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US News National rank

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Average Living Expenses

A private research university, Tufts University, is situated in the Greater Boston region. Christian universalists who wanted to create a nonsectarian school of higher education founded Tufts College in 1852.

What is the Acceptance Rate of Tufts University?

The Tufts University acceptance rate is 10%. as per 2024 reports, and its average tuition fee for international students is $66,198 (INR 54,97,379).  The university offers more than 150 programs, and its student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1. 

Tufts University is known for its strong academic programs, its commitment to diversity and inclusion, and its vibrant student life. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts and sciences, engineering, medicine, and business. Tufts is also home to several nationally and internationally ranked schools and programs, including the Fletcher School of Global Affairs, the School of Medicine, and the School of Engineering.

Tufts University is a highly selective institution. The average SAT score for incoming freshmen is 710-760 in reading and writing and 730-790 in math. Tufts is also a very diverse institution, with students from all over the world. The university is committed to providing financial aid to students in need, and over 60% of Tufts students receive some form of financial assistance.

Tufts University is a great place to learn and grow. The university offers students a rigorous academic experience, a supportive and diverse community, and a wealth of opportunities to get involved in research, extracurricular activities, and public service. Tufts University ranking according to QS World Rankings in 2024 is #379. 

Top Reasons to Study in the Tufts University

Several reasons add to the popularity of international students' demand to study at Tufts University. Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Location: Tufts University's location is one of the primary reasons why students opt for this university. Not secluded, Tufts is only about five miles from the heart of Boston, easily accessible through the subway in approximately thirty minutes. Due to its proximity to the city, students engage in activities beyond the curriculum and have the opportunity to explore the city.
  • Academics: Tuft University's students dare to ask bold questions, empower students to grow intellectually, and engage with renowned and attentive faculty. It is unrestrictive, allows students to enhance their skills, and evolves alongside the changing world.
  • Diversity: Tufts University promotes an inclusive community and recognizes diversity. You will get to be a part of a vibrant and heterogeneous student body, interacting with individuals from more than 90 countries and various backgrounds. Cross-cultural exchange, networking, and expanding one's worldview are all possible in this multicultural setting.
  • Research: At Tufts University, there are approximately 1500+ undergraduate and graduate students working in its 3,70,699 total square feet of research labs. As an international student interested in research, you can engage in research to uncover the most challenging issues to be encountered by humanity and enhance your knowledge regarding health and equity in all arrays of life.
  • Extracurriculars: Tufts University's students run publications and an active student governing body, enabling every peer to resolve their extracurricular-based queries. It has over 300 Greek and student-operated organizations which allows every student to find their calling, let it be in the field of arts, science, or business.

These reasons are just a glimpse of what you will get to learn and explore at Tufts University. To know more, click here.


Cost of Studying at Tufts University

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Living expenses

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Average on-campus living expenses


Admissions at The Tufts University

Avg acceptance rate (Bachelors)


Application Fee

$75 - $145

How to Apply at Tufts University

Tufts University admissions offer 150+ undergraduate courses and 75+ graduate degrees. Some popular undergraduate and graduate programs at Tufts University include computer science, engineering, sciences, anthropology, computer science, engineering, law, economics, and biotechnology. International students must follow these steps to smoothen the application process to Tufts University:

Be an early bird: Tufts University admissions deadlines vary program-wise, and missing them can severely affect your chances of getting in. Hence, thoroughly check the deadlines before applying.




Early decision 1

November 1


Early decision 2

January 4


Regular decision

January 4

April 1

Review the admission requirements for international students: The eligibility criteria for international students vary slightly from domestic students, in terms of GPA, English proficiency, and standardized scores.

Submit your application online: Applicants can apply through the Tufts University Portal.

Submit all required supporting documents, including:

  • Official transcripts from all high schools and universities attended.
  • English language proficiency test scores (TOEFL or IELTS).
  • Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT).
  • A financial statement.
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers and/or guidance counselors.
  • A personal statement.
  • Additional documents like a copy of your passport and financial statements.

Pay the application fee: The application fee for international students is $85 (INR 7,021) for graduate programs and $75 (INR 6,191) for undergraduate programs.

Documents Required to Apply to Tufts University

Tufts University acceptance rate is only 11%, making it a highly selective and competitive university to get into. However, international students must keep the following documents up-to-date before beginning their application to Tufts University:




High School Transcripts

Official transcripts, translated into English.



Letters of Recommendation.

From academic counselors or others.

Statement of Purpose

Talk about your extracurriculars and how you are competent to study at Tufts.

Standardized Scores


Application Fee

Non-refundable application fee of $75 (INR 6,207).




Bachelor’s Degree (US Equivalent)

Official transcripts, translated into English.


4.4 (90 - 98%)

Letters of Recommendation

From academic counselors or others.

Statement of Purpose.

Talk about your extracurriculars and how you are competent to study at Tufts.

Resume or CV

Talk about your work experience, certifications, and other achievements.

Standardized Scores

GRE and GMAT (if required), IELTS, and TOEFL Scores.

Application Fee

Non-refundable application fee of $85 (INR 7,021).

Exams Accepted By Tufts University

Tufts University accepts the scores from the following standardized tests to grant admission to international students:

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Rankings for The Tufts University

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US News National rank

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QS World University Rankings

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Imaad Abdullah

Imaad Abdullah

Biomedical Engineering

Fall 2023

Vidisha Tiwari

Vidisha Tiwari

Innovation and Management

Fall 2023

Iqbal Singh

Iqbal Singh

Cybersecurity and Public Policy

Fall 2024

Ganesh Makkina

Ganesh Makkina

Data Science

Fall 2023

International Students

Total International Students in the university


Alumni at Tufts University

Tufts University has a long and distinguished history of alumni who have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields. Here are just a few examples:

  • Roderick MacKinnon (M.D. 1982), winner of the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on the structure and operation of ion channels.
  • Khaldoon Al Mubarak (B.S.), CEO of Mubadala Development Company and chairman of Manchester City F.C.
  • David Sonenberg (B.A. 1968), Academy Award-winning movie producer; founder and head of the music management company DAS Communications Ltd.
  • Emily Graslie (B.A. 2011), science communicator and YouTuber.
  • Atul Gawande (M.D. 1987), surgeon, author, and public health advocate.
  • Tracy Chapman (B.A. 1981), Grammy-winning singer-songwriter.
  • David Brooks (B.A. 1983), New York Times columnist and author.

Just like these exceptional people, you can also become part of Tufts University’s alumni association, by fulfilling your dream of studying there through Yocket's assistance!

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Reviews for Tufts University

Campus life

Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

The best way to travel around Medford depends on your individual needs and preferences. There are several means to travel in Medford, including:

  • Public Transportation: The Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) operates a bus system that serves Medford and the surrounding area. Buses are a convenient and affordable way to get around town, and they can take you to many of the city's major attractions.
  • Taxis: Taxis are a convenient way to get around Medford, but they can be expensive. If you're only going a short distance, it may be cheaper to walk or bike.
  • Walking: Medford is a relatively walkable city, so if you're up for a bit of exercise, you can easily get around on foot. There are also many sidewalks and crosswalks, making it safe to walk in most areas.

For detailed information on how to travel around Tufts University, click here.

Services offered by the university

Tufts University offers many services to its students. These services include:

  • Academic Support: Tufts offers various academic support services, such as tutoring, writing assistance, and test preparation.
  • Counselling and Mental Health Service: Tufts provides confidential counseling and therapy to students, faculty, and staff. It also offers various support groups and workshops.
  • Financial Aid: Tufts offers various financial aid programs to help students afford a Tufts education, through grants and scholarships. 
  • Career Services: Tufts has a career center that provides students with assistance with resume writing, interviewing, and job search strategies.
  • Recreation Services: Recreation Services offers various intramural sports, fitness classes, and arts and crafts programs.

These are some basic services provided by Tufts University. However, some special services are also offered for international students, the disabled, and individuals belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

Student life at Tufts University

With an array of activities, clubs, and cultural events offered by Tufts, you are sure to feel involved. Let us look at the factors that contribute to the vibrancy of student life at Tufts University:

  • Activism: Tufts is a very active campus, and students are involved in various social justice causes. Many student organizations focus on issues such as climate change, racial justice, and gender equality.
  • Sports: Tufts is a Division III school, so there are various intercollegiate sports teams to choose from. The most popular sports include basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and crew.
  • Arts: Tufts has a strong artsy vibe, with over 50 student arts organizations From theatre, music, dance, visual arts, and more, Tufts welcomes all its students to live artfully. 
  • Community Service: Tufts students are very involved in the local community. There are many opportunities for students to volunteer their time at local organizations to enrich themselves on a personal and spiritual level.

These are just a few factors that make Tufts University’s student life so happening. If you go there, you will feel involved and get various opportunities to shine as an individual.

On campus accomodation at Tufts University

Tufts University offers various housing options for its undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Residential Colleges: These are traditional dormitory-style buildings that house students in single or double rooms. There are 10 residential colleges on the Tufts campus, each with its own unique identity and community.
  • Apartments: Tufts offers various apartment-style housing options for students. These apartments are usually larger than dormitory rooms, range in size from studios to three-bedroom apartments, and can accommodate up to 6 students.
  • Houses: Tufts also offers a limited number of houses for students. Houses are usually located off-campus and can accommodate up to 10 students.
  • Greek Houses: Tufts has several fraternities and sororities that offer housing to their members. Greek houses are usually located off-campus and can accommodate up to 50 students.

Housing Costs: The cost of on-campus housing at Tufts University varies depending on the type of housing and the number of roommates. For example, the cost of a single room in an apartment ranges from $10,980 to $13,320 (INR 9,11,828 - 11,06,152) per year. The cost of a double room in an apartment ranges from $9,980 to $12,320 (INR 8,28,784 - 10,23,108) per year.

To Apply For On-campus Housing: Students can apply for on-campus housing through the Tufts Housing Application. The application deadline is usually in February.

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1. What is the acceptance rate at Tufts University?

The institute is highly selective with an acceptance rate of 10%

2. What is the graduation rate at Tufts University?

The graduation rate at Tufts University is 93%.

3. Does the university provide educational aid to students?

Yes, Tufts University provides students with scholarships and fee waivers based on merit and financial need.

4. What are the average tuition fees at Tufts University?

The average tuition fee at Tufts University is around 37000 USD which equals around thirty lakh Indian Rupees.

5. Are SAT or ACT scores compulsory to get admitted into Tufts University?

No, SAT and ACT scores are not mandatory. However, they are recommended