't the only organisation offering these services. Some other websites are:

You can refer to the websites which cater to your needs, and find the services.

From the Desk of Yocket

WES Evaluations sound tricky, doesn’t it? It is, and aspirants may sometimes think that applying for it adds an unnecessary step to their study abroad journey. But WES’s evaluation does a little more than just help universities know about your academic accomplishments. 

When you apply to universities in the US or Canada, you can always find out if they ask for a WES ECA or not. Sounds like another task on the long list of things to look after in your application, right? Don’t worry. 😄 With Yocket Premium, our experienced counsellors help you with your entire study abroad journey - be it meeting the application deadlines or making your profile stand out from the crowd. 

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