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MIM in Switzerland: Top Universities for MIM Switzerland, Requirements, Fees, Jobs

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With its excellent educational system, Switzerland has attracted international students from all around the world. Switzerland has numerous challenges, and also has many advantages for students looking for a quiet location to study. Master in Management (MIM) is a postgraduate academic diploma demonstrating broad management and leadership qualities. It has recently emerged as a viable alternative to the MBA course for all the grad students from various fields. MIM degrees, which can be earned as a Master of Science or a Master of Arts, are better theoretically structured than a typical MBA. So, to know more about MIM in Switzerland, we have curated a guide below with all the needed information to get admission efficiently.

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Why Study MIM in Switzerland?

MIM programs in Switzerland are fast experiencing an influx of international student applicants. Let us know why:

  • Switzerland Is a top destination for MIM: MIM first originated in the UK, and therefore Europe is the first destination that comes to any international student’s mind looking for an MIM abroad.
  • Hub for top universities: Best MIM Switzerland will offer you some of the top universities to study at. A majority of universities are ranked and recognised by prestigious rankings such as QS World Rankings, THE World Rankings, Financial Times Rankings, etc.
  • Inexpensive than an MBA: MIM has a shorter duration, and therefore is cheaper and much more affordable than an MBA in Europe. An MIM fee ranges from 10,000 EUR to 20,000 EUR as compared to 30,000 EUR to 45,000 EUR for an MBA.
  • Excellent job opportunities: Now that Switzerland is a popular destination to pursue an MIM, it is highly evident that it offers international students with some top-notch career opportunities, and a great scope in future.

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Overview of MIM Programs in Switzerland

Before moving on to knowing about the MIM programs in Switzerland, and universities; let us help you with an overview of MIM Switzerland.


10-12 months

Type of Degree

Post Graduate

Tuition Fees for International Students

10,000 EUR to 20,000 EUR per annum

Specialisations Offered

Supply Chain Management

Business Management



Top Universities

Università Della Svizzera Italiana

ZHAW School of Management and Law

ETH – Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

University of Zurich

University of St. Gallen

Geneva School of Economics and Management

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Best MIM Universities in Switzerland

International students wanting to pursue MIM in Switzerland have multiple university options to choose. The following universities for MIM program in Switzerland are:

  1. Università Della Svizzera Italiana
  2. ZHAW School Of Management And Law
  3. ETH – Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology
  4. University of Zurich
  5. University of St. Gallen
  6. Geneva School of Economics And Management

So, these are some of the best universities in Switzerland providing MIM programs for international students. Let’s know it in detail:

Università Della Svizzera Italiana

The Università Della Svizzera Italiana, often known as the University of Lugano in English, is a Swiss public university founded in 1995 with a campus in Lugano. The full-time learning program includes 120 ECTS extending over 4 semesters (2 years duration) and offered in English. They offer you exciting career prospects from project management to consulting. After the successful program completion, students will be awarded a Major in Management, Master of Science in Informatics and Economics and Informatics.



Program Offered


Program Fees

USD 4,010 (311,032 INR) yearly

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ZHAW School Of Management And Law

The ZHAW School of management and law is located in Winterthur city and is one of Switzerland's most prominent universities of applied sciences, having offices in Zurich and Wädenswil. After completing the MIM course, you will not only get the degree but also gain professional experience.



Program Offered


Program Fees

USD 721 /(55,986 INR) yearly

ETH – Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is a well-known public research university in the Swiss city of Zürich. The Swiss Federal Government founded it in 1854. Here, the MIM degree is a 1-year study program in English. It is in the right place to the top 100 best ranked Financial Times Master's in Management.



Program Offered

Master Management, Technology, and Economics (MSc ETH MTEC)

Master Quantitative Finance

Program Fees

USD 12,892 (1,00,000 INR) yearly

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The University Of Zurich

The University of Zurich is one of the public research universities in the Swiss city of Zürich. With 27,000 enrolled students, it is Switzerland's largest college. It was founded in 1833. Full-time students can get the MIM degree in 2 years and for the part-time, it is 2-3 academic years. The courses are offered in different formats and taught totally in English.



Program Offered

Master of Arts UZH Business and Economic

Master of Science UZH in Informatics

Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance

Program Fees

USD 30,941 (2,400,000 INR) yearly

University Of St. Gallen

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) is a Swiss public research university located in St. Gallen. It symbolises substantial power in a commercial organisation, financial elements, regulation, and foreign relations, established in 1898. The MIM course duration is for 18 months with 3 semesters. You need to submit a Degree Certificate in Economics, Business Administration, or any corresponding degree throughout the application process.



Program Offered

Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM)

Program Fees

USD 10,290 (7,98,046 INR) yearly

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Geneva School Of Economics And Management

Geneva School of Business and Economics is a private business and economics school in Geneva, Switzerland. The institution offers scholarships, as well as undergraduate and graduate programs. MIM is an 18 months graduate degree planned to give you a successful manager in this constantly varying business world. After completing the course, you will gain a problem-solving management skill and get public and private market management logical skills.



Program Offered

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Master of Science in Management

Master of Science in Economics

Program Fees

USD 20,253 (1,50,731 INR) yearly

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for MIM in Switzerland

To seek admission for MIM in Switzerland universities or business schools, students need to fulfil the eligibility criteria for a smooth process. Some of the eligibility criteria are:

  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Work Experience
  • English Language Proficiency Test
  • Student Visa
  • Additional Requirements

So, these are some of the basic requirements that every Switzerland universities will need to enrol international students. Let’s discuss in detail:

  • Undergraduate Degree: An undergrad recognition or 4 -year certification from a recognized board or university is required. To pursue a postgraduate or graduate degree, international students must have completed a relevant full-time four-year certification.
  • Work Experience: There is no major requirement of work experience for MIM in Switzerland.
  • English Language Proficiency Test: An English language proficiency test is required in Switzerland. An IELTS or TOEFL score is needed in a few colleges for the MIM program. GRE/GMAT scores are also required for admission to Swiss universities, and students must pass the GRE test to be admitted to most colleges at the graduate level.
  • GMAT- 656
  • TOEFL- 80
  • IELTS- 6.5
  • GRE- 640-690
  • GMAT- 660
  • Switzerland Student Visa

All international students willing to study MIM in Switzerland need to have valid passport and study visa issues 3 months before.

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Documents Required for MIM in Switzerland

To apply for the MIM in Switzerland, there are some documents you need to submit to the university. Some of these are:

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Admission Process for MIM in Switzerland

Students pursuing admission for MIM Switzerland need to follow the right process to ensure documents are accepted and proceed for the admission purpose. There are two intakes- Fall Intakes and Winter Intakes. Below are the steps to follow for the admission process:

  • Visit the Official university website and follow the process
  • Upload all the required documents including CV, English Language Proficiency Test, SOP, and others.
  • Pay the required application fees
  • Your application and document will undergo a scrutiny before going ahead
  • Prepare for interview rounds for MIM program in the applied universities
  • Once cleared confirm an acceptance letter from the applied university
  • Apply for Switzerland Student Visa as soon as possible
  • Get your visa approved and visit your ambitious school.

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Cost of Studying MIM in Switzerland

The cost of MIM in Switzerland varies according to the type of college you’ve selected and lifestyle you live. The costs can be further divided into two categories: tuition and the cost of living in Switzerland.

Tuition Fees

MIM programs in Switzerland colleges have a variety of cost structures. The cost is also determined by the type of specialised course you select. MIM expenses in Switzerland typically range from USD 1,900/(1, 40,000 INR)to USD 24,000/(20, 00,000 INR) annually.


Cost (in USD)

Cost (in INR)

Public University


1,000,751/ 2 years

Private University



Cost of Living

The average cost of living for students in Switzerland varies by city and location. To cover lodging, transportation, food, and utilities costs, a student needs approximately USD1289 - USD 1,675 / (1,00,000-1,30,000 INR) per month.

Convenience Charges

USD 600/INR 46,500 per month


USD 700/INR 54,290 per month

Transportation Cost

USD 51/INR 3,955 per month

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Top Scholarships for MIM in Switzerland

To pursue MIM Switzerland, the cost varies as per the university selected. So, there are some scholarships awarded to international students. These scholarships cover the majority of expenses, to ease higher education costs.

The following scholarships are:


Awarded To

Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students

The award is open to postgraduate candidates from any discipline. All thoroughly covered educational costs, regular instalments, airfares, convenience, and protection remuneration.

Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

A full or partial grant could be awarded. The total grant amount is USD 22,251(17, 25,000 INR), whereas the partial award amount is USD11,125(8, 61,00 INR).

University of Lausanne Master’s Scholarship for Foreign Students

The University of Lausanne awards UNIL Master's scholarships to Masters students at the university. The grant is worth USD1,779 per month, or 38,000 INR per month.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Excellence Fellowships

EPFL awards students who pass their examinations a Master's level scholarship. Anyone interested in earning a Master's degree can use the application. The grant is worth between USD17,790 and USD34,808 (INR 13, 80,000) and (INR 27, 00,000).

ETH Excellence Scholarships

Those who want to start a Master's program at ETH Zurich can apply for the scholarship. It covers all school expenditures as well as day-to-day living expenses.

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Jobs After MIM in Switzerland

There is a good opportunity for students after completing MIM Switzerland from the leading university. Top companies globally hire graduates and offer a good pay scale to students. The average salary offered is around USD 122550/ IN 95 lacs pa.

Job Positions

Salary Per Year (in USD)

Human Resource Manager

1,22,550 (INR 95 LACS)

Public Relations Manager

1,03,200 (INR 80 LACS)

Development Manager

96,750 (INR.75 LACS)

Sales Manager

1,12,230 (INR. 87 LACS)

Marketing Manager

1,05,780 (INR. 82 LACS)

Management Consultant

1,22,550 (INR 95 LACS)

Project Manager

1,04,490 (INR 81 LACS)

Social Media Manager

90,300 (INR. 70 LACS)

Business Development Manager

1,12,230 (INR.87 LACS)

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So, above are the details about MIM in Switzerland offered by the top MIM universities in Switzerland. And if you want to know more about MIM programs in Switzerland, sign up on Yocket and get your queries resolved easily.


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