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Masters of Education in Australia

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Australia is a wonderful choice for those seeking admission to a Master of education for international students from abroad, as they can finish the course in 1 - 2 years (full-time). Additionally, it is acknowledged that more than 1,035,400 people are working in the education sector, which accounts for about 31% of all employment in Australia and where roughly 72% of the workforce is made up of female employees. Most notably, Australian residents who are employed as university teachers receive the best compensation worldwide. Let's discuss the full details of the Masters of Teaching in Australia and career opportunities after completing the course.

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Why Study Master Of Teaching In Australia?

When it comes to the teaching profession, Australia is a well-known nation that offers top-notch education. Additionally, there are a variety of factors that entice overseas students to pursue a Master of Teaching in Australia. Let's look at a few of them.

  1. Global Recognition: As we already know, Australia is well known for its quality and world-class education systems, which is having a huge number of universities stealing the highest ranking as compared to other universities in the world. Thus, there is no doubt to pursue a master's in teaching in Australia for international students is a great choice. It will provide high-value certification and also open up many doors to several career opportunities in the future.
  2. Industry Experience: Pursuing a Master of Education in Australia provides the opportunity to upgrade your skills in leadership and teaches you the recent global changes and practices occurring in the education system. The universities in Australia also ensure that students are fully ready to make their impression in the job market after getting the degree and working on integrated learning.
  3. Diversity: Universities of Australia provide ample courses that one can specialize within the master in teaching degree. The universities ensure that overseas students have that golden opportunity of pursuing whichever course they are interested to pursue. This country also assists in transferring credit from one institution to another if needed.
  4. Career Opportunities: In Australia, international students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week. This creates an amazing opportunity for students to make money for their cost of living in this country while acquiring hands-on experience in their field.

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Top 5 Universities To Study Master Of Teaching In Australia For International Students

International students who are desiring to pursue their masters of education in Australia might get confused about choosing the right university, here is a list of prominent universities with the course that they offer and other details to help them out:

  • University Of Sydney
  • University Of Technology Sydney
  • University Of Wollongong
  • Queensland Unversity Of Technology
  • La Trobe University

1.  University Of Sydney

The University of Sydney offers a Masters of Education Sydney, Australia program. It is an open research university known as one of the world's top universities, which received the Royal Charter from Queen Victoria n 1859.



QS World Ranking 2023


QS Ranking Masters of Education 2023


Course Offered

Master of Education (TESOL)


1 year

Tuition Fees

46,000 AUD per year



2.  University Of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney offers a Master of Education for international student. It is a public university that promotes its localities' social, cultural, and economic well-being. Additionally, students get the chance to work on significant projects, simulations, and case studies, which are fundamental elements in every degree offered at this university.



QS World Ranking 2023


QS Ranking Masters of Education 2023


Course Offered

Master of Education


2 years

Tuition Fees

A$16,870 per session


Sydney, New South Wales

3.  University Of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong is one of the leading global universities in Australia which offers a Master in Education. It is ranked among the 20 top best universities in the world. Moreover, its vision is to inspire a better future through education, research, and partnership.



QS World Ranking 2023


QS Ranking Masters of Education 2023


Course Offered

Higher Education


2 years

Tuition Fees

5,976 AUD per year


Northfields Ave, Wollongong NSW 2522, Australia

4.  Queensland University Of Technology

One of the top universities that grants the best Master of Education in Australia is Queensland University of Technology. This university places a strong emphasis on giving its students practical results. With over 50,000 students, including international students from over 40 countries. It also provides a diverse and multicultural learning environment.



QS World Ranking 2023


QS Ranking Masters of Education 2023


Course Offered

Master of Education


1.5 years

Tuition Fees

21,600 AUD - 32,400 AUD per year


Brisbane City, Australia

5.  La Trobe University

La Trobe University provides a Master of Education in Australia Melbourne. And for more than 50 years, this university has been reshaping individuals and society. Its QS world ranking has also increased by 46, making it Australia's biggest improver. Additionally, this university recognizes the positive effects that equality, diversity, and inclusivity have on its students and communities locally and globally. Thus, this university best suits international students who want to pursue a course in Master of Education in Australia Melbourne.



QS World Ranking 2023


QS Ranking Masters of Education 2023


Course Offered

Master of Education (TESOL)


2 years

Tuition Fees

33 600 AUD per year


Melbourne, Australia

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Eligibility Criteria For Masters Of Education In Australia

The admissions procedure becomes a significant step for every international student who plans to pursue a master's degree in education or a master's degree in teaching in Australia. Here are the fundamental guidelines and procedures to adhere to when applying to any university that offers international students the best Master of Teaching in Australia. Let's look at it.

  • An Undergraduate Degree
  • The Scorecard Of English Proficiency

An Undergraduate Degree

To apply for a Master of Teaching in Australia for international students, one must have completed three years of an undergraduate degree, or the equivalent, with at least a 3.0 GPA along with their 10+2 education.

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The Scorecard of English Proficiency

International students must pass the English Proficiency test, which is accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia. Therefore, a student needs at least a 7 on the IELTS test and a minimum TOEFL score between 90 and 110.

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Admission Procedure for Master in Teaching in Australia:

International students must undergo the following admission procedures in order to be admitted to Australian universities:

  • Do some research about the universities that offer a Master's in Education in Australia.
  • Check out the requirements for admission on the chosen university's website.
  • Complete the application form which needs to be fulfilled and pay the application fees.

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  • Send all required documents to the university before the deadline mentioned by the university.
  • Prepare yourself for the interview if asked by the university.
  • After completing all stages, arrange funds for expenditure and apply for the student visa.

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Document Required For Masters In Teaching In Australia

In order to get admission, international students may need to submit certain required documents online alongside their university application form. The following is a list of the documents:

  • The course subject details and grades of the university or college
  • Transcript of university or college
  • A statement of purpose
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Certified copies of the standard X and XII mark sheets, as well as the bachelor's degree or provisional certificate, should be submitted with the mark sheet.

Cost Of Studying For Masters Of Teaching In Australia For International Students

The cost of a Master of Teaching in Australia for international students may range from 25,000 to 60,000 AUD each year. However, this price may vary depending on a person's lifestyle and the school they choose to attend. But it's crucial to remember that by providing students with funds in the form of scholarships, many institutions assist in reducing the financial strain on them.

It is advised that international applicants thoroughly investigate their financial possibilities for the university of their choosing before applying to the institution. Although the fundamental requirements are mentioned below:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Cost Of Living

Tuition Fees

While tuition costs may differ from one university to the next, overseas students must at least have the equivalent of between 26,331 AUD and 37,300 AUD/year to be admitted to any university.

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Cost of Living

The cost of living varies depending on one's preferences, but international students may need at least 3,500 AUD per month to live comfortably in Australia.

Scholarships For Masters of Teaching In Australia For International Students

International students who are unable to pay their tuition costs may also apply for admission through a scholarship in Australia to complete their chosen course. Although such students who are not pursuing English proficiency training in Australia can benefit from Australian Government Scholarships. However, a lot of organizations provide English-language training scholarships for pursuing a master of teaching in Australia for international students.

Here is the list of scholarships along with the cost:

Scholarship Name

Cost (in AUD)

University of Sydney


Melbourne University

25% total cost of tuition fee

Monash University

Maximum of 50,000

Destination Australia Scholarship

15,000 AUD per year for the duration of your course.

Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship

Approximately 30,000 AUD per year

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Career Opportunities After Masters Of Education in Australia

Overseas students with their Master of Education for International Student can directly get the opportunity to work in an administration position. This allows students to create an impact on more students who want to pursue a Master's in Education. Moreover, the average salary of a degree holder in Australia is around 88,00 AUD.

These are a list of excellent job opportunities which an international student may get along with an annual salary.


Average Annual Salary (in AUD)

Primary School Teacher

71,129 AUD

Secondary School Teacher

74,409 AUD

High School Teacher

73,831 AUD

Instructional Designer

85,350 AUD

Training & Development Manager

93,872 AUD


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Furthermore, some of the greatest recruiters for a Master's degree in education in Australia include consultancies, childcare facilities, vocational institutions, libraries, and so on. After earning a Master of Education from Australia, a person may be able to pursue a wide range of other academic opportunities such as Phd. Speaking to our Yocket counsellors can help better align your academic and career route.


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