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Describe A Thing You Bought And You Are Happy About - IELTS Cue Card

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To secure admission at a top university abroad, international students must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language. This can be achieved by taking the International English Language Testing System or IELTS

The IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card is one of its hardest components. You need to think on your feet and speak fluently. In this blog, we've covered one of the most prevalent cue cards - Describe a thing you bought and are happy about it. Read on to understand how this section tests your communication skills and language competency.

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Why are IELTS Cue Cards Important?

The IELTS speaking section part 2 consists of cue cards that require you to speak eloquently based on a prompt. Here's why practicing cue cards is important!

Describe A Thing You Bought And You Are Happy About - Sample Answer 1

I must admit that I have always loved technology. Even as a youngster, I was fascinated by computers and programming. That led me to fix my career choice, becoming a software developer. For my cue card, I would like to talk about a thing I bought that helped me learn and improve my programming skills.

  • What have you bought?

Last year, I purchased a MacBook with my hard-earned money through internships and part-time jobs I completed over the past two years. Investing in a laptop was a necessity, as it has assisted me in several areas of my life including work, studying, gaming, and personal growth.

  • Why have you bought it?

Purchasing a laptop was a necessity. I was working from home and needed a means to practice and improve my software programming skills. I chose a MacBook for these purposes is because of its various features, such as high battery life, seamless ecosystem integration, and user-friendly operating system. Additionally, I got the device at a great deal, as there was a student discount of 40 percent!

  • Please explain why you felt happy about it.

I was overjoyed after purchasing the MacBook, especially because I bought it myself. Also, it eased my working and studying and helped me learn new programming languages that will shape my future. Therefore, the MacBook is a one-time purchase for me that serves a variety of functions, and I am very happy to have bought it.

Describe A Thing You Bought And You Are Happy About - Sample Answer 2

For my cue card topic “Describe a thing you bought and you are happy about it”, I would like to talk about a product I bought not just for me, but the usage by my whole family.

  • What have you bought?

I purchased a new yogurt maker from a nearby electronics store last summer and couldn't be happier. This appliance is fairly compact, easily fits in my kitchen, and is simple to use. All you need to do is fill the six glasses inside with the yogurt mixture, switch it on, and wait some time to get your delicious homemade yogurt ready.

  • Why have you bought it?

Yogurt improves digestion and can help prevent certain potentially deadly illnesses. As a result, everyone in my family has started eating yogurt regularly, which led me to make this invaluable purchase.

  • Please explain why you felt happy about it.

Purchasing the yogurt maker reduced the time and energy, and the yogurt turned out better than it would have using a traditional approach. I consider it to be an invaluable tool for making a necessary component of our daily diet and are one of my best investments.

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Describe A Thing You Bought And You Are Happy About - Sample Answer 3

Thank you for allowing me to discuss a product I recently bought and was pleased with. I can recall many such situations, but I was delighted when I got my mother a washing machine two years ago.

  • What have you bought?

On a steamy summer's day, my mother, a homemaker, is like a cool shadow in our lives. Once I started working full-time, I decided to buy her something as a way of saying thank you for all the things she does for me. After considering many options, I got her a washing machine so she wouldn't have to do her laundry by hand. 

  • Why have you bought it?

I thought that would spare her from some tediousness and allow her more leisure time. My mother was shocked and very grateful when I gave her the washing machine as a surprise. After teaching her how to operate it, and eating some delicacies to make the event memorable, I felt immensely happy to at least ease my mother's life in some way.

  • Please explain why you felt happy about it.

Since then, I've occasionally given my family and friends gifts of various kinds. However, I will never forget the expression of thankfulness and the smile on my mother's face. I purchased the first washing machine at my home, and feel proud of it to date.

Describe A Thing You Bought And You Are Happy About - Sample Answer 4

Like others, I don't always feel happy about my purchases. However, for my cue card today, I'd like to recount the time I purchased a product that truly brought me joy.

  • What have you bought?

I'm talking about a vacuum cleaner that I purchased for my house roughly three years ago. We had to buy one as my three-year-old nephew tried to "clean" our earlier one by pouring water into it!

  • Why have you bought it?

I had doubts about purchasing a vacuum cleaner, particularly since I knew so little about the subject. However, I was able to get an ideal one, thanks to some advice from my older sister regarding the features and several brand names that manufacture the best types of vacuum cleaners. It's interesting to note that, although being somewhat larger than an average household vacuum, this vacuum cleaner felt fairly light to hold and had a stunning, glossy magenta color.

  • Please explain why you felt happy about it.

I was and still am very pleased with this solo purchase I made, mostly because it is simple to use, is noise-free, and still functions well. Lastly, it includes some excellent safety features should my young nephew desire to "clean it" (again)!

Sample/Follow-Up Questions and Answers

After your response to the IELTS cue card about describing a thing you bought and are happy about, the examiner will continue to ask you some follow-up questions based on the topic. The following questions may be asked based on this particular cue card:

1. How do you feel about the current practice of replacing old items with new ones rather than having them repaired?

Ans. I have mixed feelings about this because I believe that people go shopping to try out new styles and to stay on-trend, which has become necessary in this "pretending" world. On the other side, resources are running out and junkyards are filling up, so  I think following this tendency is not idealistic. 

2. Is the trend of rising consumerism positive?

Ans. Growing consumerism is not just a good or bad trend; it has both positive and negative repercussions. Although consumerism raises living standards and strengthens the economy, it also harms the environment and exacerbates social inequalities. In general, it's critical to understand both sides and make thoughtful choices regarding what and how much to consume.

3. Do you believe that the shopping lists of adults and youngsters differ significantly?

Ans. Indeed. Adults consider their purchases carefully and put mostly necessary items on their shopping lists. Regardless of necessity, youngsters' purchases fluctuate in tandem with fashion trends.

4. What goods are most popular worldwide? Why?

Ans. Citizens buy a wide range of goods, including clothing and electrical devices like laptops, cell phones, power banks, and many more. Because they are a major source of entertainment and have ingrained themselves into people's lives, mobile phones are typically in great demand.

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Tips to Answer the IELTS Cue Card

Although the IELTS speaking parts 2 and 3 are difficult, practising months before the exam can help you be more confident. Here are some tips to ace the IELTS Speaking Cue Card section!


Although considered one of the hardest sections on the IELTS, speaking part 2 can be aced by planning and practising ardently. Your speech content will give the examiners an assessment of your communication, language proficiency, and knowledge of varied subjects. The four products aforementioned can be used to share important moments in your life and display qualities like concern and accountability. 

Preparing for the IELTS is not a cakewalk. You must be familiar with the format, sections, and duration of the test. Moreover, you must remember that the accepted IELTS scores vary university-wise. If you are overwhelmed with all these responsibilities, we understand and are here to assist you too. Get in touch with our Yocket experts to gain comprehensive support from start to end. From university admissions to standardized test preparations, and scholarship and visa applications, they will guide you throughout!

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