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Masters abroad: preps and steps

MIM In Italy: Top Universities for MIM in Italy, Eligibility Criteria, Admission Process, Cost, Scholarships & More

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Italy is the most well-known study location for international students for pursuing higher studies. For great scholarly foundations, the nation witnessed a severe surge of students each academic year, especially those who wanted to pursue MIM. 

The expense in Italy is lower than in other European nations. So, to help you know more about MIM in Italy, we have curated a guide below with all the required details about the MIM program. 

  Table of Contents:
  1. Why Study MIM In Italy?
  2. Top Universities/Colleges For MIM In Italy
  3. Eligibility Criteria And Admission Requirements For MIM In Italy
  4. Documents Required For MIM In Italy
  5. Admission Process For MIM In Italy
  6. Cost Of Studying MIM In Italy
  7. Top Scholarships For MIM In Italy
  8. Jobs After MIM In Italy
  9. Frequently Asked Questions about MIM in Italy

Why Study MIM In Italy?

Most of the top-ranked colleges in Italy have begun taking an interest in offering variations of MIM courses. These programs contain more personality enhancement seminars that focus on students' development and take a business-oriented approach to real-world challenges. 

The following benefits of studying MIM Italy are:

  • Employment Opportunities: After completing MIM in Italy, there are vast employment opportunities in multiple leading organisations worldwide. A skillfully designed curriculum will make the students productive and responsible professionals.
  • Duration of the Program:- MIM in Italy is primarily a one-year duration, and this is a massive opportunity for international students to save their time and get an early start on their career.
  • It’s Cheaper:- If you consider cost, then MIM is cheaper than MBA, and living in Italy is also more affordable than in any other city.
  • Recognition:- MIM gets high credit in Italy and is mostly of one-year duration. This course has acquired international recognition.

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Top Universities/Colleges For MIM In Italy

The MIM universities in Italy offer best in opportunities, exposure, and education. Various universities in Italy offer MIM as a full-time course. Here is the list of top MIM colleges in Italy:

  1. Universities of Padua
  2. Universities of Bologna
  3. Rome Business School
  4. SDA Bocconi School of Management
  5. University of Siena

So, these are some of the best universities in Italy offering MIM programs to international students. Let’s discuss it in detail:

  • Universities Of Padua

The University of Padova is a multidisciplinary university that attempts to give its students both professional training and a solid cultural base. It is one of Europe's oldest institutes offering master's and other courses for learning. The University of Padua's courses are revised on a regular basis to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the labour market.



Program Offered

MIM Course for 2 years

Program Fees

USD 23,488/(1,823,385 INR) Annually 

2. Bologna Business School

Bologna Business School is one of the oldest schools in the world situated at the University of Bologna. The business school designs the course with the strategic supervision of an international advisory board and the daily input of mixed teams composed of academics, practitioners, and global socio-economic stakeholders.



Programs Offered

1 year MIM program

Program Fees

Approx USD 11,724/ (909,800 INR) Annually 

3. LUISS Business School

Luiss Business School is the leading business school established in 1986, with the certification of EQUIS for its quality education in the business domain. The School aspires to be known as a university that bridges the gap between rigorous teaching standards and relevant academic and practical research in the MIM program. It has a unique approach combined with an entrepreneurial mindset and problem-solving, resulting in a vision that is nurtured by critical thinking.



Program Offered

1 year MIM program

Program Fees

Approx USD 16,749 / (INR 1,299,748) Annually

4. SDA Bocconi School Of Management

SDA Bocconi School of Management was founded in the year 1971 and has almost 40 years of experience in business education in Italy, with academic excellence and tradition guaranteed by 'Università Bocconi.' The institution offers an MIM program preparing students for changing international business management.



Program Offered

1 year CEMS MIM Program

Program Fees

Approx USD 15,011/ (1,164,876 INR) Annually

5. Rome Business School

The Rome Business School is a private international business school that specialises in managerial training and research. It has a placement rate of 94%. Courses at Rome Business School include cutting-edge teaching content that is aligned with the highest international standards and is updated on a regular basis to reflect current cultural trends.



Program Offered

Master in Project Management (MIM) 2years

Program Fees

Approx USD 14,195.21/ (1,102,236.76 INR) Annually 

6. University of Siena

Siena University is one of Italy's oldest and first publicly supported universities. It was founded in 1240 and now boasts over 20,000 pupils. The campus is lovely, and it allows students to interact with one another as well as academic members. Students can pick from a wide range of courses to pursue their interests.



QS Ranking 2022


Program Offered

MIM for two years

Program Fees

Approx USD 2,150.84/(INR 1,66,968.20) Annually

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Eligibility Criteria And Admission Requirements For MIM In Italy

The requirements and needs for MIM in Italy will depend upon the universities. The basic eligibility criteria required for MIM in Italy are as follows:

  • Undergraduate Degree
  •  English Language Requirements
  • Work Experience
  •  GRE or GMAT score
  • Passport and Visa
  • Additional Requirements 

Now, let's take a closer look at all eligibility criteria and requirements of MIM in Italy for international students.

  •  Undergraduate Degree

Every international should complete their undergraduate degree from a recognized Institute with a score of 70% or above. 

  • English Language Requirements

The English proficiency test is compulsory for every international student to get admission to universities in Italy. The minimum score to be scored according to tests are:

    • IELTS: 6.0-7.0
    • TOEFL: 90-95
    • DET:-115-125
    • PTE: 65-75
  • Work Experience

For MIM programs students need to have less than 2 years of work experience. For pursuing a MIM program, a student isn't required to have important activities to showcase.

  • GRE or GMAT Score

The GRE or GMAT score will not be compulsory in many universities. However, you need to check with the university for the minimum score required.

  • Passport and Visa

A valid student visa and passport is a must for every international student to study any course at the universities of Italy. Keep in mind to apply for the Italy student Visa at least three months before the expected travel date.

Documents Required For MIM In Italy

To take admission in top universities of Italy for the MIM program, you need to submit required documents for the admission process. The following documents are:

  •  Final results of your educational qualifications.
  • Updated Resume or CV
  • Letter of Recommendation
  •  Scorecards of TOEFL and IELTS
  •  SOP
  • Scorecard for GRE or GMAT (if asked)
  • Valid Passport
  • Current Photographs (Passport size)

Admission Process for MIM In Italy

Step by step guide for taking admission in universities for MIM in Italy:

  • First, finalise the university which you want to join for MIM program
  • Fill up the application form and then pay the application fees.
  • Gather all the required documents for admission process in the applied university
  • Upload all your copies of the required documents
  • Prepare for the interview rounds with the university for the MIM program
  • If you get your interview clear you’ll receive an acceptance letter from the university
  • Pay the MIM program fee to the university 
  • Once paid apply for the student visa and plan your journey to Italy 

 Cost of Studying MIM In Italy

  • Tuition Fees

There are various fee structures for MIM courses in universities of Italy, and fees depend on course type and the specialisation you will choose. But on average, most of the MIM course fees in Italy range from USD 21,000/(16,00,,000 INR) to USD 73000/ (5000000 INR)every year.

  •  Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Italy will depend on your preferences and lifestyle. The estimated cost per year for the international students is USD 1,300 (INR 98,000) to USD 1,800 (INR 130,000) per month. This cost will cover all the amenities such as housing, food, stationery, travel, recreational activities, etc.


Cost Per Month


USD 300 (INR 20,000) to USD 700 (INR 60,000)


USD 200 (INR 12,000) to USD 250 (INR 16,000)

Social activities

USD 40 (INR 2,500) to USD 50 (INR 3,200)

Personal items

USD 100 (INR 8,000) to USD 200 (INR 16,000)


USD 30 (INR 2,500) to USD 60 (INR 4,500)


USD 20 (INR 1,500) to USD 30 (INR 2,500)

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Top Scholarships For MIM In Italy

Students are selected for the MIM program scholarship based on their academic achievements and professional experience. The qualifications for scholarships vary from one college to the next. Below are some of the scholarships offered for MIM Italy


Eligibility & Rewards

Forté Fellows Program

This is especially for MBA programs offering fellowships to women. Scholarships worth 27,217 USD/ (2,112,081 INR)are available.

LUISS Business School

The business school offers 3 partial scholarship covering 25% of the total tuition fee which is 25,123 USD / (1,949,583 INR)

Masters International Scholarships by Durham University of Business School

Up to 7,851 USD/ (609,249 INR)of tuition fees

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Jobs After MIM In Italy

The MIM graduates in Italy are well settled after being employed in the private and public sectors. The universities of Italy have made their students well equipped with management skills to high-profile land jobs. The Italian government allows international students to work for more than 20 hours per week. Interns with an Italian student visa are only allowed to work for 4 hours each day. Italian companies use interns regardless of their professional background. Interns are paid around 1046 USD/ (81171 INR) monthly.

Job Title

Average Salary (Per Annum)

Human Resource Manager

USD 51,844/ (INR 40 lacs) P.A.

Public Relation Manager

USD 34,146/ (INR 30 lacs) P.A.

Development Manager

USD 53,468/ (INR 42 lacs) P.A.

Sales Manager

USD 48,959/(INR 40 lacs) P.A.

Marketing Manager

USD 40,000/(INR 30 lacs) P.A

Business development manager

USD 50,000 /(INR 42 lacs) P.A

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We have covered all the major aspects of pursuing MIM Italy. If you are keen to pursue the course to open a bright career gateway, then do proceed ahead for admission. You can sign up on Yocket and get more in-depth about MIM Italy and the right university to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions about MIM in Italy

Ques. What is the average cost of studying in Italy?

Ans. The average master's program at the public universities in Italy might cost between USD 21,000/ (1,600,000 INR) to USD 73,000/ (5,000,000 INR) every year.

Ques. Is it worth studying in Italy?

Ans. Italy is a highly suitable location for international students. It is considered as one of the most affordable nations in Europe to study abroad in terms of living expenses and tuition fee.

Ques. How can students earn in Italy?

Ans. According to Italian legislation, the student cannot work more than 4 hours a day. Regardless of your experience, and personal profile, the Italian companies will wish to hire you as an intern.

Ques. Is Italy expensive for Indian students?

Ans. For Indian students, Italy is pretty reasonable. Being one of the most affordable countries in Europe, you can complete your MIM course with minimum fees, and also get a scholarship for managing your cost of studying in Italy.

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