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Cost of Living in Italy for Indian Students: Guide to Living Expenses in Italy in 2022

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Cost of Living in Italy for Indian Students: Guide to Living Expenses in Italy in 2022 Image

Italy is an incredible place to vacation, live, and work because of the food, the culture, the fashion, and the climate. In addition to its artistic and culinary wonders, Italy is also home to some of the oldest universities in the world and is the originator of the Bologna process (the European standard in higher education). Another area where Italy is globally recognized for its excellence in providing high-quality education. Moreover, studying abroad in Italy is listed among the most affordable options in Europe, both in terms of tuition fees and living costs. Hence, to assist interested Indian students to plan their expenditure, let’s take a look at the overall cost of living in Italy in detail.

  Table Of Contents:

  1. Overview Of Living Cost In Italy For International Students
  2. Cost Of Living In Italy: Accommodation
  3. Cost Of Food In Italy
  4. Utility Costs In Italy
  5. Transportation Costs In Italy
  6. Healthcare Costs In Italy
  7. Other Average Cost Of Living In Italy
  8. Key Tips To Reduce The Overall Living Cost In Italy For International Students
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Overview Of Living Expenses In Italy For International Students

Depending on where in Italy you live, the average costs of living are likely to differ substantially. So, does it cost a lot to live in Italy? Not necessarily, as long as you choose the right city. In general, if you prefer to enjoy a fast-paced city lifestyle in places such as Milan or Rome, you should expect to pay slightly more. On average, a month's living expenses in Italy will range between 700 and 1000 EUR. 

Listed cost of living in Italy for Indian students include transportation, food, accommodations, and entertainment:

Student Cities in Italy

Average Cost of Living in Italy Per Month (EUR)









Note: These costs are just rough estimates and may differ from person to person based on multiple factors like lifestyle, region you live in, university and more.

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Cost of Accommodation in Italy

Typically, rent makes up a significant part of your budget, regardless of where you live. Rent prices in Italy tend to be high in the main cities, but low in the countryside. Despite the costlier metropolitan areas such as Rome, accommodation in Italy is more affordable than you would expect. Moreover, the Italy living cost for international students is affected by factors such as the city where you reside and the type of facility you choose.

Check out the available accommodation type with average rent that makes up for the cost of living in Italy for Indian students:

Type of Accommodation

Cost of living in Italy Per Month (EUR)

Cost of living in Italy Per Month


Student Accommodation



Single Person



Students (Shared)



On average, the entire cost of living in Italy per month is EUR 150 to EUR 200. Besides, the best way to cut down on your accommodation expenses is to share your room with other students, or you can live with a native Italian family, which would allow you to experience Italian culture and save money as well.

Cost Of Food In Italy

The best part of living in Italy as a student is eating the incredible Italian cuisine. In fact, there is nothing quite like the homemade pasta, local cheese, and unbelievably delicious wines available in Italy. In an average Italian restaurant, a meal ranges between EUR 8 to EUR 16 (INR 668 to INR 1,337). On the other hand, groceries are relatively affordable in Italy, costing around EUR 200 (INR 16,699) per month at local markets.

Here are the prices for various types of meals and drinks in Italy:

Type of Meal

Cost (EUR)

Cost (INR)

Meal for 2 people in mid-range



Inexpensive restaurant meal






McMeal at McDonald's



Hard drinks

4-4.9 (0.33 ltr)


Cold drinks

2.12 (0.33 ltr)


The costs of some common grocery items you’d normally buy in Italy are as follows:


Cost (EUR)

Cost (INR)

Chicken Breasts, 1 kg



Apples, 1 kg






Eggs, 12



Banana, 1 kg



White Bread, 500 g



Local Cheese, 1 kg



Onions, 1 kg



Tomatoes, 1 kg



Milk, 1 l



Potatoes, 1 kg



Oranges, 1 kg



Rice, 1 kg



Utility Costs In Italy

An 85 square meter apartment would usually cost between EUR 100 to EUR 150 (INR 8,358 to INR 12,540) for electricity, gas, and water. The monthly cost of the Internet would be around EUR 20 (INR 1,672) or EUR 30 (INR 2,508). The average mobile/phone bill in Italy is EUR 140 (INR 11,706) per month. Often, prices differ significantly among communes and usually follow a progressive scale.

Transportation Costs In Italy

In Italy, transport costs vary depending on the city in which you are. Generally, public transportation serves as the easiest and most convenient means of transportation. The cost of transport in Italy ranges from EUR 25 to EUR 35 ( INR 2,091 to INR 2,928) per month, depending on where you live. In some cities, bicycle rentals are available. Traveling by train in Italy begins at EUR 20 (INR 1,673), but some discounts are available on early bookings.

The following table shows the average cost of transportation in Italy:


Cost (EUR)

Cost (INR)

Monthly pass




EUR 5 with EUR 1.2 per Km

420+84 per Km

One-way local transport ticket



Premium Hatchback Car


19.35 lakh


1.62/ ltr


All of these traveling expenses are added to the overall living expenses in Italy for international students.

Healthcare Costs In Italy

Healthcare in Italy is widely regarded as one of the most advanced in the world. Additionally, you will be provided with better care. Furthermore, the national health insurance plan can be supplemented with private health insurance to facilitate easier access to health care.

Therefore, the average healthcare costs in Italy are about EUR 80 to EUR 90 (INR 6,692 to INR 7,529) for a private visit to a doctor, and no more than EUR 8 (INR 669) for over-the-counter medicine and antibiotics.

Other Miscellaneous Cost Of Living In Italy

Below are the prices for miscellaneous items and activities that should give you an idea of the average cost of living in Italy for students:

Miscellaneous Expenses

Cost (EUR)

Cost (INR)

Cinema ticket



Fitness club, monthly fee



Renting a tennis court, 1 hour



Pair of mid-range running shoes



Pair of top quality jeans



Summer dress from a chain store



Tips To Reduce The Overall Living Cost In Italy For International Students

In general, the entire cost of living in Italy is reasonable but not inexpensive, especially for students coming from countries with low exchange rates. Here are some of the valuable tips to follow to reduce the overall cost of living in Italy:

  • For students planning to earn a graduate degree or a doctorate from one of the prestigious universities in Italy, it is wise to live in the hostel of the respective institution to reduce costs.
  • Instead of taking private transportation, students can use public transport and share rides with fellow students. It will definitely help reduce the living expenses in Italy for international students.
  • Surely, constantly eating at fancy restaurants or cafes can be heavy on your pocket. That's why you must look for an affordable option. A much cheaper alternative is the university cafeteria and street food. Further, some bars and restaurants charge higher prices for drinks/dinner. If possible, the takeaway is a better option.
  • Typically, students can work part-time for about 20 hours per week when studying in Italy. Several offices and business establishments hire students to work as interns and freelancers. As a result, you can support yourself comfortably and meet the costs of living in Italy.

Overall, the cost of living in Italy is relatively lower than in other study abroad destinations like the U.S. and the U.K. The country's rich culture and architectural heritage make it ideal for those seeking higher education. For further guidance connect with Yocket professionals and know why Italy can be your go-to destination to study abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cost of Living in Italy

Ques. Does Italy offer free education to international students?

Ans. There are many scholarships for international students and some of them cover full tuition, room, and board in Italy for free. Scholarships are sometimes offered by universities in the form of grants, while others are offered in collaboration with other organizations such as private banks or government agencies.

Ques. Where is the cheapest place to live in Italy?

Ans. Abruzzo is located east of Rome which is known to be the cheapest place to live in Italy. This area is known as Southern Italy, but is in fact more like Central Italy. The eastern border of Abruzzo is made up of a long stretch of Adriatic coastline. Besides, it is very popular among vacationers during the summer months.

Ques. Does Italy have a high quality of life?

Ans. Compared to other countries, Italy performs well in terms of health, work-life balance, and civic engagement. It has a high level of income, employment, education, environmental quality, and social connections.

Ques. As a student in Italy, how much money will I need?

Ans. Student living costs in Italy range from 600 EUR to 900 EUR per month, including accommodation, meals, public transportation, and local travel or recreation. Moreover, Rome is somewhat more expensive than other Italian cities.

Ques. Is there any standard cost of living in Italy?

Ans. Italy is quite a diverse country, and the economic disparities between the south and the north and central areas are quite large. As a result, some places are more affordable than others.