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Once you have decided to Study abroad, you must plan at least 12 months before the admission season. You need not have graduated from your undergraduate/current degree to begin preparation or even apply. You may take the following steps to move forward:

1. Prepare for an English Proficiency Test: If you are from a non-English speaking country, you need to give either IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and CAE. This is not just required for University admissions but also Visa requirement. You need to see whether your university approves these tests or not. IELTS and TOEFL will not work for visa requirement if your university doesn’t approve them. Although minimum scores vary considerably, here is an average look at the minimum requirement:


Minimum Test Score

Preferred Test Score




TOEFL (paper based)


Above 600

TOEFL (internet based)


Above 100

This video will throw light upon choosing the right university to study abroad based on several factors.

2. Shortlist Universities: You need to first finalize what course you wish to study and then find out which are the best universities that serve that course. Various factors that you take into consideration while choosing the right university are location, tuition fee, cost of living, scholarship, etc. Keep some universities on backup with farther deadlines, so if you don’t get into your desired ones, the back-up ones can save you later. To get a step by step process on how, checkout this Yocket article.  

3. Prepare your documents: You will need your latest or final transcripts from college, copy of passport, statement of purpose and at least two recommendation letters. Find more details on application requirements.

4. Apply before deadlines: Make an excel-sheet on various aspects of the universities on your list, especially the deadlines, so you don’t miss them. It is necessary that you have completed all your tests at least one month prior to your deadline. Depending on your rapport with your recommenders, account for at least a 15-day period for them to prepare a letter for you. Don’t wait for the last day to apply.

5. Choose the final university: Once you begin getting admits, you will be on cloud 9, if you have received a lot of admits. But more than the best university, you need to choose the Right University for You. How? Find out here.

6. Apply for Visa: Visa application happens after the university gives you a confirmation that they have accepted you. You need specific documents for the visa too like copy of your passport, english proficiency score, funding details etc. It is a complicated process and this article from Yocket, helps you in the same.

7. Finding accommodation: If you know a relative or a friend, try to crash in their place for a few days before you can figure things out. You can also settle in a prepaid hostel for a few days. It is good to look at the reviews of the locality that you are booking location in. You can confirm this with a current student while connecting to them via LinkedIn or college ambassador group.

8. Flight tickets and pre-departure prep: Plan to reach there at least 15 days prior to your course. Your flight bookings need not wait until your visa application (if you are very sure) because if you delay, the ticket prices may soar up. The ticket prices from India to Canada range from Rs. 34000 to Rs. 50,000 depending on the Canadian destination. Pre-departure prep should include understanding the money conversion, procurement of sim cards, australian culture, packing for various weathers, packing all the necessities, knowing what not to carry on flights, etc.