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GRE Score Validity: What is the GRE Score Validity?

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GRE Score Validity: What is the GRE Score Validity? Image

Graduate Records Examination or GRE happens to be one of the six major factors considered while B-schools evaluate applications for screening. Most students take the GRE during the final year of undergraduate degree or later. The results for GRE are available within 15 days from taking the exam and valid for 5 years. Within the GRE exam validity period you can request ETS to send your official scores to any B-school you wish to apply to.

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If you are looking for GRE exam score validity, you have come to the right place. Here is an informative blog with all you need to know about GRE result validity, why scores expire and how the validity period is determined with answers to some of your most common questions.

Table of Contents:

  1. How Long is the GRE Score Valid For?
  2. Why Do GRE Scores Expire?
  3. Why are the Scores Valid for So Long?
  4. Prepare for GRE With Yocket
  5. Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Score Validity

How Long is the GRE Score Valid For?

The first question that comes to your mind when discussing GRE scores is what is the GRE score validity? So let us firstly tell you that your GRE marks validity is 5 years from the test date. Therefore, GRE scores from before June 2017 are no longer valid.

You must note that once the period of 5 years has lapsed from the exam date, your scores will automatically become inaccessible from the ETS records which means you can no longer access your results or send them for admission to B-schools.

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Why Do GRE Scores Expire?

There are various reasons why ETS has set the rule for GRE result validity to be 5 years only. Here is why GRE exam validity period is restricted to 5 years:

  • The first assumption here is that ETS considers that the skills and knowledge quotient of a person changes over 5 years.
  • There are some sections such as quantitative and verbal reasoning and analytical writing that you may get better over time and also from the examinee’s view, the abilities may improve.
  • Apart from the individual’s competencies, ETS also makes alterations to the exam pattern from time to time.
  • The demand for the GRE test also grows, if the scores become invalid after a certain point.
  • As a professional, you may decide at a point in your career to make a shift or go for studies that require GRE and therefore end up re-appearing for the test if the GRE exam score validity has lapsed.

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Why are the Scores Valid for So Long?

Opposed to the question why do GRE scores expire is why are the scores valid for not 1 or 2 but 5 complete years. It is no surprise that there are students who do not immediately enroll in B-schools after taking the GRE. Some of you may plan to work on your CV, enhance your skills, and get some professional work experience before applying for B-schools. But what if you have already taken the test and plan to wait for 2-3 years before enrolling in a B-school? Your efforts will go in vain if the GRE score validity is restricted to a short period. Therefore, keeping in mind the above factors, ETS has capped the GRE score validity to 5 years.

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The 5-year validity period gives you an opportunity to take some time for working on excelling your application before committing to a full fledged program. The month when you take the GRE also matters. It is beneficial to keep your scores valid upto the fall admission cycle in the year in which the scores will expire. Therefore, it is best for you to take some time and guidance and plan around the GRE result validity considering your study plans. For a guided decision, upgrade to Yocket premium today and get access to one-to-one personalized counseling from experienced counselors!

Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Score Validity

Ques. What happens when GRE exam score validity expires?

Ans. Once the GRE scores expire, they are deleted from the ETS records which means you can neither access it or send it to B-schools.

Ques. How long does it take to get GRE scores?

Ans. You can get the complete GRE results in your ETS account within 15 days from taking the computer-based exam. Your scores in the verbal and quantitative section will be available on the same day that you take the exam.

Ques. Do B-schools prefer the latest GRE scores?

Ans. The requirements for admission to B-schools vary from institution to institution. It is necessary to check the admission policies of the institution you are applying to. Some of them prefer scores from exams taken within 2-3 years. 

Ques. Can I send GRE scores for admission just days before its validity expires?

Ans. Yes, you can send the GRE scores for admission as long as they are valid, be it a day before as long as the institution you are applying to accepts it. It is best not to rush in the last fews days before the application deadline as there is a lot of other paperwork to be managed. You must also check with the admissions office if the scores will be accepted.

Ques. When can I reappear for the GRE exam?

Ans. You can reappear for the GRE exam after 21 days from taking the previous test. You are allowed to take a maximum of 5 attempts in a continuous 12 months cycle.

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