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Established in 1978, The Hamburg University of Technology is one of the youngest universities in Germany as well as among those who have achieved popularity in a short time. With the total enrollment of 6,500 students the university has created a lot of buzz around the urban side of Hamburg since past couple of decades. The university has around 100 senior lecturers/professors and 1,150 members of staff (450 scientists, including externally funded researchers) for which they have high ratio of staff to students. They do not have that great of an enrollment if city’s size is kept in mind but that is due to a specific reason of keeping the quality of students than the quantity.
German language eligibility:
Apart from one or two courses, the university has all the courses in English. But, to understand the day to day communication or to solve the problems during admission, then you should have some knowledge of German. That is the only way to feel involved in your discussions or class lectures.
Exams required:
There are no specific exams required to take up admissions in TU Hamburg apart from those required for Visa. There is no German language requirement so a language test gets deducted from your admission problems.



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With a population of 1.7 million, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the eighth largest city in the European Union. It is the second smallest German state by area. Hamburg is a transport hub, being the 2nd largest port in Europe, and is an affluent city in Europe. It has become a media and industrial Centre, with plants and facilities belonging to Airbus, Blohm + Voss and Aurubis. Being an industrial port, the city has attracted a lot of MNCs and national companies to set up their base here. Apart from this entire city’s night life is good, but not great. During the first few months you will need to explore around and search for few good places as Hamburg holds a lot of hidden gems in the city who serve the best food you ever had. The city is not that peaceful, but happening and has a peppy feel to it.


With a total of 10 school under 1 name, the university has spacious campus which is right inside the city but once you enter the green ambience of flora does not make you feel like that the city is right 10 meters away. The university’s structure is old, but the technology that rotates under is top-notch. The library is not only used internally but as a specialized technical library of the Hamburg region.

Residing Options

Its services are also available to citizens who are not students. In addition to mere study expenses, there are the costs of living in Hamburg. If you do not live with your parents anymore, you have to include rent plus utilities, food, clothing, leisure activities as well as all other living expenses. Without additional costs for further insurances, private vehicles, etc. you ought to expect the following expenses:

  • Housing: ca. EUR 250–450 per month
  • Living expenses: ca. EUR 300–500 Euro per month
  • Faculty

    The university’s faculty is not the most renowned one, but it definitely is good enough to make you understand your syllabus and teach you through it. There is a specific way for teachers to teach in which they take their students through the practical experiment of the lesson taught in the class before, through this the student keeps everything in his or her memory and remembers it for long. The university’s faculty has a good command over English but being the locals even they forget that there are international students sitting in class who do not understand German. Apart from that the faculty is helpful and keeps in a good connection with students so they do not feel awkward or shy before asking a doubt. The only problem that lies is in the administration that does not help you through the admission process, specifically to those who do not understand German. But, university is trying to take good care if it so that the international students get to easily applies in this university.

    Jobs and placements

    German engineering degrees have a very good reputation, so the chance to find a job that fits you is easier. Hamburg is always alive and you can always find a new experience. The university does not specifically conducts in campus placement, but the name is pretty big enough for you to enroll in any other firm as an employer. Hamburg is a party place of engineers, finding a job there is not that difficult a task.

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