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TOEFL Accepting Universities in Australia: Is TOEFL Accepted in Australia?

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TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language is a widely known test and is accepted by a vast majority of universities and colleges globally. There are more than 11,500 universities and colleges in more than 160 countries that accept TOEFL exam proficiency scores. As an international student, it is important to apply for TOEFL to stand out in English capabilities. It measures the reading, listening, writing, and speaking abilities in the English language. 

And if you are wondering: Is TOEFL accepted in Australia? You have landed at the perfect space! This blog will tell you all about some of the best TOEFL accepting universities in Australia, along with the Australia university TOEFL requirement! 

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Importance of TOEFL Scores for Australian Universities

The TOEFL exam is accepted by most Australian universities, with specific requirements. The universities and colleges in Australia do not accept English language tests held and conducted at home including the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. Students can apply for the examination at the time of their visa application. It ensures that international students stand a chance while applying for courses at Australian colleges and universities.

The key benefits and importance of TOEFL for Australia to fulfil the minimum English language eligibility requirements are summarised as follows:

  • Widely Accepted Score: There are three types of TOEFL examinations. TOEFL CBT, TOEFL IBT, and TOEFL PBT. CBT is the Computer-Based test, iBT is the Internet-Based Test, and PBT stands for the Paper-Based test. More than 35 million students have taken the exam as evidence of their reading and communication abilities in the English language. 
  • Most Preferred Score: A vast percentage with 80% of the educational institutions prefer TOEFL compared to other English proficiency test scores. It is a perfect means to stand out among the other student applications. 
  • Validity of Two Years: The validity of the TOEFL score is two years. It implies that the same score lasts for two years. Many students appear for the TOEFL exam during their higher secondary or bachelor's degree studies, while others appear for the examination after choosing the programme and the university for application.  It saves up valuable time and ensures that the students get an upper hand during the application process. 
  • Supports Visa Application: The TOEFL exam is applicable and accepted in the English language proficiency certificate evidence in the VISA applications for New Zealand and Australia. If you are applying for a VISA in Australia, a TOEFL score helps to show the skills and capabilities of the students. 

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Check out this video to know everything about the very popular TOEFL exam! 

TOEFL is crucial for international admissions. Australia TOEFL requirement varies from one university to another. It is necessary for overseas students as most of the universities in Australia accept TOEFL for admission. Here are some of the TOEFL accepting universities in Australia. 

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List of TOEFL Accepting Universities in Australia

Highly ranked Australian universities are known for widely accepting the TOEFL exam as their admission requirement. Here is the list of some top universities where TOEFL accepted in Australia:  


QS World University Rankings 2024

Recommended TOEFL Scores 

University of Melbourne 



Australian National University (ANU)



Victoria University



Torrens University


60 with 18 in writing 

University of New South Wales


72 with 18 in reading, 20 in speaking, 17 in writing, and 17 in listening 

University of Queensland



University of Adelaide



Curtin University - Australia



Monash University



La Trobe University



University of Sydney


96 with 19 in writing and 17 in reading, speaking and listening

RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)



University of South Australia



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You must make sure to score higher than the minimum Australia TOEFL requirement mentioned by universities and colleges. It will ensure that you have a higher probability of getting enrolment at the institution. With a population of more than 56% of international students, there is high competition for admission to the institutions. 

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