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GRE Accepting Universities in Europe: Is GRE Required for MS in Europe?

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Graduate Record Examination, most commonly known as GRE, is a test that is globally accepted for students who wish to get admission to international universities. When you are preparing to get admission to a European university, you can prepare for the GRE test. But there is an eminent question that many students have in mind when choosing universities in Europe: Is GRE required for MS in Europe? 

European universities actually consider a wide number of English proficiency tests alongside GRE such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, and many others. Most importantly, the admission procedure in Europe is actually not so strictly based on GRE, unlike the universities in the US. In fact, most universities in Europe will consider the undergraduate scores first and then will consider the GRE Europe score. So, keep reading as we make you explore the GRE accepting universities in Europe! 

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  Table of Contents 

  1. Importance of GRE in Europe 
  2. Top GRE Accepting Universities in Europe 
  3. GRE Score Requirements 
  4. GRE Cut-Off for Specific Programs in Europe 
  5. Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Accepting Universities in Europe

Importance of GRE in Europe 

When you are applying for a Master’s Degree in Europe, there are many universities that will consider your undergraduate marks and will offer you admission after a small test. But now there are many universities that also consider the score of GRE and similar other English proficiency tests such as IELTS, GMAT, and others. 

In fact, it is much more convenient to appear for the GRE for Europe in place of a test conducted by the universities. When you are appearing for the GRE test, you can give the test from the comfort of your home and also can keep trying to get the right score. This convenience is not available when you appear for the tests conducted by the universities. 

Hence, a lot of international students now prefer to appear for the GRE for Europe and then apply to the universities according to the GRE score that they have secured. 

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Top GRE Accepting Universities in Europe

Venice Europe

Here is a list of GRE-accepting universities in Europe for students who wish to seek admission through the GRE test. 


Required Score

QS Ranking 2022

Imperial College. London

Verbal- 156

Quantitative- 158

Written- 5.0


University of Manchester

Verbal- 170

Quantitative- 165

Writing- 3.5


London School of Economics and Political Science

Verbal- 170

Quantitative- 130-170

Writing- NA


University of Bristol

Verbal- 154

Quantitative- 150

Writing- NA


Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich

Quantitative- 159-163


Durham University

Verbal- 150

Quantitative- 161

Writing- 3.60


KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Quantitative- 150

Written- 3.0


University of Berlin

Verbal- 160

Quantitative- 160

Writing- 4


RWTH Aachen University

Verbal- 145

Quantitative- 160

Writing- 3.5


Maastricht University

Verbal- 144

Quantitative- 144

Writing- 3.0


University of Mannheim

Verbal- 159

Quantitative- 163



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GRE Score Requirements

After answering-”Is GRE required for MS in Europe?”, let us move on to know the GRE Europe score requirements. 

  • If you are aiming at gaining admission to some of the top universities in Europe, you need to score something between 320 to 325 in your GRE test. Gain this score or even higher to pave your way toward some of the top universities in Europe such as the Imperial College London, the University of Manchester, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. 
  • On the other hand, gaining a score of 315 or more in the GRE for Europe can also help you enter some of the decent universities in Europe such as Durham University.

It is quite obvious that not all students are able to score so high but that does not mean that they cannot seek admission to European universities. There are now a number of other universities in Europe apart from the top ones that also accept GRE scores for different programs. All you need to do is to check out the GRE for Europe cut-off score that different universities are accepting in order to get admission to the right one. 

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GRE Cutoff for Specific Programs in Europe

Europe is home to some of the finest universities offering business administration studies, law studies, and many others for students coming from different corners of the world. When you are planning to get admission to a business school or a law school, it is quite mandatory that you need to score in the GRE test. But apart from these courses, there are also many other courses for which you have to get a good GRE score. 

There is a huge list of masters courses that students apply for with a GRE score: 

  • Advanced Computing
  • Data Science
  • Research and Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources
  • Cyber Security
  • Information Systems
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Art History
  • Health Systems

The list can go on endlessly because the European universities offer a plethora of courses in Master’s Degree for the students to explore and apply for with a GRE score. 

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The European universities are also open to international students who wish to apply for higher studies such as Ph.D. Now, to the question, is GRE required for PhD in Europe, the answer is yes. In some universities, you can even get admission by showing your Master’s Degree marks, but now most universities also accept GRE scores. 

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So, if you wish to do your Ph.D. in Europe, similar to a Master’s Degree, there is a huge list of courses that different universities offer today: 

  • Bio-Science
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Foreign Languages
  • Doctoral Training
  • Medical Life Technology

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So, an alternative to the question, is GRE required for PhD in Europe, you should actually check out the options available so that you can choose the right course and can check which university is accepting GRE score for admission in that particular course. 

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Universities in different parts of Europe follow different levels of convenience in terms of admission procedures. While countries such as the UK have strict rules for GRE scoring, other places such as Germany have universities where universities consider undergraduate scores and other options too before considering GRE scores. But again you can always get through a university, based on your preference too. If you wish to get admission on the basis of the GRE, there are many such universities in Europe that accept GRE scores for the purpose of admission. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Accepting Universities in Europe

Ques. Is GRE mandatory in Europe?

Ans: Different universities have different parameters for admission in Europe. But now most universities also accept GRE test scores for admission of international students. 

Ques.. Which courses mostly require a GRE score in Europe?

Ans: Universities offering Master's degrees, Doctorate degrees, and almost all the Business Schools in Europe require a GRE test score now for international students. 

Ques. How good is a GRE score for European Universities?

Ans: Today, different universities have different GRE cut-off marks. But if you wish to gain admission to the top-most universities in Europe, you need to score between 320 to 325 or even higher in the GRE test. 

Ques. How many times can you appear for the GRE in a year?

Ans: An individual can appear for the GRE test a total of 5 times in an entire year. 

Ques. What is the duration of the GRE test?

Ans: The GRE test can be taken at home and it runs for 3 hours and 45 minutes along with some small breaks in between. 

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