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Universities Accepting Low GPA: List of Graduate Schools with Low GPA Requirements

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Study abroad aspirants are led to believe that a high GPA is the most important factor in gaining admission to a university. That, however, is not the case. It's not just about your score; it's about your entire profile. A student with a 3.0 GPA and a resume full of co-curricular activities, for example, has a better chance of getting into a university than a profile with a 3.2 GPA. Colleges that accept low GPA are available in abundance all over the globe! Don't believe us? Come as we take you through the list of colleges with the lowest GPA requirements!

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Overview of the GPA Range: What are High, Medium, and Low GPA?

GPA or a Grade Point Average is an average used to determine how well you have scored in the range of 0.0 to 4.0. In percentage, the range can be compared from 0-59% to 94-100%.

Before making you acquainted with the list of universities accepting low GPAs and the low GPA colleges, let us make you understand what exactly the GPA ranges reflect:

GPA Range (on a scale of 4.0)



Very low











So, having a low GPA means lying in the range of 2.0-3.0, according to the US education standards.

Note: For US colleges and universities, GPA on a scale of 4.0 is usually assessed, whereas, for applicants applying to other countries, a CGPA on a scale of 10.0 is considered at a majority of colleges and universities.

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List of Universities that Accept International Students with Low GPA

Apart from the GPA, there are a lot of things that define a potential candidate or applicant entering a prestigious university. Radical changes in the education systems at some of the best study abroad countries have led to the appreciation of other competencies for acceptance in universities like—work experience, co-curricular, interviews, and whatnot.

Let us now present you with the list of graduate schools with low GPA requirements and low GPA colleges:



Minimum GPA Requirement

Cardiff Metropolitan University



Leeds Beckett University



University of Sunderland



Adelphi University



Louisiana State University



California State University



Southern Arkansas University



North Carolina State University



Lewis Clark State College



Massachusetts State University



Southern New Hampshire University



Southern University at New Orleans



Metropolitan College of New York



University of Pittsburgh at Bradford



Istituto Marangoni



Seoul National University

South Korea


University of Regina



Purdue University Global



Concordia University



University of Wisconsin



Now you know the list of colleges with low GPA requirements, further, let’s check out the tips to get accepted by the colleges that accept low GPA.

Tips for Getting Accepted at Universities with Low GPA

Colleges with low GPA requirements usually focus on other things that make you stand out from rest of the applicants. Universities that accept international students with low GPA put good focus on:

  • Work experience
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Co-curricular
  • High scores in core modules and subjects
  • High standardised test scores (GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT)

How to Get into College with a Low GPA?

Given below are some tips to help you prepare out-of-the-box applications to get into colleges that accept low GPA.

  • Work on your standardised test scores: Universities that accept low GPA for masters usually look for GMAT/ GRE scores and, for UG admissions, universities are always on a lookout for high SAT/ ACT scores. Getting high on these tests can definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Even colleges offering MS with low GPA consider these scores.
  • Enroll in additional courses: Some universities that accept international students with low GPA make sure that students pursue extra coursework in order to complete their degrees. Whereas, some universities that accept low GPA for masters consider extra courses already pursued by the applicant. For instance, when pursuing a degree in a particular discipline, you can go for 1-2 elective courses in addition to your core module, thereby making your mark sheets distinct from others.
  • Powerful SOP: A powerful SOP can do wonders for your application, you can even take advantage of your low GPA to highlight your strong points, subjects, and other areas. More so, you can make the university understand the reasons behind your low GPA.
  • Strong work experience: Colleges with low GPA requirements often tend to pay attention to prior work experiences, internships, co-curricular and projects. These can definitely make your profile stronger.
  • Choose the right course and university: State universities in the USA are often found to be prominent in the list of graduate schools with low GPA requirements. You can even choose special pathway programs at universities that accept low GPA for masters. Some popular universities offering unique pathway programs include Centennial College (Canada), University of Sydney (Australia), Massey University (New Zealand), etc.
  • Build a strong CV: Your CV can be considered a prerequisite in order to get admission into PG courses. Building a strong CV or a resume can definitely get you an edge over other applications.

Does work experience really matter for your admission?

Getting into universities accepting a low GPA is quite easy, provided you have a strong and prominent background in terms of your scores, work experience and co-curricular. You can even choose your dream university by opting for pathway programs.

Also, a majority of the colleges with low GPA requirements are recognised internationally for their education and postgraduate employability rates. As you are now aware that low GPAs won't come in your way of living your study abroad dream, connect with our Yocket Counsellors and seek expert advice!

Frequently Asked Questions about Universities Accepting Low GPA

Ques. How to get into a good college with a low GPA?

Ans. As an international student with a low GPA, you can get into a good college by making your application stronger by:

  • Having excellent work experience, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Co-curricular
  • High scores in core modules and subjects
  • High standardised test scores (GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT)

Ques. Can I pursue MS with low GPA?

Ans. Yes! You can pursue an MS with a low GPA provided your university has a low GPA requirement and you have a strong application profile.

Ques. What are some popular universities offering pathway programs?

Ans. Some famous universities accepting low GPA for pathway programs are:

Ques. List some graduate schools with low GPA requirements.

Ans. The list of graduate schools with low GPA requirements is given below:

  • California State University
  • Metropolitan College of New York
  • Western Washington University
  • Connecticut State University

Ques. Are there colleges that have alternate admission procedures?

Ans. Yes! There are a few colleges that have their own admission procedures sans transcripts and GPA requirements. Some of them are:

  • Bard College- Admission through transcripts and essays
  • Bennington College-Admission through your self-curated work
  • Goucher College- Admission through a 2-minute video about yourself

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