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Intakes in Germany: Know About German Intakes for International Students

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Multitudes of international students relocate to Germany every year to seek higher education, making it one of the most popular study abroad locations. Higher education institutions in Germany are known for their outstanding academic curricula and cutting-edge research. However, students mostly prefer German institutions because of their academic research courses and STEM majors. In Germany, these programs mainly accept applications during the winter and summer intakes. Hence, awareness of the suitable German intakes is fundamental for your admission process. 

In this blog, we will examine each Germany intake 2022 for international students, their variances, and how to determine the ideal one if you have aspirations of studying in Germany.

Table of Contents
  1. Germany Summer Intake VS Germany Winter Intake
  2. Summer Intake in Germany
  3. Winter Intake in Germany
  4. Which German Intakes to Choose as an International Student?

Germany Summer Intake VS Germany Winter Intake

German intakes mainly take place two times a year: summer and winter intake in Germany. The main application period for German universities is the winter intake. Most programs have deadlines in July or August and accept applications during this intake session.

International applicants keen on enrolling in Germany should begin the admissions process approximately a year before the enrollment period commences.

Let us take a look at the difference between summer and winter intake in Germany in greater detail:


Summer Intake Germany

Winter Intake Germany

Start Month



End Month






Intake Value

Secondary Intake

Primary Intake

Programs Offered

Very Few

Almost all


Few Applications with less competition

Most applications with high competition

Session Commencement



Scholarship Availability

Fewer Scholarships

Most Scholarships are provided

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Given that you are cognizant of the distinctions, let's examine each Germany intake 2022 for international students in greater detail in the next section:

Summer Intake in Germany

Summer intake in Germany, also known as the secondary intake, is when students apply for few selected schools as there are very limited openings. This German intakes is not very feasible for international students.

Top Summer Intake Universities in Germany

Not all universities participate in the summer intake Germany because it is a secondary intake. Several of the most sought-after colleges are here:

  1. University of Law, GISMA
  2. Berlin School of Business and Innovation
  3. University of Applied Sciences
  4. University of Hamburg
  5. Braunschweig University of Technology
  6. Technical University of Berlin
  7. Schiller University
  8. Munich Business School
  9. Macromedia University

Admission Process for Summer Intake for International Students

Although the summer German intake is considered secondary, students do apply for it. So, let us see the steps in which you can plan for the summer admission process in Germany below:




  • Select the college and the course you want to take. In Germany, colleges are offering UG, PG, and doctorate programs.


  • Candidates for undergraduate study should succeed in the Feststellungsprufung. 
  • Applicants for master's programs should hold four-year undergraduate degrees and submit their GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, or IELTS exam results.


  • Now is the time to start arranging your finances.


  • Start submitting applications to the institutions of your choice 5 to 6 weeks before the deadline.  
  • Applications for summer admission should be completed by mid-January. 
  • Prepare your passport, a recent photo, academic transcripts, and test results for your language skills before applying.
  • Start your application for a study visa.


  • When you receive the letter of admission, enroll at your university. 
  • Pay all applicable fees and deliver the necessary paperwork. 
  • Make plans for housing and other utilities.


  • Get ready to fly to your dream destination (Germany) by packing your bags and reserving your airline tickets.

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Winter Intake in Germany

In Germany, the winter intake is regarded as the main intake for all universities. All of Germany's top universities offer admission to a wide range of degrees during this intake.

Top Winter University Intakes in Germany for International Students

During the winter intake, all prestigious universities in Germany provide both undergraduate and graduate programs. Among these prestigious universities for Germany intake for international students in winter are:

  1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  2. Technical University of Berlin
  3. Heidelberg University
  4. Free University of Berlin
  5. University of Tubingen
  6. RWTH Aachen University

Admission Process for Winter Intake in Germany

Now let us go through the steps to prepare for admission in Germany winter intake:




  • List the universities. 
  • In December, sign up for standardized tests like the GRE and GMAT, as well as language tests like the TOEFL and IETLS.


  • Start assembling the application, which should comprise your LORs, CV/resume, SOP, test results, and application essay.


  • Examine grants and other financial options. 
  • Locate student housing close to the college. 
  • Calculate your loan eligibility and apply for college loans based on your test results. 
  • Take standardized tests.


  • Submit your applications to schools independently or via the University Application Service for Overseas Students.


  • Obtain a letter of acceptance.
  • Before applying for a visa, pay your admission costs, obtain health insurance, and open a blocked account because these are requirements for receiving a study visa.


  • Start getting ready for your journey.


  • Following three weeks of landing in Germany, acquire the residence permit.

:SOP for German University

Which German Intakes to Choose as an International Student?

When deciding when to apply to German institutions, the following elements must be kept in mind:

  1. Look up the intake sessions that are provided for the program that the applicant is seeking admission.
  2. Investigate the approval rates for various Germany study intake periods.
  3. Before to completing and submitting the form, applicants should assess their readiness for the application deadline.
  4. Assessment results, authentic scholastic credentials, SOPs, and LORs must be produced as verification.
  5. Before actually completing the application, construct the SOP and get in touch with the appropriate authorities for LOR.
  6. Verify the accessibility of tickets, lodging, any revisions to immigration policies, etc.

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In Germany most academic institutions start receiving applications for graduate and undergraduate programs during the winter intake. The perks of applying during this time are manifold. However, those who wish to enroll in specific curricula can apply for the summer intake in Germany too. For any further guidance and assistance, sign up to Yocket Premium today!

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