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Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences is one of the public higher education located in the rural area of Bochum. This university founded in 1962, now sits in rank 161th in Germany and 3951th in the world. The university focused on the engineering study and offers 18 Bachelor and 12 Master programs in technology, economy, and social sciences.

Four faculties that available are electrical engineering & computer science, mechanical engineering, social work & healthcare, and technology & management. International students may apply to this university.



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Weingarten (in Germany means the wine garden) is a town with a population of around 25,000 people in Württemberg, District of Ravensburg, in the valley of the Schussen River. Weingarten is also the home of the University of Education and becomes one of the most attractive vacation areas in Germany. The exciting place to visit such as The Alemans Museum and The Abbey Church of St. Martin and Oswald.

While Ravensburg is Weingarten neighboring town to the south, a medieval gem, which has become well known internationally in the 20th century. There are around 51,000 people who live in this city. The main job industry in this area is Mechanical engineering.


The University of Applied Sciences is beautifully situated on a spacious campus on the rural area of the town. The branch location of this university located in Ravensburg. Facilities that offered for students are the multimedia laboratory with photo, film and sound studio also the robotics laboratory, laboratory for game development and the laboratory for IT security, Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication, Computer Center, Canteen, Library, and Student restaurant.

Residing Options

The international office offers support for newcomers to find accommodation by contacting the coordinator for foreign exchange students. Other students, German and international students can also apply directly to the organizations that manage the dormitories.

Dormitories available in Weingarten area are Briachstr. 10, run by Studentenwerk Weiße Rose, for exchange students, Briachstr.2, run by Studentenwerk Weiße Rose, for exchange students.

Dormitories available in Ravensburg are Seestraße, Tettnanger Straße, Weingartshof, and Henri-Dunant-Strasse. The DRK Ravensburg are the organizations for accommodation service to help students find private rooms.


The ratio between administrative staff is around 1:18. There is around 150-200 administrative staff employed in this university. The academic team consists of professors, lecturers, and highly skilled professional in their field.

Jobs and placements

With the 8th place of recommended graduates, the Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences is one of Germany's best in the field of business informatics. The company is more likely to choose the graduates from this university in business informatics fields. It means the graduates are appreciated by the company to work on their business. There are also alumni associations that can help graduates pursue their career life.

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