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Expenses for Studying in Europe

Rohan Deshmukh

Europe is a great place for students wishing to study abroad. It is one of the cheapest places a student can think of when he or she plans to study abroad. While Germany and UK remain the general favourites, we pencil down the details of some more countries you might want to consider for your graduation.

Germany :

Germany or Deutschland is known for its alpine terrains and rich history. Along with this, it offers high-quality technical education; it is one of the prime destinations for students when it comes to pursuing a degree in MS.

  1. Tuition Fees - Public Universities here charge a range of tuition fee of €80- 750 per semester, depending upon the University considered. Private Universities charge an even higher fee. The medium of instruction for most of the courses here is English, although learning elementary German is highly recommended.
  2. Cost of Living -  The cost of living (inclusive of rent, food, and entertainment) can be accounted to be approximately €9600 per annum. Health insurance can cost up to approximately €80 per month.
  3. Visa expenses – Non- EU students need a student visa to study in Germany, which costs about €60.
  4. Airfare – It costs €500- 755 per person for an Economy class ticket to Germany.

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The UK :

Home to Queen Elizabeth and her corgis, the United Kingdom is a hotspot for international students after the US. It coagulates England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

  1. Tuition fees–The average tuition fees in the UK is about £20000 per annum for international students. Private universities might cost slightly more.
  2. Cost of living – The cost of living in capital London is the highest; Cardiff is considered to be the cheapest city in the UK. It costs about £5000- 9000 per year to live in the UK for an international student.
  3. Visa costs – A student visa to UK costs about £300- 400.
  4. Airfare – It takes £440- 550 per person to travel by air, Economy class.

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France :

For those seeking education at a low price, France has a lot more to offer than fashion, art, cheese and wine. It renders majorly alleviated tuition fees as compared to the rest of Europe.

  1. Tuition fees- The Tuition fees costs about a €250 per year for a Master’s degree.
  2. Cost of living – France is relatively cheaper than the United Kingdom in terms of living as it costs about €400 per month for accommodation. Moreover, there are several options for accommodation like student halls of residence, shared apartments, homestay (involving host families), and university accommodations called Cités-U. Transportation pass for travelling can cost about €70 per month.
  3. Visa Expenses –  The Visa Fee for Long Stay National Visa for Study Purposes (Student Visa for short) costs about €50- 58 for those applying for a Master’s course. According to the French law, any foreign student who wishes to study in France should be able to show sufficient resources of €615 per month or €7,318 per annum.
  4. Airfare – It costs €600- 700 per person, Economy class.

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Spain :

The Kingdom of Spain, as it is officially known, is an abode to 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Fortunately, this famous tourist destination has a low cost of living and charges international students with tuition fees akin to its residents.

  1. Tuition fees-  Depending on the university, it costs €900- 3000 per annum. The most affordable universities include University of Jaen and Open University of Catalonia.
  2. Cost of living- It costs €700- 1300 per month to live in Spain. Madrid, being the capital, bags the title for the most expensive city in the country whereas Seville and Valencia are the cheapest cities to live in.
  3. Visa expenses- €60 is the cost for a standard Student Visa to Spain.
  4. Airfare- It takes €600- 750 to travel to Spain per person, Economy class.

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Italy :

Italy, fondly called as Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country), is illustrious for its charming cities such as Venice, Pisa, and Rome. It is equally celebrated for its cuisine and classic art.

  1. Tuition fees- Public universities charge a tuition fee of €850-2000 per annum. Private universities levy higher fees.
  2. Cost of living- The cost of living is about €750- 1400 per month. The most expensive city is capital Rome, while the cheapest is Bologna.
  3. Visa expenses- A student visa amounts to €40- 60.
  4. Airfare- A flight from from India to Italy will cost around €500- 650 per person, economy class.

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Sweden :

Sweden, having the assemblage of thousands of coastal islands, is a land of scenic beauty. It is known for offering exceptional courses at very cheap prices.

  1. Tuition fees –  It costs SEK 1,29,000- 2,70,000 for international students to study here.
  2. Cost of living –   You have to bear SEK 8000 per month on average to live in Sweden. The most expensive city is Stockholm, which is build on 14 islands.
  3. Visa expenses- A student visa to Sweden costs approximately SEK 1000.
  4. Airfare- SEK 430000 is the expense to fly to Stockholm.

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Exploring options other than the banal ones is always safe. Europe offers a plumage of scenic beauty as well as affordable education, making it a hub for international students.

To get more information and reviews on Universities in various countries, follow the link >> University Reviews


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